May 28th, 2020
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He's a kidnapper for hire...and he's just caught her.

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For all no-mercy heroines over forty. It’s Not Too Late.

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Read the Wild, Wild Regency everyone is talking about.

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Garrett had an irresistible charm and Julia knew she was headed for trouble.

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A perfect Mother’s Day story - free on KindleUnlimited

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When missing turns to murdered, one woman’s search for answers will take her to a place she never wanted to go…

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Opposites resist—and attract—under the Cancún sun

E Felder

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41 comments posted.

Re: Deadlock (7:07pm October 22, 2015):

My beloved dog, Lilly has been gone for several years, but she had a profound influence on my life. I once thought I wanted a parrot, but was a little daunted by their loud vocalizations and ability to get into mischief. I always loved reading about Alex the African Grey. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck with the release!

Re: SEAL Wolf Hunting (6:35pm July 2, 2015):

I'm a settled-down type, but love vicariously experiencing risky adventures! Congrats on the release and thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Caught (6:33pm July 2, 2015):

Confidence is a must, and I like the other traits you've mentioned, but I also prefer a sense of humor! Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing your thoughts!

Re: Homefront (8:02pm April 10, 2015):

I love that your books give us a glimpse into the reality of returning to an environment that becomes foreign to a soldier. It sensitizes the reader to the breadth of sacrifice and adjustment that has to be made by both the person who serves and the entire support system around that person. This novella was a wonderful addition to the series and I love Gale and his bafflement when faced with a daughter who is on the cusp of becoming a young woman rather than the little girl he remembers! I look forward to more of your exciting and emotional stories.

Re: SWAT Secret Admirer (9:58pm March 31, 2015):

I think that not letting the past define you is the hardest choice to make, all of the other options stem from there, so I am excited to read about that. Sounds like a great story, thank you for sharing and good luck with the release!

Re: Hard to Come By (3:09pm November 27, 2014):

Sounds like a compelling story, thank you for sharing and thank you for doing research to help us understand more about the challenges and accomplishments of those who deal with this issue.

Re: Rebel (9:13pm July 11, 2014):

I love science fiction stories. They help me expand my imagination! Good luck with the tour.

Re: Heart of Highland Warrior (12:24pm June 12, 2014):

I love retreating into my cave to take care of things...unfortunately, I don't have a magic assistant to take care of the things I ignore while I am in the cave, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

Re: Black Widow Demon (10:40pm November 29, 2013):

I don't watch much tv on my own but my hubby is a junkie, especially for reality tv shows so I must confess that I like to marvel at the dishes that the folks on Master Chef prepare (from one who is more likely to burn water because she is reading a book!)

Re: Once Upon A Tartan (7:45pm August 18, 2013):

I have toyed with the idea of writing but I don't think that I have that spark to create an enthralling story. I have the advantage that I have read quite a few books during my lifetime so I can discern a compelling story but I think my muse is more technically oriented so my writing comes out stilted...but I probably could write an excellent brief, lol.

Re: An Open Heart (2:07am July 22, 2013):

Thank you for sharing. I think there is an awful lot that we don't really understand but I do appreciate it when the central characters struggle with their credulity as well.

Re: Dead, White, And Blue (1:18am May 30, 2013):

I like there to be a combination of predictability and surprises, i.e. I like to be sure that a couple deeply cares for each other even as they manage to retain their individuality and unexpected reactions or past history. I am glad that you persevered and have achieved such success and I do enjoy the fascinating characters you create. Good luck with the new release and thank you for the giveaway.

Re: Deep Blue (1:19pm August 14, 2012):

I've never been on a cruise. I worry both about the possibility of seasickness and about the hygiene around my food! Good luck on the new release and thank you for the giveaway.

Re: The Secret Mistress (1:27pm July 31, 2012):

As long as the beta is a man of character and morals, I am happy when he gets his HEA as well!

Re: The Proposal (9:53pm May 4, 2012):

Wow, what an impressive plan for the new series. I always greatly enjoy the fact that your books are connected and look forward to starting a new series filled with more of your memorable characters. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck with the new release.

Re: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (9:50pm May 4, 2012):

No really impossible decisions but a few that were pretty hard. It's always difficult not to second guess oneself but my life was definitely brighter afterwards.

Re: Darkest Caress (9:46pm May 4, 2012):

I'm a firm believer in ESP so there have been moments when I am sure that somebody has tuned into vibes. Congrats on the new book, looking forward to reading it, really enjoyed "Deadly Descent".

Re: Under His Protection (2:28am April 29, 2012):

Can't help loving the strong male who is used to being in charge yet learns to allow a woman into his heart who invariably softens his personality somewhat. Good luck with the new releases!

Re: True Highland Spirit (10:06pm March 30, 2012):

A great premise, thank you for sharing!

Re: The Chase (2:52am March 28, 2012):

There aren't actually any shows that I watch regularly...cuts into my reading time!

Re: Sweet Enemy (10:35pm March 6, 2012):

I like a reasonable conflict that is logically resolved as two apparently disparate people find common ground and hopefully, love.

Re: Alpha Instinct (1:03am February 3, 2012):

I'm not stalking you, really! I love the amazing breadth of characters possible in paranormal romance. Where else can you have weres, angels, vampires, witches, etc. all having an impact on the world?

Re: Pretty Persuasion (4:14pm January 9, 2012):

It's very rare for me to not finish a book. I have to be really disgusted with it and usually I try to read at least 1/2 before I give up. I have been rating books since high school (ahem, we won't mention how long that has been) but have only been using the 5 star system since I joined Goodreads a few years ago. My 3 star books have a good plot but a lot of inconsistencies (and sometimes poor grammar and/or punctuation). My 4 star books are gripping and hold my attention well. My 5 star books are ones that I will read over and over again, I will purchase in hardcover for my library and I will try to convince my friends to read, lol. I try to be kind with my negative reviews because I know that the story still represents somebody's hard work but there are an increasing number of books being put on the market that really need basic editing, especially given the trend for self-publishing so I may start having more 2 star reviews!

Re: Demon Crossings (2:07pm January 5, 2012):

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the intriguing synopsis. Here's to a
brighter 2012 for all of us!

Re: Sweet Reward (11:42am January 3, 2012):

I like tortured characters provided they keep their sense of innate
goodness and get a HEA! Happy New Year to you to and thanks for the

Re: A Demon Does It Better (11:00am January 3, 2012):

Cats always seem to know exactly what they want...even if their humans
can't quite understand what it is! Congrats on the new book and Happy
New Year!

Re: Hot Zone (3:33am December 6, 2011):

Books and the time and peace and quiet to read them!

Re: Learning To Trust (8:50pm November 27, 2011):

Sounds like quite an emotional story. Good luck with the new release and
thank you for the contest.

Re: The Storm That Is Sterling (6:05am November 23, 2011):

Dante from Adrian Phoenix's Maker's Song or Gavin from Brent Weeks'
Black Prism

Re: Guardian Agent (12:09pm November 12, 2011):

I tend to prefer novels because they last me a little longer and even then
I'm sometimes disappointed to turn the last page!

Re: The Last Rising (4:15am November 10, 2011):

I agree with many of the other choices but have to add Jennifer Estep's
Gin Blanco (after all, she was an assassin), David Weber's Honor
Harrington, and most of Linnea Sinclair's leading ladies as well as Dana
Stabenow's Kate Shugak....and many more. (0:

Re: North of Need (4:09am November 10, 2011):

Ingenious plot, nice breath of fresh air for the genre! Good luck, it sounds
like it will be a delightful read!

Re: Always a Temptress (12:40pm November 7, 2011):

I have multiple series that I am fond of but must add another Eileen to the
list but her last name is Wilks. I also really like Dana Stabenow, Patricia
Briggs, Tamora Pierce, Robin Hobb...the list could go on for awhile!

Re: Engaged in Sin (12:33pm November 7, 2011):

GOod luck with the new book, sounds fascinating!

Re: Undead And Undermined (11:51pm July 24, 2011):

A wonderfully honest post! A refreshing and entertaining "rant" which gives us a great glimpse of your wonderful sense of humor, thanks for sharing and good luck with the new book!

Re: Hidden Embers (4:26pm April 23, 2011):

I have to agree that Spring is my favorite season. I love seeing the glimpses of green heralding the beautiful flowers or yummy fruit that is still to come. It's so wonderful to be able to open the windows and air out all of the stuffy smells left over from winter!

Re: One Touch of Scandal (1:44am September 26, 2010):

Well, I am glad to see that someone else admits to being a less than perfect baker! I avidly watch the ballet of preparation on the food channel and dream of preparing dishes that look like works of art...but then I start reading something and forget I am supposed to pay attention to the timer or stir the pot...and most of the time it is still somewhat edible but it is a good thing that my husband is not terribly critical!

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (7:34pm November 22, 2009):

I have to say that I love The Santa Clause...that has become one of my favorite Christmas movies!

Re: Fool Moon (11:20pm October 25, 2009):

I never am patient enough to listen to an audio book because they don't seem to speak fast enough for me so I won't have Harry's curse on that piece of technology at least! My sympathies for your troubles!

Re: Killer Cuts (6:25pm May 23, 2009):

Nice selection of paranormal and thriller books. Looking forward to finding new reads for the summer.

Re: Flipping Out (12:36pm April 11, 2009):

Thanks for the thumbnail summaries of so many great books, it reminds me of new titles to add to my TBR pile!

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