February 18th, 2018
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Anya Richards | Autumn Approaches

Anya Richards



Barnes & Noble

October 2014
On Sale: September 23, 2014
Featuring: Jane Rollins; Sergio Fontini
ISBN: 1619223686
EAN: 9781619223684
Kindle: B00KE1EC2W
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Bellissima, October 2014
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Awaken, September 2010

Iím never sure how I feel about the changing of the seasons. Where I grew up, in the tropics, we had the rainy seasons (traditionally March and October), hurricane season (July to October) and then a very brief cooler period around the end of December. That was it. Now, living in Canada, I find myself alternately looking forward to the next season and rueing the passage of the one before. Well, except for winter. I dread the advent of multiple layers of clothing and icy sidewalks, and cheer when I see the first signs of spring. Winter, beautiful as it can be, can stay away as far as Iím concerned!

But the other seasons each hold their particular joys. Spring arrives with budding trees and shy flowers valiantly braving the lingering cold and giving us the first bursts of color since the Christmas decorations came down. Summer brings another set of blooms, frosty glasses of lemonade and heat enough to make a person long for the beach. Autumn is both a slightly melancholy farewell to the heat and freedom of summer and also an exuberant, protracted festival of gold, reds and purples. I donít think I have a favorite season, although perhaps spring, which heralds the end of winter, may be the frontrunner. What I have noticed though is that my attitude and awareness of the weatheróthe changes the seasons bringóhas changed completely since moving here.

I find myself looking for references to weather, temperature and evidence of these things in the books I read, since nowadays they play such an important role in my own life. Each day, especially during the transitional seasons of spring and fall, I wake up and check the current temperature and then what it will be in the afternoon, prior to deciding what to wear. Whether it will it be sunny or rainy determines whether Iíll bother to blow dry my hair or not, which shoes Iíll wear and even what handbag Iíll carry. Lugging around a tote with a sweater and change of shoes has become common for me, when before the only time I carried a large bag it had a beach towel, sunscreen and a T-shirt for later in it!

Even in my writing the seasons now tend to play some part, even when the book isnít set here in Canada. Weather can really become almost another character in a book, as most of us learned from the infamous, ďIt was a dark and stormy night.Ē Each season has its sights, sounds, festivals and holidays, and reading about how characters react to these things give us further insight into the way they think and immerse us into the world the author has created. Whether something as catastrophic as a hurricane, with its attendant heartbreak, or as subtle as a fire lit to warm a lover coming in from the cold, the weather and seasons can be powerfully evocative, and itís something I never really understood until Iíd experienced them for myself.




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Re: Anya Richards | Autumn Approaches

I've lived in Michigan all of my life, and now have moved to
the Northern part of the state a within the past decade. I
think that I had to be crazy to do so, but love the area in
which I now reside. Although the Winters are a bit more
brutal, you can't beat the scenery, since I'm surrounded by
over 300 acres of farm and woodland. When the snow starts
to fly, it isn't the sooty flakes you find in the city.
It's the sparkly, pristine type you see on Christmas cards.
If we didn't have frigid temperatures, along with the winds,
I wouldn't care. The Autumns are spectacular, and in the
Summer, I'm a mile away from a major lake. In the Spring,
the colors are amazing as well as the smells from the
farmers tending their farms. The wildlife abounds year-
round on the property, and you never know what you'll find,
from deer, to groundhogs, to raccoons!! I'd take this area
over the city any day, and to deal with Winter for a few
months, and enjoy the rest of the year, is a small
inconvenience. I did want to add that this is the perfect
time of year to hunker down with a book such as yours, along
with a hot beverage. The cover to your book is stunning,
and I'm sure I'll enjoy it very much. Congratulations on
your book!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:16am September 25, 2014)

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