August 7th, 2022
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Anna Sugden | What's Your Colour?


Recently, we were at the house of a friend of a friend. Beautiful building, gorgeous gardens, even a stream running through the bottom of the garden. Inside, they had lovely furniture and interesting stuff in their bookcases, on their shelves and hanging on their walls.

But their d├ęcor was all white. And I do mean all white. Walls, carpets, sofas, lamps, curtains. Every main room and bedroom was white. White on white.

White room

Strangely, their bathrooms were all black and white.

Now, it was effective and stunning. I'm sure it photographs beautifully. But, to us, it was cold. We won't mention that we thought it wasn't really the place for pets or kids or clumsy adults (yes, I was nervous that I'd spill something or make a mark somewhere!) So, for all that we liked their house, we didn't feel at home in it because of the lack of colour.

all purple house

We love colour!

All the rooms we've decorated so far have coloured walls. I will admit that they're plain colour - no wallpaper - because we have a lot of art and memorabilia hanging on our walls and it would be too busy otherwise. And we haven't gone nuts - like this crazy, purple house. That's a step too far! Especially having everything purple. Even if I loved purple, that would be way too much for me!

How about you? Colour or white? Plain walls or wallpaper? What's your favourite colour and would you decorate your entire house in it?




11 comments posted.

Re: Anna Sugden | What's Your Colour?

Our home is Victorian and we have a lot of dusty rose, peach, pink and our bedroom is RED. No wallpaper. Lots of dolls, rocking horses, and lovely antiqued furniture. Love it Many friends call it The Doll House.
(Patricia (Pat) Pascale 9:08am April 9, 2014)

Thanks for stopping by today, Pat! Your house sounds
gorgeous! Our bedroom will be red, when we get around to
painting it too!
(Anna Sugden 9:11am April 9, 2014)

When I had my house, to break up the monotony, each room had a different color. My living room was a wheat shade, my bathroom had wallpaper against one wall, which had a small design in gold and green, which wasn't gaudy. The master bedroom was in royal blue. We had 2 other bedrooms. One was in green, and the last bedroom, which was mainly my craft room, was done in my favorite color - purple!! The kitchen was in a pearl grey, which was very light. It had other colors for accents. Now before you shake your head, each room that you went into, was an experience unto itself, and when people came over, they usually stayed in one room. The extra bedrooms were, as I said a craft room, and the other one was a library, so the green fit in with the bookshelves. The master bedroom had a bit of an oriental flair, which I carried over into the living room. Prior to that we were living in apartments, and I hated the all-white themes there, so it felt good to have some color!! If I had a large room like the one in the picture, I wouldn't choose purple for the theme, even though I love the color!! As for what I'd choose, it's too early for me yet, since I haven't had enough coffee yet, to pick a color theme!! Have a great day!!
(Peggy Roberson 9:18am April 9, 2014)

An all white house would be a disaster for me!! Too many
critters, kids (friends of kids), and school projects over
the years! Not to mention my total lack of grace. ;-)

I could never decorate an entire house with only one color.
I have a variety of colors - every room has walls with a
different color or at least variation on color -- I've got a
couple rooms that are different shades of green. My house
doesn't have large windows, so we don't have a lot of
natural lighting. Because of this we've stuck to lighter
shades for the walls just so we don't get that closed in
feeling. :-)
(Glenda Martillotti 10:12am April 9, 2014)

I am partial to beiges and browns and pale blue. All white I would go stir crazy!
(Denise Austin 4:22pm April 9, 2014)

Whoa! I had the misfortune of visiting a white-on-white house
before. I am absolutely horrified by this decorative scheme.
It's cold and blah, and empty and easy to damage. I love
jewel tones. Deep red, dark blue, emerald green, and of
course, purple!
(Brooklyn Ann 1:32am April 10, 2014)

Hi Peggy! Great to see you here today! Each of our rooms is a
different colour too, so I'm with you all the way. One of the
problems with that purple room is that it looks dull to me -
I'd brighten it up with a sunny colour! :)
(Anna Sugden 4:19am April 10, 2014)

Thanks for stopping by today, Glenda! Yes, an all-white house
would be a disaster for me too - we have 2 black cats, for a
start! Light is so important - especially during the winter
months, so keeping rooms light and bright keeps you cheerful,
I'm sure!
(Anna Sugden 4:21am April 10, 2014)

Hi Denise! Your colour scheme sounds lovely. We're about to
redo our bathroom in blue and white - so much better than the
all-white the previous owners had!
(Anna Sugden 4:22am April 10, 2014)

Thanks for stopping by, Brooklyn Ann! I know what you mean!
We felt like we didn't dare sit or touch anything in case we
marked something! LOL Jewel tones sound lovely!
(Anna Sugden 4:23am April 10, 2014)

Anyone that has all white walls in every room must be pretty boring. White furniture on top of that...gosh, is that for show only, since these people couldn't have children! I once had a realtor come through my house. All my walls painted in very pale shades. She told me to paint all my walls white whenever I decided to sell it. I thought she was crazy. Supposedly this gives a home a clean look and makes rooms appear larger. I don't think I've ever been in any home that has white walls throughout. I'm not a purple person. I don't think I'd feel comfortable in that purple room in your photo, but everyone has their own tastes. It looks off-balance with those weird archways and a TV thrown off to the side (strange decorating). I do like some wallpaper. I have it on one wall in each of my bathrooms with painted wall on opposite side. Many of my neighbors have barn red living rooms. I really think it looks gross!
(Linda Luinstra 6:12pm April 10, 2014)

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