April 16th, 2024
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Investigating a conspiracy really wasn't on Nikki's very long to-do list.

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Escape to the Scottish Highlands in this enemies to lovers romance!

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It�s not the heat�it�s the pixie dust.

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They have a perfect partnership�
But an attempt on her life changes everything.

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Jealousy, Love, and Murder: The Ancient Games Turn Deadly

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Secret Identity, Small Town Romance
Available 4.15.24

April's Affections and Intrigues: Love and Mystery Bloom

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Carla Simpson | Two People in a Most Unusual Relationship Trying to Stop a Deadly Plot


1--What is the title of your latest release?

Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe Murder Mystery Book 7 – A DEADLY DECEPTION

2--What’s the “elevator pitch” for your new book?

Two people in a most unusual relationship.  Parliament, the heart of British law and authority.  A deadly plot.  Hundreds of people will die unless it can be stopped.

3--How did you decide where your book was going to take place?

A DEADLY DECEPTION     is the next book in the series set in Victorian Britain. I traveled there and have always been fascinated with England and especially Scotland.

4--Would you hang out with your protagonist in real life?

Absolutely; there are people who know me and insist that we’re exactly alike.

5--What are three words that describe your protagonist?

Strong, resilient, and stubborn

6--What’s something you learned while writing this book?

The fact that plastic surgery has been performed by other cultures for over 5,000 years!

7--Do you edit as you draft or wait until you are totally done?

I edit as I draft with a good outline of plot points and clues.  It is a mystery to be solved after all.

8--What’s your favorite foodie indulgence?

Bread pudding with caramel sauce and whipped cream; this is one I come back too over and over.

9--Describe your writing space/office!

My writing space is a separate home office where I can close the door and escape; except for the cats; sticky notes everywhere with things to remember--notes for the current book, ideas for future books with a new desktop computer (I need a large monitor for multiple screens when researching and writing at the same time), photos of family, and a favorite wall plaque that says it all – “If Heaven don’t have horses, I ain’t going.”

10--Who is an author you admire?

For contemporary it would have to be Janet Evanovich; for historical there are several - Kimberly Cates, Kerrigan Byrne, Elizabeth Blake

11--Is there a book that changed your life?

So many, but I read Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Nancy Drew until the covers were dog-eared.  Crazy, huh!

12--Tell us about when you got “the call.” (when you found out your book was going to be published)/Or, for indie authors, when you decided to self-publish.

Three contract offers on the first book I ever wrote; 2014 when I decided to indie publish my back list (ebooks); THEN  (trumpets sound in the background), that phone conversation January 2022 when I pitched the concept for my Victorian Murder Mystery Series, and as they say... the rest is history!

13--What’s your favorite genre to read?

Historical mysteries with a hint of romance and...  murder!

14--What’s your favorite movie?

Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall--play it again Sam!

15--What is your favorite season?

Fall, especially in the mountains. The crisp smell of leaves and then a fire in the woodstove with a Brandy Old Fashioned—a classic 30s cocktail.  My father-in-law got me started on these.  Possibly two if it’s a cold day.

16--How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Some candlelight, a special place, and my guy. No blow out parties here.  Quiet, intimate, and then...

17--What’s a recent tv show/movie/book/podcast you highly recommend?

I have been binge watching Elementary with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu; love the characters especially his “Sherlock”, wounded but brilliant, quirky to say the least.

18--What’s your favorite type of cuisine?

(Laughter here); A hamburger from my favorite mountain resort; legendary stuff and all American, nothing exotic here...  and good old home-made macaroni and cheese (a recipe my MIL gave me.  No box formula here, it’s made from scratch with extra sharp cheese. Like I said All-American

19--What do you do when you have free time?

Saddle up and head out on the trail, literally. We live near Yosemite NP and head into the backcountry when I can pry myself away from the computer.

20--What can readers expect from you next?

Book 8 in the series—DEADLY BETRAYAL, and...  more DEADLY mysteries for Brodie and Mikaela, while thinking about a spin-off series.  As Brodie tells Mikaela, more than once, like a bulldog with a bone.  It never ends... Books 8- 11 coming in 2024, then for 2025.


Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe Murder Mystery #7

A Deadly Deception

Mikaela takes on a case alone when Brodie is pulled into a new investigation for Sir Avery and the Agency. Her inquiry services are requested by the wife of a prominent London surgeon after he has disappeared, while Brodie is sent to track down rumors of a planned attack in London by the anarchist known as the Black Hand.

It is a time of dangerous unrest across the whole of Europe, and they realize the two cases may be connected when the doctor is found murdered at a secret office in the East End where he performed certain procedures. It is also the place where the anarchist was followed, only to disappear. What was the reason for secrecy regarding that specific office? Why was the doctor murdered? What is the connection to the anarchists?

The doctor’s notes, along with unearthed documents, provide more clues about ancient Egyptian surgical procedures. And fingerprints found at the scene of the murder match prints discovered after Mikaela meets with Sir James Redstone, a friend and one-time travel companion who has recently returned to London.

She is unwilling to believe that Redstone is part of the anarchist’s plot. It makes no sense. Then, a coded message is intercepted and reveals that ‘everything is in place’, along with the date an attack is to take place—in just four days.
But where? And what else is in that coded message?

Assistance with deciphering the last of the code comes from an unexpected source and reveals the target—Parliament, the heart of British law and authority. Hundreds of people will die.

With time running out, they race to stop the anarchists, expose the plot, and discover a deception they could never have imagined...


Romance | Mystery Historical [Oliver-Heber Books, On Sale: March 26, 2024, e-Book, / ]

Buy A DEADLY DECEPTIONKindle | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

About Carla Simpson

Carla Simpson

Twenty five books and counting! Or is it twenty six? Very possibly by the time this is posted. I started this crazy journey a few years ago, after reading several historical romances then declaring "I can do this!" Husband, always supportive. replied, "Then do it!" And she did, as the saying goes. Along the way, there were two romantic suspense novels and a time-travel novel, and two film options... But I digress. My current series is a historical murder mystery with a hint of romance, starting with A Deadly Affair, Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe, Murder Mystery Book 1, with Book 2 to be released soon, followed by Book 3, and... We live in the Sierra Mountains outside of Yosemite National Park and when not writing my next book, we hit the trails on our horses.

Angus Brodie and Mikaela Forsythe Murder





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