January 26th, 2015
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New Year, New Romances in January






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April 1, 2014

The Time Of Our Lives

Jane Costello

Clare O'Beara

May 4, 2014

"A Hilarious Long Planned Vacation with Girl Friends"

September 1, 2013

Flirting With Danger

Claire Baxter

Sarah Horwath

November 24, 2013

"He's About to Burn for the Hot Firewoman"

January 1, 2013

One Little White Lie

Loretta Hill

Clare O'Beara

April 16, 2013

"A glass of wine, a view - and an imaginary boyfriend!"

May 1, 2011


Roisin Meaney

Maria Munoz

March 5, 2011

"A charming tale of seven months in the lives of residents in a small town in Ireland"

April 1, 2011

My Jane Austen Summer

Cindy Jones

Lenore Howard

January 9, 2011

"Hoping to escape her troubles, a woman attends a Jane Austen literature festival; but trouble follows."

February 1, 2011

Absolutely, Positively

Heather Webber

Mandy Burns

January 6, 2011

"Sweet and endearing with enough suspense to keep the reader guessing until the last page."

January 1, 2011

Keys to the Castle

Donna Ball

Leanne Davis

January 18, 2011

"A castle is one sure way to find ones way out of overwhelming grief."

January 1, 2011

Love Letters

Katie Fforde

Becky Pena

January 14, 2011

"An extremely sweet, real, romance that would make an amazing chick flick"

August 1, 2010

And One Last Thing ...

Molly Harper

Aubrey MacDougall

October 29, 2010

"Funny and delightful, one of the greatest books I've read this year"

August 1, 2010

Home Again

Mariah Stewart

Mandy Burns

August 21, 2010

"You'll fall in love with the characters and the small-town charm of this priceless series."

January 1, 2009

Here Today, Gone To Maui

Carol Snow

Lissa Staley

December 15, 2008

"What to do when a dream vacation turns into anything but?"

January 1, 2009

Mayhem In High Heels

Gemma Halliday

Morgan Chilson

December 15, 2008

"The final episode of this fun mystery series finds Maddie set to walk down the aisle -- or is she?"

December 1, 2008

The Pre-Nup

Beth Kendrick

Lissa Staley

November 15, 2008

"Three intertwined stories telling how pre-nups affect romance & marriage."

May 1, 2008

These Boots Were Made for Strutting

Melanie Jackson, Lisa Cach, Gemma Halliday

Morgan Chilson

April 14, 2008

"Who says the right shoes can't change a woman's life?"

March 1, 2008

News Blues

Marianne Mancusi

Rachael Dimond

June 16, 2008

"A Romance About Following Your Heart, No Matter Where it Decides to Take You"

March 1, 2008

News Blues

Marianne Mancusi

Lissa Staley

February 13, 2008

"Intriguing look behind the scenes of TV news production, including a pleasing romance."

February 1, 2008

The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

Hester Browne

Lissa Staley

January 14, 2008

"Humorous conclusion to this delightful chick-lit series."

December 1, 2007

Divorced, Desperate and Delicious

Christie Craig

Beth Swanson

November 18, 2007

"Delicious Indeed!!"

December 1, 2007

Divorced, Desperate and Delicious

Christie Craig

Stacey Herman

November 19, 2007

"She's divorced; he's desperate -- together they make a delicious pair."

October 1, 2007


Mary Castillo

Melissa Kammer

November 18, 2007

"Foolish longings thrust two friends into the ultimate switcharoo."

Items 1 - 20 shown, out of 69 total.

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