February 24th, 2024
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Rumors aren't the only thing that will stir when Abigail returns to Boone County, Texas.

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From Loss to Love: A Pilot and an Artist's Colliding Worlds

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Caffeine and Commitments: Stirring Up Love in San Francisco

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"Her biggest fan �has a fatal obsession."

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Bloodlines and Boardrooms: A Paranormal Romance of Power and Passion

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A new, action-packed adventure that blends science-fiction technology and magical fantasy elements with a touch of historical romance.

Mary Lynn Hayes

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36 comments posted.

Re: For Love or Money (9:24pm August 14, 2016):

My puppies coming to meet me after a long day at work
brings joy into my day.

Re: Miriam (9:38pm March 20, 2016):

My mother is a Miriam, always upbeat and positive.

Re: How Willa Got Her Groove Back (10:29pm March 19, 2016):

I've never watched a web series, no time to get hooked!

Re: MacLaren's Bride (8:52pm March 6, 2016):

Historical romances are one of my favorites, can't wait to

Re: For Cheddar or Worse (5:55am February 28, 2016):

I love NYC - lots to do, see and eat!

Re: Chicken Soup & Homicide (6:14pm February 23, 2016):

I would say octopus

Re: Justified (5:22am December 24, 2015):

Sugar Cookies were my favorite. I love decorating them.

Re: Food Baby (8:44am August 30, 2015):

I never use a spoon to eat ice cream, it's always something
salty like chips or pretzels.

Re: Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. (8:39am August 30, 2015):

Watching nature unfold

Re: Identity Crisis (8:28pm April 1, 2013):

I love White Collar, very cool show with a unique story line.

Re: A Home For Nobody's Princess (6:49pm September 25, 2012):

I always feel most at home when I visit my parents in the house I grew up in.

Re: The Devil in Disguise (4:50pm April 23, 2011):

I enjoy getting a sneak peek through excerpts

Re: The Werewolf Upstairs (10:07pm January 28, 2011):

I love witches, werewolves and all things supernatural! The best thing about reading is living the fantasy.

Re: The Devil She Knows (1:26pm November 7, 2010):

My grandparents lived right up the street from me when I was little. I can remember hearing the Ice Cream Man's bell and I would run, along with all the other kids in the neighborhood, to their house and my grandmother would give everyone a dime, which was enough for a small cone in those days.

Re: Friday Mornings At Nine (7:35pm October 5, 2010):

Any time I hears 80s music it takes me back to simpler, happier times

Re: The Spy Who Saved Christmas (7:31pm October 5, 2010):

I love to play poker, read books, watch movies, dance. I've always wanted to try skydiving but just cant get up the nerve

Re: Runes (7:27pm October 5, 2010):

I would love to be an immortal party girl!!

Re: Desperate Deeds (8:27pm September 8, 2010):

I love suspense of any time, keep up the great work!

Re: Moonshine (10:47am July 21, 2010):

there is no substitute for a great sidekick!

Re: The Tutor (10:46am July 21, 2010):

One hot night in a row would be a treat for me!! I watched my hubby sleep on our wedding night lol

Re: Fatal Affair (10:23pm June 26, 2010):

Are there any men like Nick in the real world?

Re: Sworn To Protect (10:22pm June 26, 2010):

Sounds a bit like my life, NOT! lol

Re: Dark Flame (10:21pm June 26, 2010):

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Re: The Making Of A Duchess (11:57am June 3, 2010):

I some times fantasize about being trapped in a time when I can't be who I am or do what I want, and then I break all the rules!

Re: I Love This Bar (11:55am June 3, 2010):

Gotta Love those Hot Rednecks!

Re: Dead in the Family (7:05pm May 29, 2010):

I love those vampires!! Keep 'em comin! :)

Re: An Earl to Enchant (9:11pm March 30, 2010):

"Life is tough, its tougher when you're stupid." john wayne

Not sure I agree, but I like it.

Re: Island Of The Swans (2:22pm February 8, 2010):

My favorite theme is the 'careful what you wish for' it's fits quite well with many of the events that have happened in my life and, if I were a writer, it is probably the theme my stories would have.

Re: My Dearest Mr. Darcy (1:18pm January 7, 2010):

Sounds great! Pregnancy trials and tribulations are awesome comedy material :)

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (9:25am November 11, 2009):

Holidays are generally a peaceful time spent eating too much food with too much family. Can't wait for all that pie!

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (2:17pm October 26, 2009):

Great Entry, Laura Ingalls Wilder kept my imagination busy as a child.

Re: Fool Moon (8:15pm October 25, 2009):

My entire life, especially my marriage, is stranger than fiction but there isn't enough room on this page to write it all down. Maybe I should write a book!

Re: Out Of The Darkness (11:30pm October 8, 2009):

I love creepy paranormal stories, this one sounds great!! I think the Offsprings parents were probably hooked on Red Bull :P

Re: The Lute And The Liar (11:28am October 7, 2009):

I love fantasy novels, something to escape with. This one sounds great!

Re: Demon Ex Machina (1:18pm October 5, 2009):

I love Godiva Chocolate almost as much as books! Happy Halloween :)

Re: Feels Like The First Time (6:01pm August 26, 2009):

I would like to go as the invisble (wo)man so I could sneak around and listen in on private conversations!! *snicker*

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