September 27th, 2021
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C.B. Williams | Out-Of-The-Box

Champion of Entean
C.B. Williams




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Entean Saga #1

June 2015
On Sale: June 1, 2015
Featuring: Eloch; KinLord Wren
228 pages
ISBN: 0988181479
EAN: 9780988181472
Kindle: B00YPU4YU8
Hardcover / e-Book
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Also by C.B. Williams:
Champion of Entean, June 2015
The Peacekeeper Corp, June 2014

I have always thought of science fiction and fantasy as the Out-of-the Box genres. They stretch the mind, coaxing it out of the mundane and into the extraordinary. Especially science fiction because there are no magic bullets to get characters out of a fix. No rings to rule them all. But, they’ve got really cool gizmos and gadgets and awesome ways to get from point A to point B. Think Star Wars.

Add some romance to the mix, and well, you’ve got it all. Again, think Star Wars. Think Princess Leia and Han Solo. Without that added nuance, you’ve got a great tale with all the elements Joseph Campbell pointed out in his Hero With A Thousand Faces. But the romance makes it touching. Makes it human. Provides the warm fuzzies many of us (including myself) want and need to make the experience complete.

That’s what I like to write and to read: science fiction adventures and love stories that sprinkle in some fantasy (just can’t help myself.) I like to take my characters and put them in situations where the reader can enjoy the read (my primary goal) but also can explore contemporary issues in an out-of-the- box format. It’s a non-threatening way to get the reader’s mind to problem solve. Take my book THE PEACEKEEPER CORP. That book is way out there and not for everyone’s taste, but its underlying question is how much guidance does one give a third-world-type population in order to nudge it into a so-called better lifestyle? It’s not an in-your-face exploration. I hate those. It really doesn’t even answer that question. But it does explore it.

I’ve just launched a new series that looks at over-population, planet’s resources and the need to protect Mother Earth. The fantasy touch with this series is that all of the planets are sentient beings. But talk with our modern-day druids of Earth, our shamans or aboriginal tribes, and they would tell you our Earth, our home, is sentient. So, is my fantasy touch actually fantasy?

See what I mean? Out-of-the-box.


Readers, what out-of-the-box themes do you like to read in science fiction? Leave a comment below and be entered for a chance to win a digital copy of About CHAMPION OF ENTEAN!

About C.B. Williams

C.B. Williams is the author of several fantasy romance books that span the subgenres of Young Adult, Space Opera, Science Fiction and Romance. While each story is a grand adventure into time and dimension, her stories are also reflections of contemporary issues such as social norms, relationships, spirituality and environmentalism. She writes with keen emotional depth, insightful observations on human nature, and a fabulously quirky sense of humor.

C.B. expresses her creativity across a variety of mediums, including painting, blogging and vlogging. She enjoys candid and open interactions with fans, readers and other authors, and shares her talent and knowledge of the craft through her role as The Manuscript Midwife.

C.B. recently moved to Washington State, in the shadow of Mt. Rainier with her husband, three dogs, four cats and the wild things that share their space with her.

When she's not writing, you can find her painting, adventuring, blogging or coaching other writers as the Manuscript Midwife. Visit her online at

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Eloch, the Champion of Entean, is asked by the planet who loves him to travel light-years from his home to Spur, a technologically advanced planet whose citizens are determined to colonize Entean.

And because Eloch loves his planet Entean, he goes...only to discover that the vast power flowing through him, power only a Champion can wield, vanishes the moment the spacecraft bound for Spur enters its first wormhole.

Now powerless and alone, how can Eloch stop the colonization, as he has sworn to do?

Meanwhile, on Spur, SubCity KinLord Wren has her own problems. Sensing the imminent threat of a Culling, in which the strongest of her Folk are taken to serve the UpperUppers who live Above while the weak and old are killed, she must find a way to protect those under her care. How can she give the Martials what they want while keeping those they don't alive?

Eloch and Wren-strangers from different corners of the universe brought together by happenstance. When their paths cross, it will change each of their missions to serve and protect, as well as the course of their very lives.




9 comments posted.

Re: C.B. Williams | Out-Of-The-Box

Though the themes of sci-fi may seem out of the box, I think they're pretty plausible and likely to happen (or have happened), so none of the themes seem out-of-the-box to me. But I love dimension and time traveling (or any traveling, space etc...) because you can read two parallels that might seem different but are actually very much the same.
(Lisa L. 8:53am June 11, 2015)

Well put, Lisa! Keeps your mind open, doesn't it?
(Cb Williams 11:09pm June 11, 2015)

I don't have a particular favorite theme. One of my
favorite authors was Anne McCaffrey. I've also been a
trekkie for nearly 50 years. (Jeez, is that possible?)
And isn't it interesting that what once was sci-fi is
now becoming sci-fact. Just think of Jules Verne, or
computers, communicators, tricorders, etc. There are
even folks working on transporters!
(Irene Menge 5:40pm June 12, 2015)

I like shape shifters. Especially cat ones.
(Faye Gates 5:54pm June 12, 2015)

I am very much into the shape shifters right now - especially after twilight!
(Lily Shah 6:49pm June 12, 2015)

I am really drawn to stories that take existing mythology but where an author puts their own twist/flavor on to. Other than that I am a fan of most anything that is sci-fi or fantasy based!
(Kassandra Appel 7:41pm June 12, 2015)

I guess I'm pretty open to any science fiction storyline that
has plausibility to happen as long as the story draws me in &
makes me think then I'm game!!! Thanks for the opportunity to
win & good luck to all who enter!!!:)
(Andra| Dalton 11:42am June 13, 2015)

Time travel always makes my head hurt! I like things that could be possible - makes the story more exciting!
(Lindsey Andronak 1:48pm June 13, 2015)

I love time travel!
(Denise Austin 1:56pm June 14, 2015)

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