April 22nd, 2019
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To save the woman he loves, her father must die.

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When life begins to unravel, it takes courage to stitch it back together.

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Can a broken engagement ignite the spark of true love?

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What if you discovered your lively new friend wasn't really...alive?

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She's the only one to get past his guard…he's the only one to break down her walls.

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An assassin at a renaissance faire. What could possibly go wrong?

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One touch, and he realizes vengeance can’t be anywhere near her.

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If they survive this trip, it will be a miracle.

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Jacqui Jacoby | Why a Tough Heroine

With a Vengeance
Jacqui Jacoby




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April 2014
On Sale: April 9, 2014
266 pages
ISBN: 1619217171
EAN: 9781619217171
Kindle: B00B18C30U
Paperback / e-Book
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You're home alone. The house is dark. The clock is reading 3:32a.m. That noise that wakes you from your sound sleep, it's going to be one that pulls your butt from your warm bed and has you investigating the source.

Because, as a tough chick heroine of any story, we don't need weapon because we are tough enough on our own and our thoughts will direct us on the right path.

Everything we needs is on us, in us. We has a reason for facing down whatever evil might lie ahead. In Poltergeist, Diane Freeling faced terrifying odds as her children were taken from her. In her determination was her motivation and she got them back and won. Her love of her kids was her driving force.

For me, a self-defense enthusiast since the age of fifteen, it was a history that drove me to become the toughest soccer Mom that walked. Many bad things randomly happened to very nice people in the town where I grew up. I decided young I would never be one of those victims. I taught this lesson to my kids, enrolling them in Tae Kwon Do while other parents told us “But Chorus is so much more fun.”

Yea, okay. Fun. But when trouble hits? My kids may not hit the notes, but they will take the villain down.

Taking a female lead in a book and working with her to move forward is a hard job and fits into many categories, including suspense, paranormal and adventure. Tough heroines are harder to deal with for writers as they argue back more and sometimes like to take the lead in the story telling. In the some respects though, they are also going to give you more reward as they take hold of what we were wrtiting, move it in the direction that fits their needs and explains to the hero, “Yes, dear … you can help, too if you like.”


The more she wanted out, the more they dragged her back in.

Daughter to murdered CIA officers, niece to a deputy director, Jaime Walsh has never known life outside the world of espionage. Until a high-action case in Buenos Aires leaves her gutted. Physically, emotionally…and professionally.

She’d planned for her long-overdue vacation to be a time to rest and reassess. With her longtime partner Stephen not far behind, it’s a tropical paradise away from work. A paradise where boundaries will be tested.

From their training days, Stephen Reid has watched Jaime kick ass while performing what has become his second job—watching her back. But now his feelings have grown.

As best friends look at each other in a new light, they like what they see. And Jaime dreams of a new life outside “the company”.

Except someone from their past won’t be satisfied until Jaime and the man she loves are hunted to the brink of death. Now Jaime must find the strength to trust her heart and let go of her fear. Before she loses everything…

Warning: This book contains world travel with stops in exotic locations, a kick-ass heroine who just wants to be left alone and a sexy hero who can’t seem to stop himself from watching her back.

One commenter will win a signed copy of WITH A VENGEANCE




22 comments posted.

Re: Jacqui Jacoby | Why a Tough Heroine

I agree, it's great to be able to take care of yourself, I love tough heroines. Your book sounds great, I'd love to win a copy.
(Jen Barnard 4:21am April 7, 2014)

I am definitely a kick-ass heroine wannabe! Awesome story - I am hooked already!
(Felicia Ciaudelli 9:14am April 7, 2014)

My daughter is one heck-of-a kick-ass Momma. She can do anything!!! I admire her so much for that. I can't wait to read this book!!!
(Bonnie Capuano 10:20am April 7, 2014)

It sounds like your book has a little bit of everything thrown in to take us for the ride of our lives!! I also get a slight hint of your life in there for good measure!! The setting sounds pretty exciting as well!! Congratulations, and good luck on what I'm sure is going to be a hot book - in more ways than one!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:36am April 7, 2014)

i am a kickass momma I think i would love this book
(Denise Smith 10:40am April 7, 2014)

totally someone unlike me but whom i would admire...
(Mal Kaplan 10:56am April 7, 2014)

I enjoy tough heroines... sounds really interesting!
(Colleen Conklin 12:55pm April 7, 2014)

Oooh this book sounds really good!
(Denise Austin 1:28pm April 7, 2014)

this book sounds good to read
(Ann Unger 5:06pm April 7, 2014)

This romantic suspense book sounds like an exciting read, especially with the kick-ass heroine, Jaime. I can't wait to read it!
(Linda Luinstra 6:14pm April 7, 2014)

Must apologize, death has been following me for a little
while in the form or a cold that even Jaime couldn't beat
back ... if the germ dared to get near her int he first
place!! But I have laid up and missed alot. So sorry!!
(Jacqui Wilson 4:36pm April 9, 2014)

Jen, I am a firm believer
that every woman needs not only basic self defense to keep
them safe, but the confidence that comes with it. Both my
girls took ten years of martial arts, one of them obtained
the rank of 2nd degree. NO one messes with either.
(Jacqui Wilson 4:38pm April 9, 2014)

Felicia, go for it!! Never too late to start!! I was thirty
two when I took up Tae Known Do and older when I picked up a
(Jacqui Wilson 4:39pm April 9, 2014)

Bonnie, very nice!!
(Jacqui Wilson 4:39pm April 9, 2014)

Peggy, my husband once asked me if Jaime was my alter ego and
if he should be afraid. Not quite, but I still dress like
(Jacqui Wilson 4:40pm April 9, 2014)

Denise, glad to hear it!!
(Jacqui Wilson 4:40pm April 9, 2014)

L Lam ... my fav is the mom in Poltergeist. What she did to
save her kids ...
(Jacqui Wilson 4:41pm April 9, 2014)

Ann ... I hope you enjoy it.
(Jacqui Wilson 4:41pm April 9, 2014)

Linda, I hope it fulfills your expectations.
(Jacqui Wilson 4:42pm April 9, 2014)

I love tough strong take charge women as characters in books. I can't wait to read the story. Thanks for the giveaway.
(Kathleen Beale 7:10pm April 9, 2014)

I love a kick-ass heroine who isn't afraid of taking chances.
(Kai Wong 11:32pm April 9, 2014)

Unexplained noises in the night keep me awake. Looks like such
great reading.
(Mary Preston 4:48am April 11, 2014)

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