February 22nd, 2019
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"Liasson writes with humor and heart." --Jill Shalvis

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They’re in a race against time…

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Will a baby surprise bring them together?

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In the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains lies a small town with a big heart—and a chance to begin again

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Two women across time seek answers about their identities and heritage

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Can they find the courage to face their deepest wounds?


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Mind Games
by Nancy Mehl
"Who can you trust?"
Posted February 20, 2019

Kaely is a profiler. Her life did not start out as a profiler, but after learning about what her father did when she was a young girl, she felt this was a way of life she could choose to do. Now Kaely is on a case to track down a Read more...

App of the Living Dead
by Kim Harrington
"Zombies are coming...are you ready?"
Posted February 20, 2019

Everybody in the school seems to have the flu, at least that is what Bex and Charlie thought. Until both of them notice something strange with almost everyone in town. It seems that a video game Zombie town. This game was created by a company named Veratrum, a company that Read more...

I Will Never Leave You
by S.M. Thayer
"Two women, one choice... a thrilling mystery to keep you guessing."
Posted January 9, 2019

Trish had the best life. A banking heiress, she was given quite a bit of money from her father and has been married to James for fifteen years. The only things she feels is missing is a baby. Trish and James have discussed different options, like adoption or using a Read more...

The Wanted
by Robert Crais
"A race to save a child against the odds"
Posted December 27, 2018

Tyler at first was a typical teenager, hanging out with his friends Crystal and Alec. But Devon, Tyler's mother, is concerned he has gotten involved with drugs as it seems that Tyler has a load of cash. But one day Tyler leaves the house and does not return. Devon Read more...

The Other Woman
by Sandie Jones
"Who really is the other woman?"
Posted November 29, 2018

Emily was never looking for "Mr. Right" until she met Adam. They met in a bar; Emily was there with a group of her friends and Adam, just came up and introduced himself. Emily had always preferred to go to work, go home, and spend time with her friends Pippa Read more...

Sister of Mine
by Laurie Petrou
"Sisters so alike and yet so different..."
Posted October 25, 2018

Penny and Hattie are sisters who were orphaned at a young age. Elder sister Penny always felt she had to take care of Hattie. Penny married Buddy thinking this would be her new life. Little did she know, her life would never be the same? Buddy turned into a maniac Read more...

The Secrets We Carried
by Mary McNear
"Secrets will always come out..."
Posted October 18, 2018

Quinn grew up in Butternut Lake, and now she has returned for a dedication of three students she went to school with, who died during their senior year. It was a tragic accident, these young men were out on the semi-frozen lake and their truck went in. One of Read more...

Gumshoe on the Loose
by Rob Leininger
"Solving a murder is always better with a partner..."
Posted September 13, 2018

Mort Angel was trying to get his private investigator's license. Mort was working for Maude, but Mort called her Ma. Somehow, Mort always ends up in the wrong places, and this time is no different. Mort is soon hired by a woman named Danya. When Mort arrives at her Read more...

Beneath the Surface
by Lynn H. Blackburn
"An action-packed new romantic suspense series!"
Posted September 13, 2018

Leigh Weston is back in her home town of Carrington, NC. Leigh is working at the hospital in a job that she loves. Years ago, Leigh as attacked by a former patient, but she is finally getting her life back in order and she feels safe in this new position Read more...

Alter Ego
by Brian Freeman
"When tragedy strikes a Hollywood movie set, Jonathan Stride investigates..."
Posted August 30, 2018

Jonathan Stride is a detective for the Duluth police department. Stride is married to Serena, who is also a cop, and they have a foster daughter named Cat. Stride has solved many cases, including one of worst, involving women who were kidnapped and kept in cages. While he did save Read more...

Yesterday's News
by R.G. Belsky
"A old story from a journalist's past brings up new problems..."
Posted August 30, 2018

Clare Carlson started out as a reporter for a New York newspaper. Clare's first assignment was on a story about a young girl, Lucy, who went missing. Clare had no idea that this story would hit her so hard. Now Clare has worked her way up to being the Read more...

After Anna
by Lisa Scottoline
"Her long-lost daughter... or someone else?"
Posted August 30, 2018

Maggie gave up her daughter when she was just six months old. The reason was because of post-partum depression. Maggie just couldn't adjust to having to care for a baby. Maggie's first husband took charge of baby Anna and moved out of the country. Maggie was placed Read more...

The French Girl
by Lexie Elliott
"Six friends find themselves in the midst of a devastating mystery..."
Posted August 23, 2018

Six friends go on vacation after they graduated from college. Now ten years later, the secret that they all had kept is coming back to haunt them. While they are there, their beautiful neighbor, Severine, hangs around with them any chance she gets. The women of the group not very Read more...

Somebody's Daughter
by David Bell
"Twenty-four hours will change everything..."
Posted August 16, 2018

Michael and his wife Angela were spending a night at home when the doorbell rings. In the next twenty fours hours, his life will be changed. At the door is Michael's ex-wife Erica. Michael has not seen her in over ten years so what could she possibly want Read more...

The Washington Decree
by Jussi Adler-Olsen
"A mysterious political thriller..."
Posted August 16, 2018

In 1992, Governor Bruce Jansen came up with the idea to put a game show on national TV. The game would pit several people against each other. The top three winners were Dorothy also called Doggie, Rosalie, and T. Perkins. As a reward, they all traveled to China with Jansen Read more...

Robert B. Parker's Old Black Magic
by Ace Atkins
"Stolen paintings lead to dangerous consequences..."
Posted August 2, 2018

Spenser is a private eye which was not the job he had at first. Spenser gets a visit from one of his old friends, Locke, who wants him to take over one of the cases he was working on. The reason is that Locke is dying and he knows Spencer Read more...

Slowly We Die
by Emelie Schepp
"So many secrets; who is telling the truth?"
Posted August 2, 2018

Philip is an EMT. Ten years ago he was a surgeon who gave up his job to become an EMT. Lately, Philip is having a lot of bad luck. He can't sleep which is causing problems with his work. Philip is also having problems at home with his wife Read more...

A Season to Lie
by Emily Littlejohn
"Is the murderer one you don't expect?"
Posted August 1, 2018

Gemma is just getting back to work from her maternity leave. As much as she hated to leave her daughter, she just could not wait to get back to her job as a police officer. First day back and already she and her partner Finn get a call about a Read more...

Splinter in the Blood
by Ashley Dyer
"Can you trust your friends?"
Posted July 26, 2018

Greg Carver and his partner Ruth Lake have been chasing the Thorn Killer for months. One night everything changes when Greg is shot in his apartment. The last person to see him was Ruth, who takes the gun along with all of his case files and leaves his apartment. Why Read more...

Everything That Follows
by Meg Little Reilly
"One fatal night will change everything..."
Posted July 26, 2018

Kat is a glass blower, a trade that not many people have anymore. She loves her life on Martha's Vineyard along with her boyfriend Sean. They have been together for over seven years, and both are happy with the arrangement that they have. One night will change all of Read more...

Sharon Salituro

59 years old, love to read and knit. Live in Kenosha, WI

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