February 3rd, 2023
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Anti-drug activists are being sabotaged by the very substance they abhor. Kindle Unlimited

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The homicide cop with a passion for justice returns!

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First in new series

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A bomber on the loose, are they the next victims?

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Her deal with the tycoon from her past will save her from destitution!

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A fun foray into the London Season; Her lessons in flirtation…Could work too well!


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In Her Highlander's Bed
by Lynsay Sands
"When he tackled a "lad" stealing his plaid, Calan Campbell didn't think it would lead to love."
Posted February 1, 2023

When Calan Campbell, Laird of Kilcairn, sees a lad run off with his plaid while Calan is swimming in the loch, he gives chase and tackles the thief. To Calan’s surprise, the lad turns out to be a lass, a lady at that, and, one who has Read more...

Cold Deceit
by Toni Anderson
"Finding old bones in the desert is normal but when a fresh body is found, danger isn't far behind."
Posted December 21, 2022

Forensic anthropologist Zoe Miller often goes into the desert in Arizona with her three friends to help find the remains of migrants who died while trying to cross the desert in the hopes of helping bring closure to their families. Now that she’s moving across the country Read more...

After the Bite
by Lynsay Sands
"Will Valerian lose his lifemate to a serial killer just as he finds her?"
Posted November 4, 2022

After a quiet week at work, Immortal Enforcer Valerian MacKenzie’s only plan is to spend his weekend night golfing. When his golf cart runs out of gas, he looks to find someone to tell them where he left it only to be surprised when he finds a Read more...

Sweetwater and the Witch
by Jayne Castle
"Matchmaking has never been so dangerous!"
Posted October 13, 2022

After having to rescue herself from being sacrificed by a cult because her Federal Bureau of Psi Investigation team didn’t make it to her in time, Ravenna Chastain switched careers and became a matchmaker. Same skill set, safer conditions, and less chance of anyone finding out she Read more...

Quarter to Midnight
by Karen Rose
"Unable to believe his father committed suicide, Gabe is on the hunt for the truth. Even if it kills."
Posted August 4, 2022

Famous chef Gabe Herbert may not be a police officer like his father was, but when he’s told his father committed suicide, he knows there’s more to the story, and he’s willing to risk everything to unearth it. With no help from the Read more...

Cold Silence
by Toni Anderson
"A killer who streams his murders online for money knows her secret. Now she could be next."
Posted July 3, 2022

FBI Hostage Rescuer Shane Livingstone couldn’t have broken his arm at a worse time. When they lose one of their own to a sadistic killer who live-streams his kills on the dark web for money, Shane is determined to do whatever he can to end the Read more...

Immortal Rising
by Lynsay Sands
"Get ready for an immortal with no fangs, a non-mortal with wings, and the monster out to get them."
Posted June 14, 2022

It was bad enough that Stephanie McGill was turned into a blood drinking immortal against her will as a teenager by a no-fanger, which means she has to drink her blood from a glass because she doesn’t have any fangs. Not having the ability to tune Read more...

Tough Justice
by Tee O'Fallon
"The body count is rising as a lethal new drug hits the streets of Denver."
Posted May 4, 2022

DEA K-9 agent Adam “Deck” Decker has been on a mission to do his part in keeping drugs off the streets of Denver. Due to his sister overdosing after getting hooked on doctor prescribed opioids, Deck has a bone deep mistrust of doctors. However, when his Read more...

Phantom Game
by Christine Feehan
"Danger is heading towards GhostWalker Team One. Can they stop it before it destoys them?"
Posted March 4, 2022

When Jonas “Smoke” Harper feels a threat heading towards the GhostWalker compound, he heads up the mountain to investigate in order to protect his team and their families. Now that so many of his team members have found their other halves, Jonas can’t help thinking Read more...

The Ivory Key
by Akshaya Raman
"Sibling bonds will be tested as four royals embark on a quest to save their kingdom."
Posted February 7, 2022

In the Ashoka Empire, magic is mined in the quarries and is the key to its survival but it’s quickly running out. Even with the loss of the original quarries and Ashoka’s people struggling, the royal family is more embroiled in their own problems than Read more...

You Can Run
by Rebecca Zanetti
"Get ready for a heart-pounding thriller you won't want to put down."
Posted January 27, 2022

Laurel Snow is a prodigy who better understands serial killers than she does everyday people, which is why she doesn’t understand why the FBI keeps sending her out on recruitment assignments. While waiting for her flight from her latest recruitment disaster, Laurel gets a frantic call from Read more...

Lightning in a Mirror
by Jayne Ann Krentz
"If I disappeared tomorrow, would you walk into hell to find me?"
Posted January 25, 2022

If I disappeared tomorrow, would you walk into hell to find me? Olivia LeClair thought that was a perfectly reasonable question to kick off speed dating in order to be efficient. After helping capture the “Speed Dating Killer,” Olivia decided to give the real thing Read more...

Highland Wolf
by Lynsay Sands
"Kidnapped moments before her forced wedding, is Claray being rescued or is it about to get worse?"
Posted January 25, 2022

It is Claray MacFarlane’s wedding day and she’s debating the merits of leaping to her death. With her uncle forcing her to marry a man just so he can gain MacFarlane, Claray doesn’t see how she’s going to escape the horrors Read more...

by Kresley Cole
"Immortals After Dark fans, get ready to SQUEAL!"
Posted January 24, 2022

Munro MacRieve has been waiting for his mate for over 900 years but never thought his warlock captors would use her in order to break him. When fate snatches her away, Munro turns on his captors and forces them to send him to her time so he can find Read more...

Doggone Deadly
by Deborah Blake
"Need to solve a murder at a dog show? Queenie the cat is on it, with help from her human sidekick."
Posted December 17, 2021

When Kari Stuart’s best friend, Suz Holden, gets roped into taking on the coordinator role of the Tri-County Kennel Club Show, Suz bribes Kari into helping her by offering her a booth to help raise funds and awareness for Serenity Sanctuary, Kari’s animal rescue Read more...

Mulled to Death
by Kate Lansing
"Dead bodies seem to follow Parker wherever she goes, even to a ski resort for Valentine's Day."
Posted October 15, 2021

Though a Valentine for life, Parker Valentine has had a hard time celebrating the February fourteenth holiday since her Aunt Laura, who loved the day, passed away. When her boyfriend, Reid, suggests a trip to a ski resort with Parker’s brother and his girlfriend, Parker’s Read more...

by Adriana Anders
"On the run in the wild backcountry of Alaska, they can only depend on each other to survive."
Posted August 30, 2021

Retired Lieutenant Commander Leo Eddowes is on a rescue mission in Schink’s Station, Alaska, to find Campbell Turner and the virus he stole from Chronos Corp. With Chronos Corp hot on her tail, Leo gets a break when an old woman from town offers her a plane Read more...

Dangerous Ground
by Rachel Grant
"Stranded in the Aleutian Islands, Fiona and Dean work to outsmart a killer and find his brother."
Posted August 19, 2021

After an emergency evacuation halted her expedition in the Aleutian Islands, archaeologist Fiona Carver is headed back to Chiksook Island in Alaska to finish her fieldwork. This time they have an interesting new addition to the team whom Fiona dubs Hot Bird Man, though she has a strict rule Read more...

Capture the Crown
by Jennifer Estep
"Working as a spy, Princess Gemma is determined to protect her kingdom from old enemies."
Posted July 6, 2021

Gemma Armina Merilde Ripley of Andavari loves being the pampered princess most people assume she is, but beyond her love for the gowns, the jewels, and the balls that come with being a princess is Gemma’s love of being a spy. In her latest investigation, the powerful Read more...

Blood Like Magic
by Liselle Sambury
"In order to save her family's magic, Voya must sacrifice her first love, one she hasn't met yet."
Posted June 17, 2021

Voya Thomas has been waiting for the arrival of her Bleeding, not only bringing with it Voya’s first step into her coming-of-age but also starting her on the path to becoming a witch. In order to become a proper witch, Voya has to complete her Read more...

Rosie Bindra

I've been reading for as long as I can remember and though I've upgraded from the Nancy Drew and the Sweet Valley High books that littered my childhood, one thing that remains the same is I'm still a happily ever after kind of girl. And frankly, I always will be. Follow me on Twitter @book__reviewer and Instagram @bookobsessedreviewer.

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Who doesn't love a man in a kilt? I've always loved any romance set in Scotland and can't believe I've never read any of yours. I will quickly have to remedy that, of course :)

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In the last few years, I've become quite the travel junkie myself. I think my current top wish list destination would have to be the Polynesian Islands, but since I don't see myself going there anytime soon, I'll settle for wherever I can manage to book a ticket to next.

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