May 17th, 2021
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A prim bookseller and her hardboiled ghost team up to catch a cunning killer in…

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Welcome to Bushwhack, New Mexico: home to tourists, the great outdoors, and murder…

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Friendship. Second chances. Lots of dogs!

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A secret no one dared whisper...

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In service to His Majesty, one must be prepared for Hell.

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A Summer to Remember
by Erika Montgomery
"A Must for Iconic Movie Fans"
Posted May 17, 2021

Francesca Simon and her mother, Mauve, own a memorabilia shop of Hollywood collectibles. Unlike many such shops, their’s displays the collections in the open, not locked behind closed glass.  Her mother was very insistent upon Read more...

A Fatal First Night
by Kathleen Marple Kalb
"Eloquently written cozy mystery that will keep readers spellbound until the end!"
Posted May 6, 2021

Ella Shane is the owner of a theatre company and one of its lead actresses (though most of her roles are those of men).  More specifically, she is a coloratura mezzo.  Read more...

Northern Spy
by Flynn Berry
"Living Among the IRA"
Posted May 6, 2021

If you have an interest in Ireland and its history, you won’t want to miss NORTHERN SPY.  Set in Northern Ireland during the rush of activities Read more...

American Serial Killers
by Peter Vronsky
"Peace or Nightmares?"
Posted April 27, 2021

If you have ever wondered what elements come together to create a serial killer, you will want to read AMERICAN SERIAL KILLERS: THE EPIDEMIC YEARS 1950-2000. In his fourth book on serial killers, Peter Vronsky takes an in-depth look at several key factors that might both influence Read more...

The Cottage on Lighthouse Lane
by Davis Bunn
"Romance and Adventure for an actor with a dream"
Posted April 27, 2021

Billy Rose Walker is an actor. He dreams of being a big name star, but to date, his ship has not come in. While on location for his latest film, Billy is accidentally electrocuted when the power supply for the special lights used on set broke loose and made Read more...

Under the Southern Sky
by Kristy Woodson Harvey
"Sometimes the nothing moments are everything"
Posted April 15, 2021

When Greer was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she and her husband, Parker, had her eggs harvested and embryos frozen in hopes that after she was well they could start a family. However, Greer never got well. Their embryos remained in cold storage and were considered abandoned three years after Read more...

The Smuggler's Daughter
by Kerry Barrett
"Great Dual Timeline Novel"
Posted April 15, 2021

THE SMUGGLER'S DAUGHTER by Kerry Barrett is a dual timeline novel that follows two women who find themselves involved in a smuggling ring in Cornwall, England; one in the early 1800s and one present day.

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Gifting Fire
by Alina Boyden
"A Good Fantasy Novel with Dragon-like Creatures"
Posted April 11, 2021

Gifting Fire is the second book in the fantasy series by Alina Boyden. Razia was born a Nazami Prince known then as Salim. However, that is not who she really is. Ridiculed and rejected for most of her life, she has longed Read more...

The Bookstore on the Beach
by Brenda Novak
"Three points of view make for one great story"
Posted April 4, 2021

Brenda Novak’s new novel, The BookStore on the Beach, Is told from three points of view. The prominent plot is the story of Autumn. Autumn’s husband has been missing for over 18 months. She has tried desperately to Read more...

While Paris Slept
by Ruth Druart
"A Book to Touch Heart and Soul"
Posted March 18, 2021

WHILE PARIS SLEPT by Ruth Druart is a very moving story about occupied Paris during World War II. Jean Luc works for the national railroad and he knows he should be thankful for this position Read more...

Facing the Dawn
by Cynthia Ruchti
"An Emotionally Difficult but Beautiful Story"
Posted March 18, 2021

Sometimes in life, things become so difficult that facing each day becomes an insurmountable task. Mara Jacobs is unofficially a single mom raising three children. Unofficially because she is technically married, yet she feels abandoned. Her husband, Liam, wants to do something that makes Read more...

by Lisa Scottoline
"World War II Historical Novel with a Unique Perspective"
Posted March 11, 2021

Several historical fiction novels have been written about World War II and the plight of the Jews. ETERNAL by Lisa Scottoline puts a spin on the perspective of that tragic time in history by examining it in the setting of Read more...

The Book of Two Ways
by Jodi Picoult
"Egyptology, Quantum Physics and so Much More"
Posted March 11, 2021

The "Book of Two Ways" is the first known Egyptian map of the afterlife. This book was named after that ancient text found in Egyptian coffins of certain nobles. The book (map) depicts both a water route and a land route separated by a lake of fire, both potentially Read more...

Love and a Little White Lie
by Tammy L. Gray
"Perfect for Poolside or the Beach"
Posted March 11, 2021

If you are looking for a sweet romance, look no further than LOVE AND A LITTLE WHITE LIE by Tammy L. Gray. This is the story of January Sanders who is on the rebound from a failed relationship. Seeking a Read more...

The Preacher's Son
by Patricia Johns
"An Amish Romance with Great Life Lessons"
Posted March 9, 2021

Isaiah’s Life as The Preacher’s Son has been devastated. He has always looked up to his father and has dreams of following in his footsteps. That is until his father betrayed his friends, family and community through fraud. With his father now in Read more...

The Four Winds
by Kristin Hannah
"A moving story set during the Great Depression"
Posted March 3, 2021

Set during the time of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, THE FOUR WINDS is a historical fiction novel about resilience and love. It is a bit reminiscent of The Grapes of Wrath. The heroine of the Read more...

The Dark Heart of Florence
by Tasha Alexander
"Time slip to Florence for an exciting historical mystery"
Posted March 1, 2021

If you love spy mystery novels, you won’t want to miss THE DARK HEART OF FLORENCE. It is absolutely captivating!  The novel is set in Florence with a dual timeline being the late 1400s and 1903. The timeline for the 1400s is told from the point Read more...

The Unusual Suspect
by Ben Machell
"True Crime Documentary Style"
Posted February 11, 2021

In his book, THE USUAL SUSPECT, Ben Machell covers the life and times of a very young English bank robber who considers himself a modern day Robin Hood. Stephen Jackley was reared in a small town on the Read more...

If I Disappear
by Eliza Jane Brazier
"Thriller that’s a bit Creepy"
Posted February 8, 2021

If I Disappear is most definitely a dramatic thriller. Sera has become obsessed with a podcast called Murder, She Spoke. This isn’t a light obsession, but rather an all consuming one. When Rachel, the podcaster, goes silent, Sera is convinced Read more...

When I Was Yours
by Lizzie Page
"A Unique Perspective on The World Wars"
Posted January 21, 2021

When I was Yours is a very moving historical fiction novel. Vivienne is from London and has endured not one, but both World Wars. During the Great War, she served as a volunteer Read more...

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