May 20th, 2018
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Linda Thomas-Sundstrom | Loving the Supernatural... and Barbie.


Whether spooky, creepy, fangy, funny, or just plain whacked-out, I love the supernatural. And I'm a "paranormal" writer, through and through. No matter how hard I try to write a straight novel or romance, it turns south toward that big "P." It's just something in my blood, I guess. Thing is, though, I have both dark and light sides to my supernatural-loving personality.

So after writing a dark historical vampire tale for Kensington Brava's Immortal Bad Boys anthology, something odd happened one day as I sat in my little home office contemplating the plot line next dark tale. I stared at the shelf displaying my original Barbie doll, and a big question appeared to plague me, as those pesky questions sometimes do. The question was this:

Since Mattel's Barbie never got Ken really ("Dream" Wedding Barbie), in all that time since her 1959 inception . . . what would a twenty-something, dateless, Miami high school teacher named after the doll do to finally nab a man? Answer? Try a singles party . . . even if does turn out to be in a graveyard locale . . . with the hope of finding Mr. Wonderful. Only, in this case, what if Mr. Right turned out to actually be Mr. Unusual? (This happens, right?) Cracked me up, and the lighter side of me went to work penning "Barbie & the Beast," my April 1 release from Dorchester. Best described as: A crazy romp through the world of paranormal dating.

Serendipity, Fate, or some other supernatural event here? I do believe! "Barbie & the Beast" is being released on April Fool's Day, in the midst of the celebration the Barbie doll's 50th Anniversary!

"Barbie & the Beast" slams together two of my loves: My childhood love of the doll, and my long-running love for the supernatural.

I hope you all will come on along for this wacky ride, and enjoy "Barbie & the Beast" for its dandelion-light, memory-driven, pure fluffy, girly fun. You can see more about the book on my web site: And you can win a retro Barbie bracelet here now on my Fresh Fiction contest.


Linda Thomas-Sundstrom




18 comments posted.

Re: Linda Thomas-Sundstrom | Loving the Supernatural... and Barbie.

Your book sounds great! I was a Barbie fiend as a kid, had all the stuff, and I love paranormal books. Your book has been added to my tbr list for April.
(Kay Martinez 11:52am March 18, 2009)

Hey Linda! LOVE the cover. Can't wait to get my hands on your book. It sounds like a hoot and a good way to spend an evening! Best of luck with the novel and I'm waiting for the follow on novel to come out soon, too.
(Jeanne Dickson 12:05pm March 18, 2009)

Hey - thanks Kay and Jeanne! I have met women who didn't have a Barbie doll... but this makes me suspicious. HA.
I hope you'll like this book, and that you'll laugh along with my Barbie namesake's wacky antics on the path to the altar.

Appreciate you joinng me today!
(Linda Thomas-Sundstrom 12:34pm March 18, 2009)

Linda, hello it's Ann. I have read all of your novels so far and have loved every one of them especially your ebook Blackout. Can't wait for Barbie and the Beast to come so I can pick up a few copies as presents for family and friends. Cheers for Now! ~ Ann
(Ann Ellis 12:44pm March 18, 2009)

Your book sounds like such fun! I never had a Barbie because I was in college when she was born. My 3 kids are boys and had GIJoes (no Kens) although I have bought many Barbies for my grand/greatgranddaughters!
(Karen Barnett 12:56pm March 18, 2009)

Hi, Linda! Can't wait for BARBIE AND THE BEAST to come out! What a hoot! Paranormal dating...who knew? And, as we all know, it's a jungle out there! Best of luck!
P.J. Mellor
(P.J. Mellor 12:58pm March 18, 2009)

Hey Linda - maybe Mattel can come out with a special edition - "Barbie and Beast" - I can see it know and I'd so buy it for...myself!
(Jeanne Dickson 12:59pm March 18, 2009)

Oh, yeah! Wouldn't it be cool if Mattel came out w/ a BARBIE AND THE BEATS doll(s)? I'd definitely buy one!
(P.J. Mellor 1:37pm March 18, 2009)

Oops! Dyslexic fingers, evidently. Sorry about that. I meant BEAST. :)
(P.J. Mellor 1:38pm March 18, 2009)

You gals crack me up! I did search out a BEAST doll - and of course Disney has one, from the movie Beauty and the Beast. Big hairy guy in a velvet jacket. Maybe I can just photograph one of those, along with a Barbie, and post it on my website in April. What a hoot!
Or wait - maybe I'll do a contest and offer a BEAST for everyone's Barbies?? Huh? Huh? You with me on this image?

Love, Linda
(Linda Thomas-Sundstrom 2:31pm March 18, 2009)

I wonder if it would be some kind of copyright violation to photograph Barbie and the Beast--if not, wouldn't that make cool mugs to give as prizes?
(P.J. Mellor 3:36pm March 18, 2009)

Or how about a wolf suit for a Ken doll? Wouldn't that be cute????
(Jeanne Dickson 3:40pm March 18, 2009)

Too cute for words. Are you good with a needle and thread, Miss Jeanne? A glue gun and some faux fur yardage?

(Linda Thomas-Sundstrom 4:30pm March 18, 2009)

Loved the "Bites" - they are dark twisted and fun! Can't wait to read "Barbie!"
(Carlene Dater 5:22pm March 18, 2009)

I had to stop by and say that this is one I really can't wait to read! Love the cover. Love the premise. And now I love knowing how it came to you. Would you believe I just heard the song "Barbie Girl" today on a retro radio station? (cross my heart) Looking forward to some smiles...
(Barbara Hancock 8:55pm March 18, 2009)

Thanks, Barbara. Yay. And now I will have that song in my head all night. Not a bad way to drift off to sleep, if I can keep from bouncing around to the catchy tune.

I am so happy you'll be tuning in to Barbie & her beastie.

(Linda Thomas-Sundstrom 9:11pm March 18, 2009)

:) This book looks super cute! I liked Barbie when I was littler but I hated her shoes! I don't think she ever had a pair of shoes on when she was at my house. :) Thanks for the giveaway!!
(Rachael Grime 10:58pm March 18, 2009)

Hi Linda! I have been waiting for the book to come out ever since I first read about it! I wish you much success with it's release
(Susan Galley 11:51pm March 18, 2009)

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