June 17th, 2024
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Nisha Sharma | Conversations in Character with Jessie and Ravi

The Letters We Keep
Nisha Sharma




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May 2024
On Sale: May 1, 2024
ISBN: 1662500742
EAN: 9781662500749
Kindle: B0CFYTX67W
Paperback / e-Book
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Character Name: Jessie and Ravi


How would you describe your family or your childhood?

JESSIE: I have the best parents. They tried to give me all the best experiences and childhood memories they could even though they didn’t have a lot of money. They have a small sandwich shop, so I spent most of my time in the back booth doing homework and talking to my Dad who used to be an engineer.

RAVI: Do I have to do this?

JESSIE: Come on, Ravi, it can’t be THAT bad. You’re literally famous.

RAVI: Fine. My childhood was filled with Indian auntie nannies because my father’s family became super rich off of some patents and now, I’m supposed to go work with them.

JESSIE: Maybe with a little more pep? We’re trying to sell our story here.

RAVI: Fine. I used to ski in the Alps during the winter and went to Paris for my sixteenth birthday.

JESSIE: Better.


What was your greatest talent?

JESSIE: I almost won the state spelling bee when I was twelve!

RAVI: That’s cute.

JESSIE: Are you making fun of me?

RAVI: No, I mean it. That’s cute. My greatest talent is writing, I guess.

JESSIE: Ooh, yes, you’re so good at that.


Significant other?


RAVI:   Jessie


Biggest challenge in relationships?

JESSIE: His parents.

RAVI: My parents.


Where do you live?

RAVI: On campus right now. In fact…

JESSIE: Wait, don’t tell them! That’s a spoiler for our story.

RAVI: Right. Never mind.


Do you have any enemies?

RAVI: My parents

JESSIE: No, they aren’t exactly enemies. I mean, they’re just a roadblock. We really screwed things up on our own if you think about it.

RAVI: I still like to blame my father whenever I can.

JESSIE: That’s fair. But guys, he’s really only looking out for his son. He’s barely in our love story. Super insignificant.

RAVI: Riiiiiight. Sure.


How do you feel about the place where you are now? Is there something you are particularly attached to, or particularly repelled by, in this place?

JESSIE: I wish they brought back the baked potato bar in the cafeteria.

RAVI: I don’t think that…you know what? Never mind. I also want the baked potato bar back.


Do you have children, pets, both, or neither?

JESSIE: What? No, of course not.

RAVI:    We’re in college, dude.


What do you do for a living?

JESSIE: I am currently an engineering student

RAVI: I am about to start grad school in creative writing


Greatest disappointment?

JESSIE: I wish we went back to find more letters before they started renovating the library tower.

RAVI: Yeah, me too.


Greatest source of joy?

JESSIE: Finding the letters and discovering a true happily ever after, I think.

RAVI: Finding Jessie.

JESSIE: Just in case you didn’t know, I’m blushing. This guy.


What do you do to entertain yourself or have fun?

JESSIE: I like to write down PI for as many numbers as I possibly can before I run out of paper space.

RAVI: No, she’s lying. She also watches Love is Blind ALL THE TIME.

JESSIE: What? I absolutely do not!

RAVI: You do, too. Then you give me a whole lecture on how rigged the show is. We do go out, you know. I am a part of the best fraternity ever, and Jessie comes with me to our parties.

JESSIE: Fine, if you’re telling them about Love is Blind then I’m going to tell them how much of a mystery and thriller reader you are. He has more books than a library.

RAVI: Hey, you can never have too many books.


What is your greatest personal failing, in your view?

RAVI: I didn’t love Jessie hard and fast enough. I want all the minutes and moments I can possibly get with her.

JESSIE: Sigh. You know who the romantic is now. I was thinking that my greatest personal failing so far was getting a B in my freshman seminar class.


What keeps you awake at night?

JESSIE & RAVI: Our neighbors upstairs.


What is the most pressing problem you have at the moment?

JESSIE: Falling in love is the easy part. What comes next is harder.

RAVI: We’re committed to making it work, though.


Is there something that you need or want that you don’t have? For yourself or for someone important to you?

JESSIE: I wish that Ravi had peace with his father.

RAVI: I wish Jessie gets the career she’s always wanted.

JESSIE: And I think both of us wish for happiness for the couple who wrote those letters to each other all those years ago.


Why don’t you have it? What is in the way?

JESSIE: I think you’re just going to have to read to find out.

RAVI: Smooth, babe. Very smooth.


The Letters We Keep

Two students—worlds apart—unite to solve the mystery of a legendary decades-old love story gone tragically wrong in a captivating romance by the award-winning author of The Karma Map and Dating Dr. Dil.

It doesn’t take long for ambitious freshman and aspiring engineer Jessie Ahuja to learn about two university legends. One is the haunted history of Davidson Tower, where more than fifty years ago, two ill-fated lovers disappeared in a devastating fire. The other is Ravi Kumar, a privileged billionaire nepo baby who’s aggravatingly charming and occupying more brain space than Jessie has room for. Things change when a campus prank locks them both in the old tower’s ghostly library.

There, Jessie finds letters from the fabled lost lovers, forgotten in a hollowed-out copy of Persuasion. One by one, the letters suck Jessie and Ravi into a beguiling mystery and an achingly beautiful long-ago romance destined to go up in flames. It’s also drawing Jessie and Ravi—every bit as star-crossed—closer together. Can they overcome whatever fate has in store for them? Or are they just as doomed as the young lovers whose tragic end has become legend?


New Adult [Skyscape, On Sale: May 1, 2024, Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9781662500749 / ]

Buy THE LETTERS WE KEEPAmazon.com | Kindle | BN.com | Powell's Books | Books-A-Million | Indie BookShops | Ripped Bodice | Walmart.com | Target.com | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

About Nisha Sharma

Nisha Sharma

Nisha Sharma is the author of the YA novel My So-Called Bollywood Life, and the adult contemporary romance The Takeover Effect. Her writing has been praised in NPR, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, Hypable and more. Nisha credits her father for her multiple graduate degrees, and her mother for her love of Shah Rukh Khan and Jane Austen. She lives in New Jersey with her Alaskan husband, her cat Lizzie Bennett and her dog Nancey Drew.





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