January 24th, 2022
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A welcome second chance… Or a recipe for disaster?

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It might be impossible to put out these flames…Good thing this cowboy can handle the sparks.

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Dead To Me.

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Rip Roaring Regency Romp

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Healing his physical wounds is just the beginning…

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After suffering a horrific injury that threatens to end his career, Baden Oulett is about to learn that sometimes a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.


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Bold Fortune
by M.M. Crane
"Bold Fortune was thoroughly entertaining!"
Posted January 13, 2022

Humiliated in front of her colleagues after an unconsummated, long-distance romance is revealed as her boyfriend's means to steal her firm's innovative research project, Violet Parrish, Ph.D., proposes to recoup their loss by pitching a conservation plan to a so-far unreachable land trust in Read more...

A Chef's Kiss
by Nina Crespo
"Are these two chefs cooking up a second chance at love?"
Posted December 28, 2021

Philippa Gayle is happy where she is in life. The successful executive chef at the Pasture Lane Restaurant at the Tillbridge Stables and Guesthouse resort near Bolan, Maryland, Philippa is at the top of her game and mentoring the young and talented chefs on her Read more...

Hello, Transcriber
by Hannah Morrissey
"Scary and sexy, heart-pounding and deliciously thrilling!"
Posted December 2, 2021

Hazel Greenlee had come to Black Harbor two years earlier when her husband, Tommy, had gotten the job as the aquatic ecologist for the lake. An aspiring novelist, Hazel jumps at the chance to leave her mundane job at the community college bookstore and take a position with the Read more...

Dead End Detective
by Amanda Flower
"Intriguing, smooth, and witty, the DEAD-END DETECTIVE is a fun start to a new cozy mystery series!"
Posted November 23, 2021

When Darby Piper’s partner in the Two Girls Detective Agency, Samantha Porter, decides to take the job as the head of security at the local luxury resort, Lake Waters, and dissolve the agency, Darby stands to lose more than her business and means of making a living Read more...

Sharpe's Assassin
by Bernard Cornwell
"If there’s an impossible job to do, Richard Sharpe’s still the man to get it done!"
Posted November 23, 2021

Although it’s been several years since the last new book in the Richard Sharpe series was published, Sharpe’s Assassin made it feel like it was only yesterday. Author Bernard Cornwell returns to the story Read more...

The War Nurse
by Tracey Enerson Wood
"The riveting story of a pioneering nurse serving in the French war zone of World War I."
Posted November 11, 2021

Julia Stimson had been born into a prominent, well-heeled family with the firm belief that everyone should strive to make a difference: a belief she staunchly supported. Julia’s path led her to the fairly new and evolving profession of nursing. In April 1917, she was in Read more...

City Problems
by Steve Goble
"An horrific crime and an excellent police investigation by well-drawn characters!"
Posted November 11, 2021

Detective Ed Runyon carries the weight of guilt for the horrific death of a teenage girl on his shoulders. He left his job with NYPD when the body of the missing girl he’d been looking for was discovered dead, troubled by and convinced he could have done Read more...

Fan Fiction
by Brent Spiner
"Brent Spiner becomes the target of a dangerous stalker when a fan becomes a crazed fanatic."
Posted October 21, 2021

Actor Brent Spiner is a familiar face to almost all television viewers, especially to fans of the prolific Star Trek franchise. He is well into filming another season of Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST: TNG or TNG) playing the beloved Lt. Commander Data when Read more...

Reawakened at the South Pole
by Juliette Hyland
"This new medical romance from Juliette Hyland was a quick shot of joy and happiness!"
Posted October 15, 2021

Helena Mathews may have spent her first weeks of life in a neonatal intensive care unit, but she grew up to be a tough-willed, competent, and smart combat emergency nurse. Throughout her young life, she was hovered over by her worried parents, twin brother, Owen, and even his Read more...

The Man Who Died Twice
by Richard Osman
"The Thursday Murder Club is BACK!"
Posted September 30, 2021

Things have just settled back down from the events of the first book for the four members of the Thursday Murder Club, and were, perhaps, even getting a little too quiet when a figure from Elizabeth’s mysterious past makes an appearance. Douglas Middlemiss, her ex-husband and Read more...

The Thursday Murder Club
by Richard Osman
"A delightfully brilliant story of murder, mayhem, and senior citizen sleuths!"
Posted September 30, 2021

Coopers Chase is an upscale retirement village near Fairhaven in the Kentish countryside. The site of a former convent, it is a beautiful, peaceful place until the owner/developer, Ian Ventham, announces he plans to expand operations. To the dismay of the Cooper Chase residents, these plans entail removing Read more...

The Real Valkyrie
by Nancy Marie Brown
"Merging fact and fiction, The Real Valkyrie will engage and enlighten!"
Posted September 16, 2021

Initially discovered in 1878 in an elite Viking grave chamber on Bjorko (Birch Island), the site of an ancient Viking community, the bones and grave goods of a Viking warrior were determined through DNA testing in 2017 to be those of a woman. This and similar findings have altered Read more...

The Heron's Cry
by Ann Cleeves
"The Heron's Cry is the stuff of what great book hangovers are made."
Posted September 4, 2021

Detective Sergeant Jen Rafferty was attending a party hosted by her neighbor and best friend, Cynthia Prior, where she met Dr. Nigel Yeo. He wanted to talk to Jen in her professional capacity, not at the party, of course, but soon and asked to get her contact information. The Read more...

The Thursday Murder Club
by Richard Osman
"A delightfully brilliant story of murder and mayhem!"
Posted August 5, 2021

*Audiobook review*

Coopers Chase is an upscale retirement village near Fairhaven in the Kentish countryside. The site of a former convent, it is a beautiful, peaceful place until the owner/developer, Ian Ventham, announces he plans to expand operations. To the dismay of the Cooper Chase residents Read more...

The Tiger Mom's Tale
by Lyn Liao Butler
"A young woman must face her past to finally find her future."
Posted August 5, 2021

Alexa Thomas had just met the man of her dreams when life began to throw curveballs. Her mother is leaving her stepdad for a woman. Her Taiwanese half-sister, Hsu-Ling, calls to tell her their father, from whom Lexa has been estranged since she was 14, has just Read more...

A Time to Swill
by Sherry Harris
"A triumphant return to the Sea Glass Saloon for the fun and feisty Chloe Jackson!"
Posted August 5, 2021

Chloe Jackson, former Chicago children’s librarian, now part-owner of the beachfront Sea Glass Saloon, comes back to Emerald Cove after tying up the last of the loose ends of her old life up north. Chloe’s best friend, Boone, had left her his stake in Read more...

A Distant Grave
by Sarah Stewart Taylor
"Maggie D'Arcy's second outing is every bit as exciting, complex, and moody as "The Mountains Wild.""
Posted July 29, 2021

Days before a much-anticipated trip to Ireland with her daughter, Lilly, to spend time with her long-distance love, Conor, and his own teenage son, Adrien, Long Island police detective Maggie D'Arcy and her partner, Dave Milich, catch the call of a dead body at a marina Read more...

The Boy in the Photo
by Nicole Trope
"An electric reading experience where all the emotions reach out to immerse the reader in the story."
Posted July 29, 2021

Daniel was six years old when his father, Megan Stanthorpe’s ex-husband, Greg, picked him up early from school and took off with him. Six years have since passed, and not a day has gone by that his mother hasn’t thought about him: how he Read more...

Pint of No Return
by Dana Mentink
"Pint of No Return is a fresh new take on the popular culinary-based cozy mystery genre."
Posted June 27, 2021

Trinidad Jones is at a crossroads in her life. In only a short time, her ex-husband, Gabe Bigley, left her for another woman, was then convicted of embezzlement, and sent to prison. Left her adrift in Oregon, far away from her close-knit Cuban family in Miami, she Read more...

China Room
by Sunjeev Sahota
"A young man, sent to his parents' former homeland in India, unravels a long-hidden family secret!"
Posted June 24, 2021

A young man from England is sent by his immigrant shopkeeper-parents to spend the summer after he turned 18 to stay with his uncle and his family, who still live in a rural village in Punjab, India. The young man is at a critical crossroads in his life Read more...

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Before retiring in 2019, I worked for over 40 years in the public sector as an educator, speaker, and researcher in criminal justice, environmental education, fire protection, groundwater, and water conservation. I live in North-Central Texas (Grand Prairie) with my husband, Jim; Princess, Ginger, and Smoky (the cats); and two basset hounds - Peaches and Stoli. I enjoy reading various genres, including mysteries, SciFi, contemporary and paranormal romance, and thrillers, but I have a real weakness for cozies, westerns, dystopian tales, and post-apocalyptic fiction. I just like to read, and I like to connect other readers with books that they might enjoy. I write a couple of blogs about books I’ve read and participate annually in the Ultimate PopSugar Reading Challenge, Goodreads Personal Reading Challenge, Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, and The Celebrity Readers’ Finishing the Series Challenge. All those reading prompts keep me motivated to read some of the many books I’ve bought over the years.

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