June 28th, 2022
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Dakota Brown | 20 Questions: NIGHTMARE’S DANCE

Nightmare's Dance
Dakota Brown



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Dreambound #1

June 2022
On Sale: June 14, 2022
ISBN: 8986414409
EAN: 9798986414409
Kindle: B09ZVN5K35
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Also by Dakota Brown:
Nightmare's Dance, June 2022


1--What is the title of your latest release?

NIGHTMARE’S DANCE. Book one of the Dreambound series.

2--What’s the “elevator pitch” for your new book?

Playing pretend isn’t as innocent as it seems when your “imaginary” friends turn out to be all too real. Twenty years after her childhood imaginary friends disappear from her life, Ember finds out her childhood wedding game was binding, she’s a princess of the Nightmare realm, and her princes want her back.

3--How did you decide where your book was going to take place?

I wanted an area I was somewhat familiar with, and I had this image of a cabin in the woods near the heroine’s childhood home. I debated between Ohio and Pennsylvania and finally went with Pennsylvania. One of my beta readers is from the area so could double check my accuracy. The other setting, Nightmare, I made up.

4--Would you hang out with your heroine in real life?

Absolutely! We’d have all sorts of fun doing aerial circus stuff and hanging out in the woods. Though, she’s way better at aerial than I ever will be.

5--What are three words that describe your hero?

Complacent (character flaws are necessary, after all.), Athletic, Cheerful.

6--What’s something you learned while writing this book?

Oh, hmm, good question. On the technical side of things, I was really working on making my description vivid. I’m pretty good at that in general, but I really wanted the unique setting to stand out. I also researched horror urban legends, and things that people are afraid of. I did a lot of research prior to writing this book about aerial performances, though that aspect of this story was partially inspired by my own interest in the sport.

7--Do you edit as you draft or wait until you are totally done?

I edit while I go. My typical process is to start my writing day by editing what I wrote the day before then working into my new words for the day. I also edit extensively when I’m done.

8--What’s your favorite foodie indulgence?

Pizza! Which will not surprise you if you’re familiar with my Pizza Shop Exorcist series. You might also pick up on my enjoyment of pancakes from that series.

9--Describe your writing space/office!

I have an office in my home, that’s something like a 10x12 space. I’ve got several walnut bookshelves that my dad made for me crammed full of books. Mostly sci fi and fantasy and paranormal romance books, though I do have a couple of shelves dedicated to signed books from friends and fellow authors. I have a skull collection on the wall, along with some rocks in display cases. My shelves also have rocks and other knickknacks on them. I painted my walls purple, and I’ve also got quite a few pictures up of horses, wolves, dinosaurs and other things like that. My desk is a corner desk and I have a laptop and an external monitor. I also have a craft desk and there are stuffed animals all over the place, staring at me while I work. My view out the window is my front yard and an open grassy area with no other houses in sight. I usually have at least one border collie under my feet. She likes her desk cave a lot. My other border collie tends to hang out on the rug behind me when I’m working. Sometimes the cat wanders in.

10--Who is an author you admire?

Kristen Britain. She’s a fantastic author who writes a fantasy series I adore and she’s a pretty cool person, too.

11--Is there a book that changed your life?

Oh...that’s a really tough one. There have been many formative books through the years. Let me hit some highlights. Picking one is impossible. The Black Stallion by Walter Farley. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey, Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn, Green Rider by Kristen Britain, Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater, and On Writing by Stephen King. There are so many more, but I’d say these are some of the top books.

12--Tell us about when you got “the call.” (when you found out your book was going to be published)

Well, this particular book is self-published, so there was no “call,” for this one. However, one of my first books to be published years back I actually did get a phone call. I cried. It was a literal dream come true. My current publisher I work with, and I communicate through chat and email mostly, though we talk on the phone occasionally, but it’s always nice to get an email from them confirming that they want my current work.

13--What’s your favorite genre to read?

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. Usually Reverse Harem. There is so much crossover I kind of group them together these days. Though I adore a good epic fantasy and I also love space opera and weird westerns. I have a hard time choosing one favorite.

14--What’s your favorite movie?

Okay, I’m going to try and pick one here….oh it’s so hard…I can feel the pain…Jurassic Park…okay, I did it. All time favorite movie. But…nope, sticking to one here.

15--What is your favorite season?


16--How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

I actually usually don’t. Sometimes I get together with friends for food. My partner usually cooks me a nice meal or we go out for dinner. That’s about it.

17--What’s a recent tv show/movie/book/podcast you highly recommend?

For sheer ridiculous hilarity watch The Lost City, the new Sandra Bullock movie. It’s very Romancing the Stone, for you older readers, and it’s epically entertaining. I giggled the entire time.

18--What’s your favorite type of cuisine?

If I had to pick, Indian. I like a lot of different types of food, though.

19--What do you do when you have free time?

I’m not sure what that word means? LOL. I have a farm on top of the writing career and that takes up a lot of time. However, the things I enjoy doing when I’m not working are riding my horse, going rollerblading or hiking with my dog, reading, crafting, camping, things like that.

20--What can readers expect from you next?

Well, I have two more books in the Nightmare trilogy to put out, and the second book in the Horsemen Against the Apocalypse duet to release. Then I intend to finally finish my Ocean Enchantment trilogy. That’s the plan right now. I’ve got a few short stories promised as well. Also, I have a monthly chapter for my story I’m writing for my newsletter and a monthly chapter for the story I’m writing for my Patreon.


Dreambound #1

Nightmare's Dance

Playing pretend isn’t as innocent as it seems when your “imaginary” friends turn out to be all too real. Running wild in the woods with three amazing friends is a great way to grow up. Even if my parents think they're made up. Everything is better with them by my side—hide and seek, pirates, wedding...

Twenty years later, I have everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I travel all over the country with my circus troop and our aerial silks acts are always sold out. Time stops while I'm in the air, and I live for every daring performance of aerial skill with my best friend and lover, Geraint Knight.

That all comes to an end after our last act of the season. Bloody Mary herself forces us through a mirror and drops us into the world of dreams and nightmares. My captors claim I'm the princess of Nightmare after my childhood "wedding."

And my princes want me back.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Harem members added as series progresses.


Romance Fantasy | Romance Erotica Sensual [Inkwolf Press, On Sale: June 14, 2022, e-Book, ISBN: 9798986414409 / ]

Buy NIGHTMARE'S DANCEKindle | BN.com | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

About Dakota Brown

Dakota Brown

Dakota has two passions in life: writing and cinnamon tea. Tea so strong she ought to be able to see her future when she drinks it, and the writing? Well she hopes it makes you see stars when you read it. She creates reverse harem romance novels filled with things that go bump in the night. That handsome werewolf walking down the street? The suave vampire you're just dying to get a taste of? You'll find them enraptured by charming, smart ladies ready to make those bad boys work for their affection. When not writing, Dakota can be found on the back of a horse out on the trail or tending the animals on her farm.  Here's my link tree. If you'd prefer I send individual links, I can do that.





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