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Ella Quinn | Meet Lady Caro

Desiring Lady Caro
Ella Quinn




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Marriage Game #4

April 2014
On Sale: April 3, 2014
Featuring: Caroline Martindale; Gervais
301 pages
ISBN: 1601832559
EAN: 9781601832559
Kindle: B00FY54N5O
Paperback / e-Book
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The Marquis She's Been Waiting For, September 2019


My Muse and Me

There are some authors who claim not to have a muse, and I believe them. After all, one should know if one has a muse or not. I do have a muse, and it’s a good thing as she is frequently smarter than I am and knows things I don’t. The downside comes when she gets bored. That usually occurs when I’m doing something that she claims “is not her job.” Writing blog posts falls under this category, but somehow I feel her peering over my shoulder as I write this one. Unlike other writers’ muses, she doesn’t go out for coffee or take a vacation. She pelts me with mental video of what she wants me to be working on, RIGHT NOW! Which is how the first idea of Desiring Lady came about. In the original video, there was a gentleman following an angry lady up a narrow set of stairs. I knew immediately the man was my hero, the Earl of Huntley, but, for the life of me, I did not know who the woman was. **This is probably a good time to tell you that I am a pantser, not a plotter. For me, the story unfolds as I write it. That may seem like a messy way to write, but even after two post-graduate degrees, I am still constitutionally incapable of doing an outline.** Back to the story. It wasn’t until I was typing away and Huntley was being introduced to her that I knew her name, and she very graciously condescended to introduce herself as Lady Caroline Martindale.

You may ask what that has to do with my muse. Well, my muse knew how difficult Lady Caro was going to be. I was on the fourth draft, and Caro still wasn’t opening up. In fact, most of the scenes in the first five chapters we all in Huntley’s point of view, and not because he was being selfish. It was that that point, that my muse decide we need to skip ahead. And I don’t mean just a chapter or too. She had me writing the end. This, quite frankly, threw me for a loop. I like writing from the beginning of the book to the end. However, after arguing with her, because she never will tell me why we have to do it her way, and losing, I finally wrote the end, and low and behold, the very next time I went through the first few chapters, Caro was a chatty as could be. It was as if she knew that Lady Caro had to see she’d have a happy ending before she’d open up to me.

So what about the scene that started the book? Well, it ended up being a few chapters into the story.

Huntley followed Lady Caroline Martindale up the narrow stairs of the inn. Unable to resist, he struggled to keep a smile off his face as he enjoyed the view of her lush derrière and reflected on how nicely it would fit in his hands.

She glanced back over her shoulder and glared. He widened his eyes, giving her the most innocent look he possessed. The stairs were narrow and steep. She stopped, causing him to almost, but not quite, make contact with the object in question. So close.

Caro closed her eyes briefly, clenching her jaw. “My lord, perhaps I should follow you up the stairs.”

He started to bow, then realized that if he did, he’d be so close his lips could brush against her bottom. She must have had the same thought as she hastily backed against the wall, thus removing the tempting sight.

He stifled a sigh and climbed past her. “Thank you, my lady.”

She inclined her head stiffly. “My lord.”




40 comments posted.

Re: Ella Quinn | Meet Lady Caro

I love your description of your muse and how you argue with her when she refuses to let you do it your own way. So funny, thank you.
(Jen Barnard 9:14am April 9, 2014)

I hope you and your muse continue to have a long and prosperous partnership. Thanks for the chance to win!
(Nancy Reynolds 9:18am April 9, 2014)

The excerpt you posted, really made me laugh!! I truly enjoyed it, and wish I had the book here in my hands, to find out how the story unfolds!! The cover is wonderful, and I'm sure the book will be just as wonderful!! It's always nice to find out a little bit extra from the Author as well. That makes the book a little more special. Thank you for coming here today, and giving that "little bit extra" about the book. I'm really going to look forward to reading it!!
(Peggy Roberson 9:25am April 9, 2014)

Hi Ella! I had to laugh at the excerpt. Did Caro enjoy her
view the rest of the way up the stairs as much as Huntley
had? (More importantly, will she admit it to herself?)

I'm glad your muse and Caro decided to cooperate!
(Glenda Martillotti 10:07am April 9, 2014)

i cant wait to see what happens when they both go up them
steps together lol
(Denise Smith 10:41am April 9, 2014)

Thanks so much, Jen. I've never lost so many arguments in my life! But it's all to a good cause.
(Ella Quinn 10:54am April 9, 2014)

Thanks, Nancy! Good luck in the drawing!
(Ella Quinn 10:55am April 9, 2014)

Hi Peggy. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Typically, Caro did not tell me her thoughts on the matter, but I suspect it was too soon for her. I can promise you she changes her mind.
(Ella Quinn 10:56am April 9, 2014)

Me too, Glenda!
(Ella Quinn 10:57am April 9, 2014)

Denise, you'll have to read the book!!
(Ella Quinn 10:57am April 9, 2014)

I love the sound of this book and look forward to reading it!!!
(Bonnie Capuano 11:28am April 9, 2014)

I enjoyed reading your creation process. It is sometimes
fascinating to see how our subconscious works. The gift you
have for writing and having your readers being immersed in
the story is one of the highest gifts a writer could ask
for. It does not matter rather you are the tidy neat writer
that can whip out an outline or rather the messy one who has
to be beaten to write an outline. What matters is the final
results captivates as well as entertains your readers. I
feel very privileged when I am able to read a book that I am
immersed in as well as cannot put down. So thank you for
writing and sharing your talent. Your muse may be a part of
the process but the GOD given talent you have shines
through. Regards, Anna
(Anna Schlichting 11:48am April 9, 2014)

Thanks so much, Bonnie!!
(Ella Quinn 12:24pm April 9, 2014)

Anna, thank you so much!! I absolutely believe that God gave me the first, and second, shove toward writing.
(Ella Quinn 12:26pm April 9, 2014)

I am glad Caro let you tell her story... thanks for sharing today!
(Colleen Conklin 12:52pm April 9, 2014)

Looks good.
(Tina Lechuga 1:17pm April 9, 2014)

Me too, Colleen! It was a bit awkward without her point of view. Thanks for visiting!
(Ella Quinn 1:35pm April 9, 2014)

Thank you, Tina! Thanks for stopping by!
(Ella Quinn 1:36pm April 9, 2014)

Thank you, L!
(Ella Quinn 2:38pm April 9, 2014)

Very interesting writing technique! Sounds like a great book and I cant wait to read it. Especially love the cover!
(Julie Parrish 3:37pm April 9, 2014)

I love the cover! The dress is beautiful!
(Denise Austin 4:25pm April 9, 2014)

Thanks for a chance to win
(Judy Ferguson 6:00pm April 9, 2014)

LOL, Julie! Thank you so much!!
(Ella Quinn 6:20pm April 9, 2014)

Thank you, Denise! I hope you love the book as well!
(Ella Quinn 6:21pm April 9, 2014)

My pleasure, Judy!! Good luck in the drawing!
(Ella Quinn 6:21pm April 9, 2014)

What a fun blog. I am putting your name on my TBR Authors. I
also like the cover.
(Leona Olson 6:46pm April 9, 2014)

Thank you, Leona!! I hope you read the book and love it!
(Ella Quinn 6:59pm April 9, 2014)

Your muse must keep you entertained at times. I think it
would be a great thing to have a must, but at the same time
it would not. This sounds like a very good story. Can't
wait to read it.
(Tina Ullrich 8:16pm April 9, 2014)

She is a slave driver, Tina. I hope you love the book!
(Ella Quinn 8:37pm April 9, 2014)

Your muse sounds like a very formidable lady! I'm glad she helped Caro open up to you.
(Janie McGaugh 9:36pm April 9, 2014)

a round-a-bout way of working, but it gets the job done! I have a similar process. Whatever works!
(Laura Gullickson 11:59pm April 9, 2014)

Hi Ella!! Just stopping by to say, Hi!!!
(Ki Pha 12:33pm April 10, 2014)

UI loved this and I'm sure I will love the book!! Thank you.
(Betty Hamilton 8:48am April 10, 2014)

Thank you so much, Betty!!
(Ella Quinn 9:37am April 10, 2014)

Funny Ella! :) I can't say I have a muse, well maybe the ironing board but that's mostly for writers block. I'm a panster and I've been known to write a first chapter, trash it and then write another with about 10 edits to the darn thing but eventually everything gets said and from there I'm on roll. When I get stuck, out comes the ironing board. Hate to iron cuz it's so boring. My mind wanders and before you know it, I've come up with a solution that puts a fast halt to the writer's block. I guess the good news is that there's no right or wrong way to write. :)
(Sharla Rae 5:19pm April 10, 2014)

Thank you for sharing. Fascinating.
(Mary Preston 10:42pm April 10, 2014)

The story has humors in it. Thanks for making it fun for us to read.
(Kai Wong 12:51pm April 11, 2014)

You're welcome, Mary. Thank you for stopping by!!
(Ella Quinn 9:52am April 13, 2014)

My pleasure, Kai. All my books have humor! I hope you read them.
(Ella Quinn 9:52am April 13, 2014)

What an interesting post! It is always fascinating to hear how an author writes her book. Thanks for sharing.
(Bonnie H 1:30pm April 28, 2014)

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