November 23rd, 2020
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Christine Bell | Inside Christine Bell (Not Literally)

Dirty Deal
Christine Bell



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He's so much more than she bargained for...

Perfectly Matched #2

September 2014
On Sale: August 25, 2014
Featuring: Bryan Metcalf; Serena Elliott
ISBN: 1633750604
EAN: 9781633750609
Kindle: B00ME5RTOY
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So, rather than do a regular post to celebrate the release of my latest Brazen novel, DIRTY DEAL, I decided to do something a little different. I called in my best friend since birthdom, author Mike Wood, to ask me questions so you could get to know the real me. He agreed, if I agreed to answer every question as written, no edits allowed. Here are the results (and a picture of us back in the day. I’m the cute one in the pink, Mikey is the one on the left that looks like a monkey).


MW: This is awesome. Okay, so Question #1: Remember that time when we were like nine and you threw a padlock at my head when we were playing Happy Days because I wouldn’t call you Pinky Tuscadero?

CB: Uh, yes. I have a vague recollection of said event. What about it?

MW: Nothing. I just wanted to make sure the readers know the type of person they’re dealing with. Next question: Mad Men or Good Wife?

CB: Game of Thrones.

MW: As a child, you used to “borrow” your mom’s books and read the dirty parts. Since your books are MOSTLY dirty parts, how would you feel if your kids did the same with your stuff?

CB: First off, WE used to “borrow” my mom’s books and read the dirty parts. And I have 17-23 year old boys during the internet age. If they want dirty, my collection of romance novels is SO MUCH better than what they’re going to get if they Google “butt cracks” (which, incidentally, happened with one of them, so…).

MW: If you could visit any time period, what would it be, and why?

CB: I would go back to the summer of 1984 and tell my younger self NOT to play doctor with you in my swimming pool.

MW: If you could only take one of the following with you to a desert island, would it be your husband or Popeye’s Chicken?

CB: Like, the combo meal, with a biscuit, mashed potatoes, gravy and a soda?

MW: Sure.

CB: I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

MW: Matchmaker stories and trope-bases stories, even the best in the genre, can sometimes follow a similar path. What makes the Perfectly Matched series stand out?

CB: The matchmaking aspect of this series is important, but what makes the books unique is the characters. While I try to keep plots fresh, that can only take you so far. People have to be able to identify with the characters. I strive to make mine 3-dimensional and give them qualities that people might see in themselves. I want readers to invest in them, to mourn their losses, cheer their successes, wince at their awkwardness. I think DIRTY DEAL and the first book in the series, DIRTY TRICK, both have characters readers can connect with.

MW: You once had breast reduction surgery to win a weight loss bet against me, so I assume you must be quite competitive. What author would you like to outsell?

CB: The fact that my surgery coincided nicely with our bet was naught more than a happy coincidence, so stop being such a baby. Besides, I would’ve won regardless. The lure of seeing you do the Truffle Shuffle on film as punishment for your defeat was far more appetizing than anything I could’ve eaten. And I think Nora Roberts is likely getting sick of selling all those dang books. Probably she wants a break or something. I’d be more than happy to step in and toe the line for her :op

MW: Next question: have you been saving our correspondence, because I think I accidentally deleted half of your answers?

CB: I save all of our correspondence. Dating as far back as 1981, when you made me that mix tape with “Living Inside Myself” by Gino Vanelli on it, along with that note that said “Do you like me? Check yes, no, or ew gross.”

MW: How many questions do we need? I’m getting sick of you.

CB: We’re good I think, unless you have one more.

MW: Nah, I’m done.

So tell me, readers, are you lucky enough to have a friend like Mike? The kind you can count on for sarcasm AND sympathy? The kind that will give you the truth, even when it hurts? Tell me about that friend, and I’ll pick one commenter to win a $10 Amazon or BN gift card. And if you want to check out DIRTY DEAL, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. In fact, if you do, I will give you a grilled cheese sammich the next time I see you. Seriously. Just remind me. XOXO- Christine




18 comments posted.

Re: Christine Bell | Inside Christine Bell (Not Literally)

I can only wish to have a friend like mike, not so much
(Niki Edwards 8:39am August 27, 2014)

Yes, I do. Several, in fact. One girlfriend since Kindergarten (so 50 years now). Two girlfriends from high school (40 years now). Each kicks my butt to the curb whenever possible, LOL. Seriously, we help each other through deaths of family members, our own health scares, menus galore, and just everyday life. Just this morning one of them emailed me that my gray hair must be sucking the intelligence out of my brain (because I forgot something - and I tell you, at 55 years of age, who DOESN'T forget things???). LOL.
(Elaine Seymour 9:22am August 27, 2014)

I actually have 2 friends like that. Without going into
details, one knows me so well, that he actually stepped in,
and saved my life!! All I can tell you is that he let
someone know that I was very unhappy in where I was in life
at the moment (not depressed, just sad with my marriage),
and they intervened. I was able to get the strength to
start a new life. My Doctor told me I would have died,
literally, if I had stayed where I was!! I have another
friend who isn't afraid to say what's on his mind, should he
decide I need another angle. I also have a best Girlfriend
who is closer to me than a Sister. She would stick by me,
through thick and thin, and say anything to me, and if it
hurts, she has her reasons. She hasn't had to say anything
hurtful to me for a long time, and the last time, I had it
coming. These types of friends are in your life for a
reason. They're there to help you along your path, when you
should stumble a bit, and they help you up, the best way
they know how. They know you inside and out, and know the
right things to say, and when they should say them. You had
an interesting post today, and I enjoyed it!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:28am August 27, 2014)

I would love to win this book, mostly as I have a friend who is hard pressed for book buying money and I would love to surprise her with a copy of your book, one of her favorite authors too. Thank you so much.
Cynthia Blain

Thank you
(Cynthia Blain 11:45am August 27, 2014)

That sounds just like my sister! :)
(Colleen Conklin 1:17pm August 27, 2014)

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ! I've been looking for a friend like that my whole
life...I found her two times but her time was cut short and the went to heaven. So I
search and reach out and seek to bring joy to others lives no matter how short their
stop in my life is. Rejoice in your friendship with Mike and cherish it. There is
nothing better. Thanks so much for the giveaway and this post motivates me to pay the
$3.99 steep price to get this book as your humor is AWESOME.
(Lenna Hendershott 3:00pm August 27, 2014)

I do have a friend like Mike. We've been friends for over
50 years now, growing apart and growing together as our
lives progressed. I consider myself blessed. Most people I
know are good on the sympathy thing, but not so much on the
hard truth side. (Although truth be told, more people seem
to be comfortable dishing out hard truths rather than
receiving them. These tend to remain coworkers as opposed
to becoming friends). Relationships such as yours with Mike
have a precious quality that we can't help but realize is
worth maintaining.
(Deb Philippon 7:00pm August 27, 2014)

Snark yes, but not so much sarcasm!
(Diane Pollock 10:13pm August 27, 2014)

I don't have a friend like Mike I wish I did, LOVE the cover!!!
(Jennifer Beck 10:22pm August 27, 2014)

I don't have a guy friend like Mikey. Is that a mickey mouse shirt he has on??
I have my family, that would treat pretty much the same way. Well, except the playing doctor type stuff. haha
And if I do, I definitely will not forget the sammich and I always put a thin slice or three of ham and tomato on my grilled cheese. Don't worry, I will remind you.
Thanks for the fun posting. Your thought was perfect.
(Lisa Hutson 11:29pm August 27, 2014)

Yes I do and it's my daughter! I am very lucky!!!
(Bonnie Capuano 3:31pm August 28, 2014)

I do have a friend like that his name is Don and I am going to be heading all the way across the country in a few months to visit with him and his new girl.
(Ann Bartok 1:32am August 29, 2014)

I'm not actually that fond of sarcasm, though I like honesty
and smarts. My friend Lisa keeps me sane.
(Mary Ann Dimand 5:56am August 29, 2014)

No, I don't have a friend like that, after reading your post,
I wish I did.
(Jen Barnard 8:38am August 29, 2014)

I do not have a friend like Mike, but it would be nice to have
a friend like that. Thank you for sharing the interview.
(Rachael Brown 8:56am August 29, 2014)

yep, summer looks good
(Kent Cook 11:51am August 29, 2014)

No I don't have a friend like Mike. Sure wish I did. I do
have 2 friends from high school and we still get together
after 40 years. Which is rather awesome.
(Denise Austin 5:18pm August 29, 2014)

They say you are lucky if you have one, just one true friend.
Most people come and go when there is trouble. They are called
fair weather friends. No I don't have true friends like Mike.
(Deb Pelletier 11:29pm August 29, 2014)

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