May 12th, 2021
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Kathy Lyons | What I Did Over Summer Vacation

Two Week Seduction
Kathy Lyons



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July 2014
On Sale: June 30, 2014
Featuring: John O’Donnell; Alea Heling
ISBN: 1622666410
EAN: 9781622666416
Kindle: B00KUYCEZK
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Today's musings will be about my summer vacation. And my first thought is:

A. Did I have a vacation? Are there pictures?

B. Is the summer over? I haven't gone swimming yet. Do I even own a bathing suit?

C. Why have I lost complete track of time? Maybe I'm in a time vortex or something. vortex_art

D. If this is a time vortex, does that mean I get to hang out with Dr. Who? (The David Tennant Doctor, if you please)

Answer: All of the above, though I really wish D were true. All you Tennant fans raise your hands! Here's a picture of him just because. davidTennant_TARDIS

Now, the answer is that as an author, I don't really ever take time off. I'm always thinking about what I'm going to write. And if I'm not actually writing, I'm feeling guilty for NOT writing. It's a hard life I live.

So when overwhelmed by guilt about taking time off, I usually:

A. Play plants vs. zombies. It's my go-to guilt reliever. That and No, it doesn't actually relieve any guilt, but it distracts me from it for a time.

B. Call Elizabeth Hoyt who tells me that I deserve a break. And would I like to see some more pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch? She's found some new ones. benedictcumberbatch

C. Internet shopping. Or real life shopping. But online, I'm usually able to pretend I'm a size 6 and six foot tall. And blonde. I always like pretending I'm blonde.

D. Pull out my iPad and start writing. Doesn't matter what. I'm a veritable fountain of words.

E. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry. There is no E because I'm so busy laughing at D. laughing_905

Answer: A. I go straight to mindless games. That and threes which I downloaded for free from a Starbucks special. Damn those free aps.

Okay, okay. Now for the real question. What did Jade do this summer?

A. Watched my beautiful daughter get married. God, it was such a wonderful ceremony and fun reception, I still get misty-eyed. And I'm not a misty-eyed kind of gal.

B. Found my swimsuit and went to the beach. Yup, while the newlyweds went on their honeymoon, my family got together at vacation condos on Lake Michigan. And a good time was had by all.BIKINI PIC

C. Embarrassed my sister and brother-in-law with the game Cards Against Humanity ( It's just like the game Apples to Apples but with different cards. Ones that would make sick and twisted human beings laugh. Clearly, I qualify. Clearly, my sister does not.

D. Realized that I do not want to live in San Antonio. Sweltering hot and humid does not make me smile.

Answer: All of the above! What I did not do was meet my writing goals for the summer. Oh well. I'm doing them now. Just so long as the work gets done eventually, everyone's happy, right? Thor writing inspiration

Maybe this will give me inspiration??

And while you're waiting for my next Kathy Lyons contemporary (what I'm writing now) give this one a try. TWO WEEK SEDUCTION. It's light and funny and sexy hot. Just like me...or how I pretend I am!




2 comments posted.

Re: Kathy Lyons | What I Did Over Summer Vacation

I love the Starbucks game. I got addicted to it myself and am
not much of a game player. It was a long hot summer for me. I
did spend a lot of time with my Mom so that was fun. Got to
go to WA and see my daughter, Grandson, and stayed with my
brother. Wish I were going I guess next summer.
Congrats on lots of writing. And definitely no bathing suits
for me, 1 nor 2 piece. Wouldn't want to scare everyone!
(Vicki Hancock 1:17am September 9, 2014)

I had a few things planned this Summer, for a change, but
that all changed with the sudden passing of my Father. It
sort of put a bit of a crimp in things, so our Summer turned
out to be a little more low-key. We did take in a huge
garage sale that is held in our State once a year, and goes
on for miles. We also went to the lake for a while, just to
sit in the park and unwind from everything, if even for a
few minutes. It was nice to watch the boaters, along with
the oil tankers, and all of the people there.
Congratulations on the wedding of your Daughter!! It sounds
like she had a beautiful ceremony, and that you managed to
have a great Summer!! You needed the break to recharge your
creative streak, and that's all that matters!! I'll be
looking forward to reading your book as well!!
(Peggy Roberson 10:43am September 9, 2014)

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