January 28th, 2023
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Matt Coyle | Defeating My Biggest Enemy

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Matt Coyle




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Rick Cahill #1

May 2013
On Sale: May 7, 2013
Featuring: Melody Malana; RIck Cahill
310 pages
ISBN: 1608090760
EAN: 9781608090761
Kindle: B00BQYZM2K
Hardcover / e-Book
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Last Redemption, December 2021
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My debut thriller, YESTERDAY'S ECHO, was published on Tuesday, May 7th. It was a lifetime goal achieved and a dream come true. With all that said, it was something that could of, and really should of, been achieved a long time ago. There is a villain to this story, a force that kept me from becoming the only thing I wanted to be from an early age, an author. A horrible agent? A mendacious publisher? Prison?

No. Me.

I spent at least twenty-five years talking about writing and doing very little of it. Oh, I'd start a new story every couple years when the inspiration hit me, but the inspiration was only good for fifteen or twenty pages. Then I'd wait another couple years for the next inspiration. There were always legitimate reasons not to write; full-time jobs, relationships, golf. Beyond all that, I always had more time ahead of me when I could finally sit down and commit to writing. I'll start next week. Next month. Next year. When I'm dead?

I finally drew a line in the sand when the fourth golf company I'd worked for in ten years went out of business. I used the time off to actually sit down every day and write. It was my job now that I didn't have one. I had a rough draft of a novel done in five months. I told myself I was a writer. Then the bills caught up to me and I had to get another job. The real test; could I write on the side while I worked full-time? It took more discipline then I'd ever displayed in my whole life, but I managed to find a routine where I could put aside a few hours a day and write. Not as consistently as I would like, but consistent enough to rewrite that first draft four or five times and produce a manuscript that landed an agent and then a publisher.

However, I look back now at all those lost years and wonder how far along my career could be if I'd just pushed through those excuses and put my ass in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard. I still have a full-time job. I just don't have anymore excuses.

Find a way. Force yourself to do it. Write!

What's something holding you back from what you'd like to do? One commenter will get a copy of YESTERDAY'S ECHO




30 comments posted.

Re: Matt Coyle | Defeating My Biggest Enemy

Way to go. Just sitting down and finishing is a great thing. Hope you get to finish more.
(Laura Gullickson 3:43am May 20, 2013)

There are 2 things holding me back...money and time. HA Looking forward to reading your book. Thanks!
(Bonnie Capuano 8:45am May 20, 2013)

I need to organize a little better - both with supplies and time, in order to start my dream, which involves starting a memorial organization, to keep my Mother's name alive. It will involve my knitting and crochet skills, and I'm not sure which direction I want to go into yet, although I have a few ideas which are near to my heart. Anyway, I should have enough supplies to start the project, but obligations have gotten in the way at the moment, and I have my yarn in bags and boxes, since I haven't been able to purchase any of the containers that I'd like to put it in. I also lack a little bit of self-confidence, because it's going to take confidence to go to these institutions to deliver the goods when I finish making them. I've been doing needlework for 40 years, so they'll be top-notch, but the prospect of not letting my Mom down is scary. Nobody in the family knows about what I'm about to undertake. I want to do this from my heart. She left us too soon from Alzheimer's. Congratulations on your book. I would have loved to write at one time myself, and several people told me I should take up writing, but I can't do everything!! I admire Authors, and know that what they do is no easy feat!!
(Peggy Roberson 9:34am May 20, 2013)

i havent really thought about what is holding me back. I
have kids and a husband a house and im almost 40 years old,
so I guess the everyday life, also financially also . We
have a servere autistic daughter and my husband is the only
one working right now. She is 9 years old so I guess these
are the reason. congratulations on the book
(Denise Smith 10:01am May 20, 2013)

I am not being held back. I have had a good life and am happy
with what I've done. I plan to keep on living to the fullest
for many more years.
Congratulations on the book. I look forward to reading it.
(Mary Hay 10:24am May 20, 2013)

Sometimes we create obstacles which are only excuses. I have
decided that nothing should interfere with life plans.
(Sharon Berger 10:47am May 20, 2013)

The only thing holding me back is me.
(Sheila True 10:59am May 20, 2013)

I love your honesty. Your book sounds great - thanks for a chance to win a copy. Best of luck with it!
(Nancy Reynolds 11:21am May 20, 2013)

Making me think, eh. Well, I would have to say what is
holding me back is fear, of either rejection or change.
(Priscilla Pomeroy 12:06pm May 20, 2013)

Nothing holding me back at the moment. I have a wonderful
family, great home, a job I enjoy. I hope to keep living life
to the fullest one day at a time for years to come. Congrats
on your book!
(Amanda Ray 12:23pm May 20, 2013)

Wow, Congratulations on your new book. Yes, Life excuses can
truly hold us back from getting accomplished many things
that we want and need to do to become a success in our
lives. I would love to write some books also and get into
real estate too. May God bless You with success and all of
us too. Thanks for the fantastic contest and I would love to
win it and read it too. Sounds like a fantastic read for
sure. Thanks, Cecilia CECE
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 1:58pm May 20, 2013)

What is holding me back is myself and the feeling if I fail then what?
(MaryEllen Hanneman 2:56pm May 20, 2013)

MY anxiety/panic disorder has held me back from doing many of the things I love to do. It's worse than cancer and that, I've had 3x! Wishing you the best of luck on your new release.
(Susan Coster 3:18pm May 20, 2013)

Congratulations on achieving your dream. I find that I do put off things which makes everything harder.
(Maureen Emmons 4:01pm May 20, 2013)

Congradulations on your new book.

Sometimes laziness holds me back, other times I just draw a blank at what I should be doing, sometimes something else just gets in the way.
(Lori Yost 4:18pm May 20, 2013)

Congratulations on your book. My biggest obsticle was fear - fear of getting behind on my bills, fear of letting my children down, fear of failing. But one day I said enough and enrolled to go back to school - and now I have a new career, I get to travel alot more and my kids are happier. Who could ask for more.
(Janis Milford 5:01pm May 20, 2013)

my diseases hold me back with all my limitations that my body holds me back..love to win
(Kimberly Hoefs 12:02pm May 21, 2013)

Nothing can hold you back unless you let it. I have to remove the things that are holding me back. Easier said than done.
(Kathleen Yohanna 2:46am May 21, 2013)

Procrastination is a very special talent of mine!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 10:29am May 21, 2013)

time! No enough time to do everything!
(May Pau 10:53am May 21, 2013)

Wow, Congratulations on your new book. Yes, Life excuses can
truly hold us back from getting accomplished many things
that we want and need to do to become a success in our
lives. I would love to write some books also and get into
real estate too. May God bless You with success and all of
us too. Thanks for the fantastic contest and I would love to
win it and read it too. Sounds like a fantastic read for
sure. Thanks, Cecilia CECE...Thanks again, I really Pray
that I Win!!!
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 11:17am May 21, 2013)

Congratulations! This books sounds like one I would enjoy reading. I guess fear of making a fool of myself and procrastination are the main things holding me back.
(Anna Speed 12:08pm May 21, 2013)

Seems like I was always too busy making money to support the family to accomplish many of the things I really wanted.
(Sue Farrell 12:51pm May 21, 2013)

(Shelley Summers 3:22pm May 21, 2013)

This will probably sound weird,...but I think the something
that is holding me back from what I would like to do is
actually a "someone".
Thank-you Matt for all the great work you do!
(Donna Long 3:24pm May 21, 2013)

I'm a nervous person due to anxiety so that holds me back.
(Michelle Fidler 5:14pm May 21, 2013)

Not nearly enough hours in the day.
(Mary Preston 7:08am May 22, 2013)

I missed many chances of doing what I really wanted to do, and now have reached an age where I have the memories of what I should have done but didn't! This book sounds like an exciting mystery, thriller and just can't put it down book! Thank you for writing it!
(C Culp 10:30am May 22, 2013)

My family is quite demanding. They demand time and money from me because I'm the only one responsible. I would like to be irresponsible to them and be only responsible to me that I can take care of my personal needs.
(Kai Wong 12:31pm May 23, 2013)

Read your book and I have to say for a new author this book
was great. Can't wait for the next one to come out
(Sharon Salituro 8:04am July 2, 2013)

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