June 20th, 2018
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Lauren Dane | Relentless


We've all got tropes we like – assassin heroes, marriage of convenience, small town romance, older man/younger woman (or vice versa), uber alpha heroes, beta heroes, certain historical periods (me? I love me some wallpaper regencies), friends to lovers, whatever your preferences may be – we’ve all got em.

Relentless is a story of opposites. In Abbie, we have a woman without political power. In the world I built for my Federation books, the haves are Ranked. As in they are members of the ruling Families who hold the reins of political and economic power across all the Federation Universes. Everyone else is unranked and therefore able to rise only so high.

So Abbie is unranked. She’s also a barrister, a public defender if you will and she has spent her adult life working to bring a more representative form of governance to her home ‘Verse. She’s small and fiery and full of passion and conviction.

And then there’s Roman. Roman Lyons isn’t just Ranked, he’s the head of the most powerful Ranked Family in all the ‘Verses. He’s charming and intelligent, his passion is there, but it’s beneath the surface and when Abbie storms into his life, he’s knocked off his feet, literally and figuratively.

He’s everything she isn’t and everything she’s trying to destroy. Until they meet and he realizes his preconceptions about her are wrong and she begins to realize the same.

But they can’t be together. Even as they begin a secret and fiery love affair, they both know it has an expiration date. He can’t marry someone who isn’t Ranked. The Federation is rocked by a series of treason trials in the aftermath of what happens in Undercover. He knows he has responsibilities that are larger than his own wants and needs. It is his job, his calling, to take care of his people. But he wants her and she’s his in a way he is certain no other woman can ever be.

For her part, Abbie is in love with Roman and she slowly realizes just how seriously he takes his position. Not all Ranked are the same, but she still has a job to do.

I gotta tell you, writing this book was probably one of the most difficult few months I’ve ever experienced. I sweated to be sure the pacing was just right. That the scenes between Abbie and Roman were tender as well as urgent and sexy. I had to balance that with the world, with the politics and customs I need to create a sense of home for them and for the reader too. In the end, when I turned it in, I was proud. Proud and hoping like heck my editor would like it. Hoping my readers would.

In the end, a futuristic romance is just like any other – Roman and Abbie have an uphill battle. I wanted to relay that sense of star-crossed lovers, but also, it’s a romance, not a tragedy so the reader knows they’ll work out something to be together. The key is to try as hard as you can to draw the reader in, to make them feel what Roman and Abbie do as they’re loving each other and knowing they can’t be together.

I hope my readers enjoy meeting Abbie and Roman and I hope Relentless can bring over some readers who might have been put off by the "futuristic" tag in the past as well.

So, dear readers, what sorts of tropes or themes do you like and why?

Lauren Dane is giving away a copy of What Happens in Vegas...After Dark today to one lucky person who leaves a comment.

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29 comments posted.

Re: Lauren Dane | Relentless

I think that "What Happens in Vegas...After Dark" is one of best titles I heard in a while. You think its going to be the usual phrase, then it goes in a totally different and suggestive direction.
(Caroline Kolb 2:24pm May 3, 2009)

Great title, great story!
(LuAnn Morgan 3:38am May 4, 2009)

I really love the authors in this. Each one has a mind blowing way of telling a story
(Tabatha Basham 4:45am May 4, 2009)

The books that I usually like the most are the ones where the hero must overcome some setback, prove he is worthy of the woman he loves, and eventually has some kind of HEA
(Carrie Divine 7:36am May 4, 2009)

I like books that have the main characters hating each other, then have to work together, then fall in love with each other. Sounds good to me!!
(JoAnn White 9:56am May 4, 2009)

I look forward to reading Relentless. I have not yet read one of your futuristic books and this one sounds interesting.
(Robin McKay 10:22am May 4, 2009)

I usually don't read futuristic, but this one sounds very interesting. I generally go for the alpha males and the strong women who put up with them.
(Kelli Jo Calvert 10:24am May 4, 2009)

I like themes where you follow a family or a group of friends
(Christine Panaro 10:40am May 4, 2009)

I like reading about women who find
themselves through trial and error
(Bridget Hopper 11:41am May 4, 2009)

I like books where the hero/heroine are not conventionally good looking. The characters fall in love not because of the outer shell, but what's inside.
(Jody Faltys 11:46am May 4, 2009)

I love a variety of themes.. but the characters must be well developed, the kind that I interact with.
(Rachel Flesher 12:16pm May 4, 2009)

I love to read everything but I have to like the characters or it doesn't matter what the theme of the book is. I love Alpha males they tend to be very sexy.
(Larena Hubble 12:44pm May 4, 2009)

I am going to add Relentless to my reading list! Sounds great!
(Susan Galley 1:45pm May 4, 2009)

Love alllll your stuff Lauren!
(Heather Rosman 2:00pm May 4, 2009)

Futuristic romance - sounds interesting.
(Vikki Parman 3:11pm May 4, 2009)

ooh futuristic bring it on. Love them and scifi and anything paranormal. I don't read a whole lot of contemps but do read some. And I read maybe one strictly historical book every year. Not real fond of them.
(Pam Kinsey 4:08pm May 4, 2009)

I've just started reading paranormals but before tended to lean toward traditional themes such as cowboys. I'm starting to branch out. Your book sounds interesting. Have a great day.
(Roberta Harwell 5:07pm May 4, 2009)

I'm putting this on my "must read list"
(Linda Calvert 5:08pm May 4, 2009)

I am looking forward to reading Relentless. Teresa
(Teresa Ward 7:25pm May 4, 2009)

Relentless sounds great! I like all kinds of themes.
(Amy Smith 10:05pm May 4, 2009)

I'll read anything as long as I feel a
connection with the characters and the
story is built around the characters.
(Sue Ahn 11:16pm May 4, 2009)

Relentless sounds like an interesting
book. I don't usually read futuristic
books, but if the story is good and well
written the location/time frame don't
(Patricia Barraclough 11:22pm May 4, 2009)

Hi Lauren. I so love a variety! I love to be surprised when I'm reading too! (I just don't read outside of romance except for Urban Fantasy and Historical Mysteries) otherwise I stick with romance. I discovered Fantasy romance with reading ebooks and so glad I did! So for me, I really love trying something new with themes and genres in romance!
(Cathie Morton 11:32pm May 4, 2009)

I want to read anything that 'happens in Vegas'
(Sandy Miresse 1:32pm May 5, 2009)

Not my normal genre but I like reading new things. Sounds good!
(Josie Roetemeyer 1:40pm May 5, 2009)

Can't wait to read What happens in Vegas... After Dark
(Teresa Ward 6:40pm May 5, 2009)

hi lauren great to have u here. love undercover and the first vegas. congrats n teh second and you new release
(Kim h 2:53am May 6, 2009)

Hi Lauren,
I love when books contain two strong alpha characters. I can't wait to read relentless.
(Ann Marie Brown 4:45pm May 12, 2009)

I would love to read your books.
(Patsy Hagen 2:59pm May 19, 2009)

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