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Get the lowdown on your favorite authors with Jennifer Vido.

Interview with Kristan Higgins

Being in high school is like a scary roller coaster ride...lots of emotional twists and turns on a path that feels like itís heading to nowhere. From unrequited love to relationships that last forever, itís the perfect time to test the waters before taking the leap into the pond of life. If only we knew back then what we know now. We wouldnít have wasted so many hours worrying over nonsense that truly didnít matter in the long run.

This monthís Jenís Jewels Kristan Higgins touches upon this very topic in her hilarious new release UNTIL THERE WAS YOU. Itís the story of Posey, a woman willing to take a leap of faith in order to believe that dreams really do come true. Set in Bellsford, New Hampshire with an unforgettable cast of characters, itís a heartfelt story perfect for this time of year.

As part of this interview, Kristan has generously donated five copies for you, my favorite readers, to try to win. So, donít forget to look for the trivia question at the end. And as always, thanks for making Jenís Jewels a part of your holiday season.

Jen: A New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author, your latest release UNTIL THERE WAS YOU is sure to find itself on the top of the bestsellers lists as well. So that my readers may catch a glimpse into the life of the woman behind the words, please share with us your educational and professional background.

Higgins Kristan: Pretty ordinary K-8, where I battled difficult hair and very thick glasses; Catholic girls school for high school (it was such a relief to be away from those pesky boys!); Jesuit college (it was so nice to be back with those pesky boys!). I was an English major, of course. It was like being paid to read. I loved it! Mind you, Iíd read romance novels as a reward for getting through some of the great works. Have you ever had to read Moby Dick in three daysí time? Brutal.

Jen: Please describe for us your "Aha!" moment when you decided to take the plunge and pursue a career as a novelist.

Kristan: Well, Iíd been writing professionally since I graduated...PR and research and advertising. Then I had my babies and just loved staying home with them, but I wanted to do something else, too, you know? I loved romance novels, figured I was a disciplined writer, so I gave it a shot. That being said, Iíd been telling myself stories every since Scarlett didnít get back together with Rhett. Iíd just never put one down on paper before. Or on computer, as the case may be.

Jen: In terms of nuts and bolts, approximately how long does it take for you to complete a novel? Do you outline first? Or, do you simply allow the novel to take on a life of its own?

Kristan: I do outline, and yes, the book takes on a life of its own. So itís both. I think the outline gives me the freedom to actually be more creative, since Iím not sweating over what comes next. I always compare it to driving across country; I like a map, but I also like to swerve off the highway and see whatís there, too.

It takes me about 8 months to turn in a novel, from seedling idea to polished manuscript.

Jen: UNTIL THERE WAS YOU is a funny, light-hearted novel about a quirky woman, Posey Osterhagen, who is trying to overcome her past. How did you arrive at the premise?

Kristan: I wanted to do a really unconventional heroine, and Posey is just that. Sheís a tough little tomboy, has body image issues that relate to not gaining weight, and works in an unusual field. As far as Liamís angle, I was watching Friday Night Lights one night, and, being female, found myself fascinated with the character of Tim Riggins, the showís good-hearted but wrong-headed bad boy. I wondered what it would be like to be that guy 15 years from now...all those women in the rear view mirror, all that reputation still floating around. So I kind of ran with that angle, too, and it was a lot of fun to write from his perspective.

Jen: Two questions I just have to ask...why did you choose to write about a German family, and are you a fan of The Food Network?

Kristan: Zicke zocke, zicke zocke, hoi hoi hoi! German restaurants = fun, if not always a gourmet experience, you know what I mean? But there seems to be a devotion and a warm, boisterous welcome at a German restaurant thatís unique to dining. As for the Food Network, no, I donít watch it! Those shows make me hungry.

Jen: Poseyís profession as the owner of an architectural salvaging business is quite unusual. How does her need to connect with the past directly correlate to her being adopted?

Kristan: Iím so glad you asked that! I think this was an element that evolved as I wrote the book, but it really worked for Poseyís character. Posey is all about second chances in every aspect of every relationship she has in the book. She views architectural salvage as the chance to give an object a new life and purpose, as she herself was given when her birth mother put her up for adoption. Her work, each job she does, is very personal to her, and the care she takes in doing it work echoes the way she herself was cared for and loved by the Osterhagens.

Jen: The rogue in the story is Poseyís high school heartthrob Liam Declan Murphy. When he returns to Bellsford, how does his mere presence spark Poseyís desire to take a step towards finding her true self?

Kristan: You know how it is when a high school reunion rolls around. All of a sudden, everyoneís sprucing up, trying to lose ten pounds and get a new haircut, and when the big day comes, theyíre describing their jobs and kids in the most glowing terms! But more than just hoping to put the best shine on herself as possible, Posey views Liam as the one guy who really did some damage to her heart and her self-esteem, and she knows instinctively he still has the power to do it. And, like a lot of men, Liam is completely oblivious to all this, which just makes him more dangerous.

Jen: Poseyís cousin Gretchen is quite the handful. Why does Posey allow herself to play second fiddle to her in terms of her place in the family?

Kristan: You know, I donít think she does. She lets Gretchen preen and bask in the glow of the family, but Poseyís actually very secure on this front. Not once in the book does she question her parentsí love for her. I think she puts up with Gretchen because she senses the holes in her cousinís life, even though Gret is vain, entitled and condescending (and therefore a total blast to write!). Itís almost like Poseyís letting Gretchen be a diva, because sheóPoseyódoesnít have to be. She already has more going for her than Gretchen ever will. And Gretchen has a very tragic past! Both her parents died before she turned eighteen, while Posey lives in the unwavering embrace of her parents and brother. To take Gretchen down a few points would be unkind, and Poseyís just too dang nice. But sheís not a doormat, either. Sheíll rear up and give as good as she gets.

Jen: How does Liamís relationship with his daughter Nicole affect the way Posey views his ability to change?

Kristan: Is that a trick question? :-) I think what Posey sees is not that Liam has changed; itís that he hasnít. Once upon a time, she thought he had a lot of hidden depth and goodness...seeing him with Nicole shows her the truth of that. She has to juggle her two images of Liam: the guy who took whatever was offered, who broke her heart for no good reason, and the loving, devoted, neurotic father of a teenage girl. When she sees him trying so hard to protect his child from boys who remind him too much of gets her right in the heart, and thatís the last place she wants him. Itís the dichotomy of his character that keeps her off-balance; heís not just the bad boy from the old days, and heís not just a tender-hearted dad, either.

Jen: In what way does Poseyís relationship with Vivian Appleton best exemplify her metamorphosis into a stronger, more confident woman?

Kristan: Ooh, another great question! Well, again, Posey is the epitome of second chances. For years, sheís been hoping to get the salvage rights to Vivianís place, but sheís not a mercenary, either. Without giving away too much, Iíd say her relationship with Vivian becomes pureóshe loves that old harridan, and in the end, she takes control of their relationship and makes it much more heartfelt than it was. Posey has a gift for seeing what other people miss, and what Vivian has missed all along is the knowledge of her own self worth.

Jen: Letís switch gears now and talk about your promotional plans. Please take us on a tour of your website highlighting points of interest.

Kristan: Well, letís see. We have the bookshelf, which has reviews, trailers and excerpts of all my books; the obligatory "About Kristan" section (I have no secrets; itís all there, including bios on the important dogs in my life, my not-so-secret talents and my nickname). Then thereís the calendar, which announces my appearances (or you can just catch me doing the grocery shopping or picking up the mail); my blog, which I think readers will really enjoy (I love writing it); and the Fun Stuff section, which is pretty of readers, their dogs, random questions, trivia about each book, and recipes. I love to bake, and I often post a recipe up there. Tried and true stuff, people! I also do giveaways quite frequently, so if youíre on my mailing list (which you get to through the website), youíre registered to win a giftie from time to time.

Jen: Do you participate in Author Phone Chats? And if so, how would my readers go about scheduling one?

Kristan: Iíve done a few chats here and there. Sure, Iíd love to talk to readers! Email me! I also love answering fan letters, too, and even the occasional criticism.

Jen: Do you participate in Social Media?

Kristan: Just Facebook, the website and email. You can find me at Facebook. Iím very active there.

Jen: Are you currently at work on your next novel? If so, what may you share with us?

Kristan: I sure am! Iím working on SOMEBODY TO LOVE, which is due out in May and features some familiar facesóParker Welles from THE NEXT BEST THING finds out her father has lost her trust fund (whoops), and all she has left is a house in Gideonís Cove, Maine. And Gideonís Cove was the setting for CATCH OF THE DAY, which means readers will see Maggie and Malone again. So if you belong to the Cult of Maloner the Loner, rest easy. Itís coming. But I loved Parker and of all my secondary characters, I thought she absolutely deserved her own love story, which I thought she totally deserved. And I love, love, love the hero! After that, Iím starting a series set in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, which will be set around a family-run vineyard. I canít wait to dig in on that one!

Jen: Thank you so much for stopping by to chat with my readers. I absolutely loved the characters in UNTIL THERE WAS YOU! Bravo! I was so sorry to see it end. I wish you all the best with your future projects.

Kristan: Thank you, Jen! Iím utterly thrilled you liked it. And thank you so much for having me here today! It was a blast.

I hope you have enjoyed my interview with Kristan. Please stop by your favorite bookstore or local library branch and pick up a copy today. Better yet, how would you like to win one instead? Okay, be one of five readers to answer the following trivia question correctly and you could win. Good luck!

What is the name of Poseyís love interest in UNTIL THERE WAS YOU?

Next month, I will be bringing to you my interview with New York Time bestselling author Cecelia Ahern. You wonít want to miss it.

Until next time...





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