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Catherine Spangler | Series Madness!

Shadow Fires
Catherine Spangler

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Shielder Series #5

June 2015
On Sale: June 8, 2015
Featuring: Arion of Saura; Jenna dan Aron
393 pages
ISBN: 0991497457
EAN: 2940151916110
Kindle: B00XJ1653I
e-Book (reprint)
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Also by Catherine Spangler:
Shadow Fires, June 2015
Shadow Crossing, November 2014
Shamara, July 2014
Shadower, April 2014

Do you enjoy a book series? I’m greedy when it comes to books that I really like. If an author creates an intriguing world and fills it with unforgettable characters, I don’t want it to end with one book. I want MORE! So I’m a huge fan of book series.

Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to avoid writing them myself. Another reason I write them is the characters that appear out of nowhere, demand to have a role in the next book in the series, and then talk to me incessantly. Hearing voices is a very real phenomenon for me—and stop what you’re thinking right now. I’m as sane as the next writer . . . which might not be saying much . . .

One of the best things about being “possessed” by multiple voices is that I’m never at a loss for story ideas. Even better is the fact that with each book, new voices join the chorus—which leads to another book, and another. That’s how my science fiction romance Shielder Series evolved. It went something like this:

Book 1, SHIELDER: Nessa appears, demands her story, and drags in Chase. She’s a Shielder carrying a ticking time bomb—a deadly virus in her body—and she must make it to a medical base for a cure. He’s a shadower—a bounty hunter, an enemy of all Shielders. Chase rescues Nessa when her ship breaks down in space, but she can’t reveal her true identity or the fact that she’ll die if she doesn’t reach the base, because he’ll turn her over to the Controller, a certain death. What to do, what to do . . .

Book 2, SHADOWER: I’ve just managed to work out the mess Nessa and Chase are in, when Sabin (who tried to take over Shielder) gets very vocal about having his own story. Thank goodness Moriah comes along to keep him in line. Moriah is a smuggler; Sabin is a bounty hunter. He captures her; she hijacks his ship. You can see where this is going . . .

Book 3, SHAMARA: Nessa’s brother Jarek has been waiting in the sidelines. Now he refuses to wait any longer, because he’s on a desperate quest to save the Shielders. He is dedicated to the cause, with no intention of ever falling in love (ha!). On the run from a mighty warlord, Eirene is hiding a deadly secret. She certainly doesn’t plan on crossing paths with Jarek, or for him to kidnap her (surprised him, too) . . .

Book 4, SHADOW CROSSING: Moriah’s sister Celie wants her story. An ex-smuggler now doing routine legal deliveries, Celie is bored and restless. She also has issues with men, with good reason. When she meets Rurick, a golden-eyed android, she’s intrigued by him and wonders if this might be a chance to safely experiment with her sensual urges. She thinks Rurick is safe, because he’s an android. One problem: he’s neither safe nor an android . . .

Book 5, SHADOW FIRES: (Now available for preorder!) This is my favorite book of the series. Jenna, a Shielder who sees the future, first appeared in a short story I wrote as a lead-in to Shamara. I gave her top billing, but now she wants a full-length book! Well, there is the unresolved matter of her foreseeing her forced marriage to a fierce, primitive Leor—a race that is only part human and considered barbaric. Enter Arion, leader of his Leor clan and under orders to mate outside the race to produce viable heirs. Jenna accepts her fate, Arion reluctantly follows his orders, and a very unlikely match occurs . . .

That’s the Shielder Series—so far. But I’m expecting new characters and a new onslaught of voices in my head any day now!


What are your favorite book series? Leave a comment below and be entered to win either a set of the first four Shielder books or a set of my urban fantasy romance Sentinel books.


Jenna dan Aron, a Shielder, lives a solitary existence, shunned by her people because she has visions and can see the future. She’s even foreseen her own destiny: to be a human offering, a mate for a savage Leor warlord. When two Shielder colonies need to be rescued, the Leors who are their only hope demand a bride for their leader in return. Knowing she can’t deny fate, Jenna steps forward.

The Leors are a hybrid race and only part human. Arion of Saura finds mating outside his race abhorrent, but he has no choice, as his kind faces extinction. His life is ruled by hard logic and physical prowess, with no room for softness or emotion. Bound to him, Jenna faces a life of barbarism with a mate who seems more beast than man. In the relentless heat of the wild Sauran desert, Jenna and Arion wage a battle of wills, until they discover that the heart is mightier than any weapon—and that love can forge shadow and fire together.

About Catherine Spangler

Catherine Spangler is the bestselling and award winning author of the science fiction romance Shielder series and the romantic fantasy Sentinel series. She’s been a two-time Golden Heart finalist and a RITA finalist and has received numerous other awards and honorable mentions.

Catherine lives in north Texas with her husband and a menagerie of dogs and cats. She loves reading, taking naps on the sofa with a good football game for background noise, eating chocolate, and playing poker. Find her at Twitter and Facebook or visit her website.




32 comments posted.

Re: Catherine Spangler | Series Madness!

I dont have a favorite.
(Marissa Yip-Young 6:05am May 14, 2015)

I'm a big Janet Evanovich fan, and got caught up in her
series through someone else, although I'm really glad they
told me about her books!! There is one other Author who
shall remain nameless, that I loved to read as well, but she
took a wonderful series, and took it out into left field.
When that happened, I stopped reading her books cold turkey,
which was very disappointing for me. I also have 1 or 2
others who are waiting in the wings for me to try, as well
as reading your books. This year I'm branching out and
reading out of my genre. Congratulations on the book that I
noticed is going to be released shortly!! Love the cover,
(Peggy Roberson 11:13am May 14, 2015)

I love your shielder series. I also love the Psy/Changeling Series by Nalini Singh.
(Angela Parrish 12:36pm May 14, 2015)

Hi Marissa! I'm with you, in the sense I like a number of series. Some of my faves: J.D. Robb, J.R. Ward (BDB, Nalini Singh (Guild Hunters), G.A Aiken, and more--so many more!
(Catherine Spangler 1:04pm May 14, 2015)

Hi Peggy! Thanks for your kind words about the Shielder series. I love anything Nalini Singh writes!
(Catherine Spangler 1:05pm May 14, 2015)

Oops! I mxed up Peggy and Angela. Duh. Thank you, Angela, for your kind words about the Shielder Series.

Peggy, I like Janet Evanovich, too. As with you, I've enjoyed some series that seemed to go downhill, and I eventually lost interest. I really respect and admire those authors who can keep a series fresh, enjoyable, and still enjoyable.
(Catherine Spangler 1:07pm May 14, 2015)

Okay I am going a bit old school with my favorite book series.
My pick is the whole Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S.
(Sarah Bauman 1:30pm May 14, 2015)

Oh boy fav book series... well the one that I have most of the books from is JD Robb's In Death series... I also have enjoyed Catherine Coulter's FBI series... definitely some others too...
(Colleen Conklin 1:55pm May 14, 2015)

Love of all of your books! I enjoy reading your books and
those by Debra Webb (Colby Series) and Anna Destafano.
(Tami Lang 2:00pm May 14, 2015)

Ursula Le Guin and her Earth sea series plus J.R.R.Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
(Edgar Gunn 2:01pm May 14, 2015)

I don't have a favorite book series. I'll read anything I can lay my hands on.
(Christine Schultz 2:42pm May 14, 2015)

There are a lot of authors that I enjoy. I read a lot, 48 so far
this year. So the series that I really enjoyed most recently was
Chirstmas in Snow Valley-Box Set. I pefer sweet to erotic.
Realistic to fantasy, and historic instead of furturistic or
(Nancy Luebke 3:18pm May 14, 2015)

Hi Sarah! I think Narnia is a great series :-)
(Catherine Spangler 3:48pm May 14, 2015)

Colleen, I love the JD Robb books. Will have to check out Catherine Coulter's series.
(Catherine Spangler 3:50pm May 14, 2015)

Hi Tami! Good to see you here. Yes, Debra Webb is really good!
(Catherine Spangler 3:50pm May 14, 2015)

So happy to hear there will be more Shielder stories!

One of my favorite series that hasn't been mentioned yet is
Shelly Laurenston's Pride series.
(Mary C 4:28pm May 14, 2015)

Hi Edgar! Good choices!
(Catherine Spangler 4:46pm May 14, 2015)

LOL, Christine! I share your philosophy.
(Catherine Spangler 4:47pm May 14, 2015)

Hi Nancy!Thanks for your comment. I'll have to check out the Christmas in Snow Valley set.
(Catherine Spangler 4:48pm May 14, 2015)

Hi Mary! Will have to check out Shelly Laurenston. Thanks
(Catherine Spangler 4:50pm May 14, 2015)

I think Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy series is a lot of
(Irene Menge 8:05pm May 14, 2015)

I love JD Robb books And I can't wait to read the wonderful sounding Catherine Spangler books. Thx.
(Mary Ann Brady 11:27pm May 14, 2015)

Are there any other genres you have considered writing ?
(Michelle Bauer 6:27am May 15, 2015)

If I have to choose what my favorite kind of books to read
is end-of-time books.
(Renae Kelly 12:06pm May 15, 2015)

I have only read one of your books so I don't have a favorite series.
(Jackie Wisherd 3:35pm May 15, 2015)

Some of my favorite book series are: Ilona Andrews' Kate
Daniels series, Nalini Sing's Guild Hunter and Psy-
Changeling series; Dianne Duvall's Immortal Guardians
series, Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series, and Larissa
Ione's Demonica series.
(Janie McGaugh 2:28pm May 16, 2015)

Hi Catherine,
I hate to admit that i have not read your books before.
However i can say they all just went on my TBBN list. :)

In the rom.-suspense category: I love Catherine Coulter's
FBI series(Sherlock and Savich are awesome) and of course
Iris Johanson's Eve Duncan series is amazing. Paranormal
erotic rom.:Anything by Milly Taiden but especially her
Julia Mills Dragon Guards series and also Becca Van's
western "Slick Rock series". this is just a few of the
series i love. i love a good series but i'm not a big
fan of the new way of doing books in
chapters/serialization. it's frustrating and can end up
costing you more money too.
(Tammy Ramey 7:19pm May 16, 2015)

I want to read them all
(Tamara Lawson 10:12pm May 16, 2015)

interesting story
(Susan Gannon 8:25am May 17, 2015)

Gemma Halliday Homicide in High Heels and Addison Kline Shadow
Series and Black Horse Series
(Denise Austin 12:37pm May 17, 2015)

JD Robb's In Death, Maddy Barone's After the Crash, Psy/changeling by N
Singh. It'so kind of interesting that I can love one series by an author and
can't get through one book in another series by the same author.
(Laura Gullickson 9:24pm May 17, 2015)

Hi Catherine
I recently received a E-mail indicating that I was the
winner in fresh fiction under the guest post giveaway
My wife is the reader in our family.
I kno she will enjoy your books.

Thank You
(Thomas Collette 3:15pm May 27, 2015)

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