September 25th, 2022
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Only 99˘

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A by-the-book lawman tangles with a stubborn young woman

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A wedding party is missing! It's up to Alaskan State Trooper & K-9 partner!

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A bad-boy on his best day and a predatory wolf on his worst

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He thought he had the perfect plan…

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The lies unravel…

Ava Curtis

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53 comments posted.

Re: Murder Under the Mistletoe (1:16am November 17, 2015):

Reading a good book and spending time with my grandkids

Re: Double Cross (12:15pm April 18, 2015):

Sounds like it could end up on broadway
Love your books
Thank you

Re: Where the Staircase Ends (12:10pm April 18, 2015):

Rear window
Thank you

Re: Wicked Stitch (12:03pm April 18, 2015):

Love to take the grandkids to the Indian pow wow that comes to my state
and the kids really love it. Thank you

Re: Meow If It's Murder (7:52pm January 14, 2015):

Love to read books am teaching grandkids to read we are having so much
fun . Thank you

Re: Virtual Heaven (2:36pm September 5, 2013):

I love to play board games. I am teaching my grand kids to play candyland
and loving every minute of it. Thank you

Re: What the Bride Wore (2:14pm August 6, 2013):

Sounds interesting my two favorite things to do is reading and my grand
kids Thank you

Re: The Passion Of The Purple Plumeria (2:09pm August 6, 2013):

Sounds so interesting love to read my two favorite things to do is read and
my grand kids Thank you

Re: A Brew to a Kill (2:05pm August 6, 2013):

Love to read would love to win my two favorite things to do is read and my
grand kids Thank you

Re: Guardian (2:21pm July 9, 2013):

I love second chances I feel like I have my second chance being with my
grand kids who I love very much thank you

Re: Prince of Secrets (11:46pm July 2, 2013):

My grand kids drive me crazy when everything they do just wont go right
and they end up fighting over everything including me for their full attention

Re: Luck of the Dragon (2:36pm June 26, 2013):

Looks interesting would love to read thank you

Re: Exposed (2:33pm June 26, 2013):

I the book looks like a great read would love to Winifred you keep writing I
will keep reading thank you

Re: Act Like You Love Me (2:29pm June 26, 2013):

Oh so many some turned out and some didn't but that's life

Re: If The Shoe Fits (1:49pm June 19, 2013):

Frank Sinatra jimmy Buffett the beach boys Barry white

Re: Grounded (1:45pm June 19, 2013):

Love to read have to read these too thank you so much

Re: Widow Of Gettysburg (1:40pm June 19, 2013):

Not really because when I go to a book store I just love to look at
everything and my family knows a bookstore to me is like a kid in a candy
store my true loves are my grand kids my kids and my books thank you

Re: Past Due (2:54pm May 18, 2013):

I learned there will always be terrible things in your life but you must never
give up things might not get better but you still have to try to make life what
you need to survive

Re: The Seven-Day Target (1:57am April 29, 2013):

Love the happy ever after everyone should have a little happy ever after in
their life thank you

Re: A Man for All Seasons (6:44am April 19, 2013):

Mine is walking under ladders kinda silly I guess but I totally believe in
angels because I have felt my son beside me many times since his death in
1996 I know he is watching over his brother and his sisters and myself we
miss him and we love him and I know he knows we miss and love him and I
am sure he misses and loves us too

Re: Once Tempted (8:18pm April 1, 2013):

The only trips I take is in the books I read would love to take a road trip one
day love to read thank you

Re: Identity Crisis (8:11pm April 1, 2013):

This sounds really good and I know it will end happily I have never been to
a museum but one day I hope to go to one

Re: The Blue-Ribbon Jalape?o Society Jubilee (4:52pm March 7, 2013):

Can't wait to read the book sure sounds like somewhere I would visit if it
was real just love small towns

Re: The Survivor (11:54am March 6, 2013):

Education we can never stop learning we need to train our small children in
schools at home we must be learning all the time must be aware all the
time thank you

Re: The Turncoat (11:47am March 6, 2013):

Love between enemies would be the hardest of all loves for one you hate
the person you are falling I love with and can you really trust the person
you want to love it would be so complex

Re: The Marriage Bargain (10:25pm March 5, 2013):

Love to read it is my way of going all over the world and never leave my
home and add a little romance in my life

Re: Lord Of Darkness (9:35pm March 4, 2013):

Love the setting and London is wow thank you

Re: The Christie Curse (3:05am March 3, 2013):

Not sure cause my daughters are so much different in our thinking but it
sure would be fun to try I love my daughters

Re: Hot Ticket (2:59am March 1, 2013):

A good friend is a friend no matter what happens

Re: An Encounter at the Museum (2:52am March 1, 2013):

I love going to the museums to see all the beautiful pieces and to dream
about what it was like to live in that era all the love

Re: Hot Ticket (11:14am February 28, 2013):

A good friend is someone who has been there with you in hard times and
fun times someone who can be crazy and serious and love you and hate
you too someone who would bend over backwards to be there for you

Re: Cowboy Tough (11:09am February 28, 2013):

Anyone can work together if it means something good is going to come out
in the end and something wonderful happens

Re: Wait Until Dark (11:00am February 28, 2013):

Home is where the heart is it doesn't matter where you are or what you do
but how you love and live and family is home

Re: The Chieftain (10:53am February 28, 2013):

Siblings can be a royal pain in the but and even more problems if love is
involved in a relationship

Re: The Chieftain (7:27pm February 27, 2013):

Love when lovers were friends when younger and family allways get in the
way but then everything works out in the end so we can have a happy
ending in the end

Re: Jake (11:08am February 26, 2013):

Western men are the best go jake

Re: Jake (3:14am February 26, 2013):

Love western men jake is the bomb after all anyone who has the same
name as my grandson cannot be bad

Re: Scorned Justice (12:40pm February 23, 2013):

Nora Roberts Northern Lights

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (6:56pm February 22, 2013):

Looks and sounds so interesting

Re: X Marks The Scot (6:55pm February 22, 2013):

So interesting

Re: X Marks The Scot (1:57am February 22, 2013):

Bad Boys are the best

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (1:42am February 22, 2013):

Every reader always have a character that they like and they cheer for and
hope the writer will make it so interesting as to keep our interest thank you
for giving us so much pleasure in our lives

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (12:05pm February 21, 2013):

Love to read

Re: X Marks The Scot (12:03pm February 21, 2013):

Sounds so good

Re: The Mistress Memoirs (2:51pm February 20, 2013):

Sounds like a good read

Re: The Moses Quilt (8:30am February 16, 2013):

The hardships from the past makes us thankful for everything that we have

Re: A Howl For A Highlander (9:37am February 13, 2013):

Makes me want to be there sounds great can't wait to read it

Re: Wildcat (9:35am February 13, 2013):

Sounds like a great read can't wait to read it

Re: The Eldritch Conspiracy (3:26pm February 12, 2013):

If done right they are like out of this world

Re: Seven-Night Stand (12:44pm February 9, 2013):

Sounds like somewhere I would like to go thank you

Re: Treacherous Temptations (12:41pm February 9, 2013):

Love to win

Re: In From The Cold (2:16am February 3, 2013):

Love the pictures of the dogs and the book sounds so good

Re: The Billionaire's Baby SOS (12:22pm February 1, 2013):

I love big families I am a mom of five and also grandmother of five

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