January 18th, 2018
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A Page-turner, can't turn off my Kindle release: THE LIAR by Nora Roberts

The Liar
Nora Roberts




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April 2015
On Sale: April 14, 2015
Featuring: Griff Lott; Shelby Foxworth
512 pages
ISBN: 0399170863
EAN: 9780399170867
Kindle: B00O2BKKZS
Hardcover / e-Book
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THE LIAR is the book to read according to our reviewer Sandra Wurman:

This is a story about disappointment, disappointing and ultimately betraying. THE LIAR by the masterful storyteller Nora Roberts could very well be my all-time favorite by one of my very favorite authors. Roberts has a way of fashioning a story that is ingenious to say the least. THE LIAR is broken up into parts. Each part is actually a tier in the story. Kind of like life has tiers or moments. If you can survive that moment and move on coming out ahead of the fray then you will be okay. THE LIAR is about family. No one does family better than Roberts. And needless to say to any of her fans the dialog is true and at times heartbreakingly real. THE LIAR is like no other book I've read and I am pretty certain Roberts fans will agree.

If you want to meet one of the best families look no further than the McNee/Pomeroy clan. Their dialog will have you laughing out loud. Their closeness and devotion will have you dripping in envy. And their tenacity and strength is awe inspiring. In actuality this clan is quite ordinary and small town by anyone's definition. What sets them apart is their amazing drive while keeping true to their southern roots.

Roots -- such an important commodity especially in a world where people drift away from their hometowns, their friends and most unfortunately their heart -- their family.

Shelby was pursuing her dream of a career as a singer. She was young, impressionable and most important in love. When she met her husband Richard she thought this was the man she would spend her life with. As family had always been so much a part of her life she looked forward to starting one of her own with Richard.

In just a fleeting moment Shelby's life was forever altered. Left as a young widow with her young daughter Callie, Shelby had to access her life. She never guessed the nightmare she was cast in. Around every corner were doubts concerning this lifestyle her husband cultivated. It seemed to be all smoke and mirrors.

Being married to Richard hadn't been easy but his death was becoming a devastating nightmare. Shelby knew that ultimately she needed to turn to her family and that meant going home to Rendezvous Ridge.

Home to her amazing family and that's where she meets Griffith a man who made her feel good about herself something her husband never did. Where Richard was intent on belittling Griff was becoming her champion and greatest fan. Shelby was unhappy that she so obviously needed to rely on her family and now Griff. And even worse her nightmare of a life with Richard didn't end with his death. Richard was a cheat and a liar and now his exploits were putting Shelby and Callie in danger.

Imagine waking up and discovering that the man you were married to had a totally separately life. With every page in THE LIAR Nora Roberts keeps the reader questioning what has already been established. THE LIAR is a study in opposites. Generations of a family built on love, honestly and support versus a life built on lies. Love can make you blind to a person's faults. Love can give you a better sense of who you are -- who you want to be. THE LIAR will just blow you away. THE LIAR is a well written page turner that keeps you glued to the book. THE LIAR is the book to read this season.

And a highest honor is bestowed by our Sandi Shilhanek who isn't a collector or keeper. She says:

Is there anyone who hasn't told a lie? Anyone who hasn't been lied to at least once? Be honest, because everyone has, but hopefully it was nothing as hurtful, and not to the size and quality of what Nora Roberts has written of in her newest book THE LIAR.

Shelby Pomeroy Foxworth is married to Richard Foxworth. Shelby having been raised in a small mountain town might be nave, but don't confuse that with dumb. In Shelby's case they're too very different things. However when the sauve Richard sweeps her off her feet and offers her a world that most of us only ever dream of she can't resist. For a few years life is good and the travel is vast and varied. Soon it begins to wear on Shelby and she wants the simple life she once had, but that just isn't possible or is it?

Richard Foxworth appears to have it all...a beautiful doting wife, an adorable child and enough money to travel...and a more than comfortable life. Soon however it all comes to an end when Richard drowns in a storm (fortunately Callie was ill and mother and daughter stayed home or this story might be totally different).

Not only does Shelby find herself a young widow she finds out that the life she an Richard were leading was one lie piled on top of another. As she begins to unravel the lies, she finds out more about Richard and his lying ways than she ever knew. She has inherited nothing but a mountain of debt and no way to pay it off. Does that put her down and out? NO! She gathers her wits about her and figures out a plan to get it paid off without any help or charity from anyone.

Shelby moves herself and Callie home. Here she is surrounded by family who loves her and is more than glad she is home. They all want to protect Shelby, but she is determined to find her own way and that includes not wanting a made up job at her grandmother's day spa. In the hills of home, both Callie and Shelby blossom in more ways than one, and they both just happen to fall in love with the same man, Griffin.

Luckily for them Griffin happens to fall right back in love with them, so life should be good right? Unfortunately no! The troubles that Shelby thought she left behind seem to follow her home to the Ridge, and in true Shelby form she wants to handle it all herself, but her friends and family just won't let that happen. As danger escalates, Shelby does defend herself, but not just physically...she also uses her brains and when the cavalry arrives she is ready to let them handle it.

THE LIAR by Nora Roberts continues what to my mind is a streak of great writing. Many of my personal friends loved THE SEARCH, but I wasn't thrilled. Then came THE WITNESS and since then I've been unable to either put my book down, or turn off my kindle until the last page has been read. The highest honor I can give a book is to say, "If I were a keeper, I would keep it," and THE LIAR would be one of the few on my keeper shelf.

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