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Neighborly Secrets. Deadly Desires.

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A summer of friendship, forgiveness, and fresh starts.

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Can a desire for revenge lead to redemption? Free!

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Danger, wealth, revenge, power, and fear were all a part of his life.

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How can they stay rivals when they're falling in love?

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Wedding season includes searching for a missing bride´┐Żand a killer . . .


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by Lisa Jackson
"A Ghost from the Past..."
Posted January 5, 2010

Rick's first wife Jennifer enjoyed living on the edge. She made choices that were sure to cause pain and suffering to everyone, including herself. Dying in a single car accident, Jennifer left behind Rick, her ex-husband by that time, her daughter Kristi, and lingering doubts about her lifestyle Read more...

Hot On Her Heels
by Susan Mallery
"Last, but not Least in the Lone Star series"
Posted November 21, 2009

It can be sad to see a series come to an end, but it helps if the ending is a good one. This is the last book in the Lone Star Sisters series, and it's a good one. Deputy Dana Birch has agreed to keep an eye on the Read more...

Divorced, Desperate and Deceived
by Christie Craig
"I'll tell you my secrets, If you tell me yours..."
Posted November 21, 2009

Kathy Callahan has a crush on her plumber Stan Bradley. Her son Tommy is touring Europe with her ex-husband and his new wife, so now would be a good time to see if Stan is as interested in her as she is in him, but she didn't mean Read more...

Lucky Streak
by Carly Phillips
"Taking a Chance on Love"
Posted November 21, 2009

Amber left behind the world of con-games once before and she's ready to do it again. She agreed to work with Marshall, her dad's ex-partner, just so that she could have enough money to place her dad in a good facility for Alzheimer patients. Now that Read more...

Grave Goods
by Ariana Franklin
"The Dead Can Tell Their Secrets"
Posted June 22, 2009

Adelia, her daughter Allie, her nurse Gyltha, and her Arab protector Mansur, begin their next adventure with the providential appearance of Lady Emma Wovercote. Lady Emma wants Adelia to keep her Champion, Master Roetger in good health using the medical training her parents gave her. Roegter is representing Lord Philip Read more...

Smooth Talking Stranger
by Lisa Kleypas
"The Accidental Mom, The Baby, and The Playboy"
Posted June 22, 2009

Ella Varner left Houston to get some physical and emotional distance between herself and her family, but maybe Austin wasn't far enough. A phone call from her Mom about her sister Tara having had a baby boy and then disappearing is more than a little shocking, it's alarming Read more...

Killer Cruise
by Laura Levine
"Trouble on the High Seas"
Posted June 22, 2009

Jaine Austen can't wait to begin her cruising adventure. She's only able to afford the trip because it's free for instructors and Jaine is going to teach a class on writing. Jaine is anxiously anticipating the free twenty-four hour buffet and some deck chair relaxing, but Read more...

by Lisa Jackson
"A Ghost from the Past..."
Posted May 5, 2009

Rick's first wife Jennifer enjoyed living on the edge. She made choices that were sure to cause pain and suffering to everyone, including herself. Dying in a single car accident, Jennifer left behind Rick, her ex-husband by that time, her daughter Kristi, and lingering doubts about her lifestyle Read more...

It's Hotter In Hawaii
by HelenKay Dimon
"Unexpected Connections"
Posted May 5, 2009

Cassie's brother Dan was a pilot, he lived to fly. After leaving the Air Force he bought his own helicopter and started taking businessmen and tourists around the Hawaiian Islands. Flying over the Waimae Canyon alone, Dan lost control and didn't survive the crash. The police on Kauai Read more...

Wicked By Any Other Name
by Linda Wisdom
"Being Called a Witch isn't always an insult, sometimes it's just what you are."
Posted April 14, 2009

Stasi and her best friend Blair are long time residents of Lake Moonstone, CA. A very long time, as in hundreds of years on and off, as in since the time this little mountain town was a mining town. In the beginning, they had to hide the fact they were Read more...

Practice Makes Perfect
by Julie James
"Young Laywers in Love"
Posted April 13, 2009

Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are both eight year associates at one of the best law firms in Chicago. They've been quietly sparring for most of those eight years even though the original reason for the teasing and tormenting seems to be lost in the distant past. J Read more...

In A Gilded Cage
by Rhys Bowen
"Not Just the Luck of the Irish at work..."
Posted April 13, 2009

Molly is just recovering from her own brush with the influenza epidemic that has been raging through New York City when her neighbors Augusta and Elena, or Gus and Sid, invite her to walk in the Easter Parade on behalf of Women's Sufferage. She accepts without hesitation and so Read more...

Smart Girls Think Twice
by Cathie Linz
"Small Town, Big Love"
Posted April 13, 2009

Emma Riley has come home to Rock Creek, PA to attend two weddings and to research the revival of this small town. But if that's not enough, the weddings being celebrated are for her two older sisters and Emma's actually in both bridal parties. Working hard isn't Read more...

Murder Melts In Your Mouth
by Nancy Martin
"A Flock of Blackbirds Means Trouble Ahead"
Posted March 24, 2009

Nora Blackbird is putting forth her best effort, as usual. Busy caring for sister Emma's ponies, trying to keep Blackbird Farm's plumbing functional, and working on her society column for the Intelligencer, Nora really doesn't have the time or energy to take on more jobs but she Read more...

Scattered Graves
by Beverly Connor
"Playing in Politics Can Be Hazardous to Your Health"
Posted March 18, 2009

Museum director Dr. Diane Fallon has been replaced as the head of Rosewood's Crime Lab. She's been replaced by Lloyd Bryce, pal of newly elected Mayor Jefferies, but he has no experience to speak of. Another political appointee is the Police Chief, Edgar Peeks, who probably shouldn't Read more...

Flirting With Temptation
by Kelley St. John
"The Love Doctor is her own best Patient"
Posted February 28, 2009

Babette Robinson has a problem choosing one thing and sticking to it, personally and professionally. When she discovers her true talent lies in reading body language and using that talent to repairing romantic relationships; Babette feels like she should have been doing this all along. After almost year of successfully Read more...

Trouble In Mudbug
by Jana DeLeon
"The Mother-in-Law from Heaven or from Hell?"
Posted February 15, 2009

Maryse Robicheaux isn't overly sad her mother-in-law passed away. Helena's son Hank made Maryse's life miserable for the brief time they were together, then made it even worse by disappearing with loan sharks looking to geth their money back. Adding insult to injury is the Read more...

Simple Wishes
by Lisa Dale
"Who Says You Can Never Go Home Again?"
Posted January 30, 2009

Adele has finally come to claim the house her mother left her in a small, rural Pennsylvania town. Her mom, Marge, named the cottage Grumble Knot and it's sort-of how Adele feels about her ignominious retreat from New York City to what she's thinking feels like the Read more...

Hail To The Chef
by Julie Hyzy
"Cooking Up Trouble in the Capital!"
Posted January 25, 2009

Olivia Paras, otherwise known as Ollie to her friends, hasn't been the White House executive chef for long -just long enough to get in more trouble than a chef should. In her second amateur sleuthing attempt, Ollie finds herself creating a memorable Thanksgiving dinner and a judging gingerbread men Read more...

The Chocolate Snowman Murders
by JoAnna Carl
"Wintertime Festivities can be Murder"
Posted December 3, 2008

Lee McKinney Woodyard, her good friend Maggie, and Lee's husband Joe are all on the Warner Pier Winter Arts Festival Committee. They're volunteering their time, with a few other small business owners, in the hopes of prompting visitors to come to their small corner of West Michigan. Lee Read more...

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