December 15th, 2017
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July 1, 2016

Stand-In Rancher Daddy

Renee Ryan

Clare O'Beara

September 26, 2016

"A character based sweet western romance in old-time Texas"

November 1, 2014

To Everything a Season

Lauraine Snelling

Audrey Lawrence

December 12, 2014

"A charming Red River tale of hope, love, and trust in God!"

February 1, 2011

Journey to Riverbend

Henry McLaughlin

Viki Ferrell

January 6, 2011

"A compelling story of love, compassion, forgiveness, and of trusting in God during difficult times."

May 1, 2010

Highland Blessings

Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Heather Lobdell

July 3, 2010

"A delightful debut novel"

June 1, 2015

Undercover Bride

Margaret Brownley

Kay Quintin

June 12, 2015

"A derringer-toting female undercover agent gets her man and an unexpected family."

January 1, 2014

Shadowed By Grace

Cara C. Putman

Audrey Lawrence

March 16, 2014

"A fascinating story of courage, art and romance involving the Monuments Men and their mission in WWI"

November 1, 2010

The Christmas Journey

Donna VanLiere

Audrey Lawrence

January 5, 2011

"A fresh and realistic account of the hopes and fears of this blessed family!"

March 1, 2017

Wed by Necessity

Karen Kirst

Clare O'Beara

April 21, 2017

"A Gatlinburg socialite sees another side of life"

October 1, 2010

The Voyage Of Promise

Kay Marshall Strom

Viki Ferrell

September 9, 2010

"A gripping and truly inspirational story detailing the history of slave trade in late 1700s."

September 1, 2010

Valeria's Cross

Kathi Macias, Susan Wales

Sharon Galligar Chance

October 15, 2010

"A historical story with a faith-filled message"

August 1, 2010

Courting Constance

Teryl Cartwright

Viki Ferrell

July 15, 2010

"A perfect blend of humor and romance, this inspirational novel shows true love can conquer all."

June 1, 2017

A Tailor-Made Husband

Winnie Griggs

Clare O'Beara

September 4, 2017

"A pretty seamstress has her hands full in Turnabout, Texas"

December 1, 2015

The Calling Of Ella McFarland

Linda Brooks Davis

Clare O'Beara

February 18, 2016

"A principled young schoolteacher in Oklahoma Territory finds her way"

April 1, 2012

The Irish Healer

Nancy Herriman

Elizabeth Crowley

July 4, 2012

"A rags to riches love story"

February 1, 2017

Two Suitors for Anna

Molly Jebber

Audrey Lawrence

June 5, 2017

"A road to romance where one's choices make all the difference!"

September 1, 2014

A Light in the Wilderness

Jane Kirkpatrick

Dot Dittman

October 25, 2014

"A tale of the friendship and hardships of three courageous women..."

August 1, 2009

The Last Ember

Daniel Levin

Tanzey Cutter

August 12, 2009

"A thoroughly researched, fast-paced and excellently written religious suspense."

April 1, 2012

The Irish Healer

Nancy Herriman

Audrey Lawrence

March 18, 2012

"A totally captivating and inspiring story of finding faith and forgiveness"

March 1, 2008

A Touch of Grace

Lauraine Snelling

Jude Davis

June 7, 2008

"A Touch of Grace will touch your heart and leave you warm inside."

July 1, 2014

Secrets of Sloane House

Shelley Gray

Susan Dyer

October 15, 2014

"A Wonderful Start To A New Series"

Items 1 - 20 shown, out of 68 total.

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