August 9th, 2022
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Jade Lee | Wedding Shopping


If any of you follow me on Facebook you know that I spent the last weekend shopping for my daughter's wedding. Yup, the woman who was making my dress flaked out on me, so instead of being sad, my daughter said, "Awesome! Shopping trip!"

So this weekend, we went to Troy, MI (Summerset Mall) and began to look at...

A. Mother-of-the-Bride dresses

B. Shoes, shoes, shoes, and um...more shoes

C. Undergarments of every type

D. Socks for my future son-in-law

E. Duh, all of the above plus every other shiny and pretty thing along the way

Answer: E. And by the way, we did buy socks for the new man. Very simple, very manly white socks. However, since he's color blind, we convinced him that they're bright pink and lime green. I figure it's best if he understands what kind of family he's marrying into.

I did end up buying a dress. I'll give you a selection of possibilities here and let you guess what my daughter though of them. BTW, it's a FORMAL wedding.

1. This lovely dress from Pyramid Collection.

dress1 2. This beautiful (on sale) corset from Corset Story. The plan is to put it over a long black skirt and wear a shawl of some sort.

ge486-f_1 3. This beautiful Sue Wong gown at Saks.

suewong1 4. This stunning Sue Wong gown also at Saks.


Answer: 1. My daughter nodded and grudgingly allowed that I could wear that to her shower if I really wanted to.

2. My daughter laughed until she found out I was semi-serious. I still bought the corset, but I won't be wearing "that steam-punk slutty thing" to her wedding.

3. We both loved the dress, but "I'm the only one who gets to wear white."

4. Bingo!

And now...SHOES!

Some pictures and the reaction. 1. Aren't these "Harry Potter Hot!" And I didn't even break my ankle! (But it was a near thing, so no, I didn't buy them...)

harrypottershoe 2. Love these, but with the full length gown, the skirt would foul up in the bow. Plus the $1000 price tag was way, way beyond my means

valentinoshoe 3. Yes, I bought these. I love them! But Nike won't be at the wedding. (And yes, I desperately need a pedicure)

flipflop 4. Sparkly awesome! And my final choice...for today. There are still months to shop before the final day!


So there you go. My day of shopping! And speaking of which, if you feel like doing a little vicarious wedding fun on your own, try my Bridal Favors books. WEDDED IN SCANDAL is the first and sets up the entire wedding salon series!




9 comments posted.

Re: Jade Lee | Wedding Shopping

I thought the dress was very pretty, and would have chosen
#3, since I really can't make out #4 very well. The shoes
are very nice, too. I do have one question to ponder,
though. In traditional weddings, the Mother of the Bride
usually wears pink, and the Mother of the Groom wears Blue.
Since it's obvious you don't wear pink, and I'm aware that
it's a formal affair, why didn't you opt to wear a dark
color instead of black? It isn't a funeral, and with your
dark hair and deeper skin tone, you would be a knock-out in
a deeper color. Your coloration is just like mine, and you
would look so good in a wine color, or something that would
compliment the bridal party. It's just a thought.
(Peggy Roberson 10:20am June 5, 2014)

The wedding colors are blue and pale yellow. (they're U of
Mich students). So...the dark blue gown I picked (#4) works
with the wedding party. I had no idea that MOB usually wears
pink and MOG wears blue!
(Jade Lee 12:15pm June 5, 2014)

I saw some of the pix on what you chose!
(Denise Holcomb 4:23pm June 5, 2014)

Mother of the Bride should wear colors to compliment/coordinate with colors of the wedding. Colors a shade or two lighter or a shade darker than the bridesmaids. Traditional or formal weddings should be longer hemlines which are more dressy and these dresses are lined. Shorter lengths (non-traditional) are fine for informal and outdoor weddings. Mothers may choose to wear a "matronly" color like beige, taupe, camel, tan, or gray. If the floor-length gown is strapless and the wedding is in a church, it is best for the mother to choose a small jacket, bolero, or something to cover the shoulders during the ceremony. The most traditional colors for Mothers of the Bride were always pale pink, beige, sage green, and baby blue. It is advised not to wear black, red, or white, so you don't look like you're attending a funeral (black), don't stand out (red), and don't look matchy-matchy and blend with bride (white). It is advised that Mother of the Bride consult with Mother of the Groom about color she has selected so Grooms Mother can select her color which will be different. I think the gown you chose is perfect! I really like it, and you'll look nice! Hope this helps a little with uncertainties you may have.
(Linda Luinstra 6:29pm June 5, 2014)

I love all your dresses/corset. I think #4 will be perfect
for the mother of the bride, and the shoes you chose are
adorable! I've never heard of the pink/blue tradition,
either, and don't think I've ever seen it done.
(Janie McGaugh 10:26pm June 5, 2014)

Jade - I happened to check back today, and wanted to let you
know that the tradition I spoke of went back years ago. I'm
thrilled to learn that she's picked U of M colors, since I'm
a big U of M fan!! I live in Michigan too, and had to
chuckle, because when I think about dresses like that that
are available out in the area where I live, you'd be lucky
to find one!! I live in a small farming community, so you
can use your imagination here. You'll look beautiful in
dark blue, and can let the Mother of the Groom look for her
maize dress. Not everyone can wear that color!! It should
be a wonderful wedding, and all my best to your Daughter!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:10am June 6, 2014)

Actually, we tease my daughter about picking U of M colors,
but the truth is that the groom is red/green color blind. So
he can only see blue and yellow. That's the real reason behind
the choice, but we still always say... GO BLUE!
(Jade Lee 10:13am June 6, 2014)

love the color's
(Peggy Quidor 1:55pm June 7, 2014)

You get to wear whatever makes you feel so fabulous and wonderful that you are not self-conscious, you're confident and happy happy happy for your daughter and her beloved! Love the dress you two picked and so very glad you're wearing those gorgeous shoes and not me!
(Beth Fuller 7:49pm June 7, 2014)

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