December 14th, 2017
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Ex-NFL star + snarky single mom = a touchdown of a holiday romance

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The vampires are coming... and this time, the lights won't stop them.

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The owner of a delightful Southern café tastes the sharp sting of suspicion in this delectable comfort food mystery...

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This holiday season, love is on the menu.

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A Spartan heart can conquer anything, even myths, magic, and monsters.

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There’s nothing like a firefighting cowboy to keep you toasty warm this Christmas...


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He Said/She Said
by Erin Kelly
"Nothing is as it seems in this brain scrambler!"
Posted November 24, 2017

Kit and Laura are what is known as eclipse chasers. They follow crowds of other people to places all over the world when an eclipse is going to happen. There are festivals built around these gatherings and everyone has a great time. This particular eclipse is no different from any Read more...

Local Girl Missing
by Claire Douglas
"A tale of friendship, love, possession, and murder that will make your brain twirl."
Posted November 24, 2017

Francesca "Frankie" Howe could not be more shocked when she receives a phone call from Daniel, the brother of her long ago best friend, Sophie, informing her that they may have found Sophie's remains. It has been 20 years since Sophie vanished and Frankie is jerked firmly back into Read more...

A Face to Die For
by Andrea Kane
"The Forensic Instincts team is back with an exciting and very puzzling new case to solve."
Posted November 24, 2017

It is said that everyone has an exact lookalike or a double somewhere in the world. Most people do not find theirs, but what would you do if you found yours? That is the big question in this case of two young women who suddenly are alerted to the existence Read more...

Touch of Red
by Laura Griffin
"The new entry into the Tracer Series is filled with murder, terror and, of course, steamy romance."
Posted November 4, 2017

Brooke Porter, an expert in collecting and analyzing crime evidence with The Delphi Center, is called to a late night murder. It is one of the worst that Brooke has ever seen. A young woman was attacked and killed just as she was entering her home. There is a lot Read more...

99 Red Balloons
by Elisabeth Carpenter
"A shocking and jaw-dropping thriller"
Posted October 10, 2017

Little 8-year-old Grace Harper is just on her way home from school one day and stops at a shop to get herself a sweet. She is approached by a very friendly man who says his name is George. He knows her name and tells her that her parents Read more...

Every Last Lie
by Mary Kubica
"A haunting, psychological puzzle that mesmerizes and holds the reader in thrall until the very end."
Posted October 5, 2017

Clare Solberg's life is next to perfect. Her husband Nick and she are very much in love. They have a beautiful little 4-year-old girl named Maisie and a 4-day old baby boy named Felix. Then, suddenly everything shatters. Nick and Maisie are in an unexplainable car Read more...

The Nightwalker
by Sebastian Fitzek
"The Nightwalker is the stuff that nightmares are made of so get yourself ready for a ride of terror."
Posted October 5, 2017

Leon Nader had suffered from sleepwalking that caused him to act out violently even though there was no evidence of this part of his personality when he was awake. After receiving treatment, Leon seems to be cured. He is happily married now to the lovely Natalie and everything seems to Read more...

by Kelley Armstrong
"Once more, Kelley Armstrong delivers a puzzling and scary book that you will not want to end."
Posted October 5, 2017

Reeve's End is one of the bleakest, small towns that anyone can be stuck living in and Winter Crane's one and only goal is to get out of this Kentucky backwoods environment. She has goals and the biggest one is to save enough money along with being awarded Read more...

Her Last Goodbye
by Melinda Leigh
"Eerie and scary tale of disappearing women in a small town with a slight twist at the end."
Posted October 5, 2017

Sharp Investigations is made up of three people; defense attorney Morgan Dane, and private investigators Lance Kruger and Sharp, who also owns the business. They are brought into a case that could easily involve a serial killer. Someone is kidnapping young women. These women either are never seen again or Read more...

The Other Girl
by Erica Spindler
"Mind blowing suspense and mystery as a long ago nightmare comes very much into the present."
Posted September 29, 2017

Police officer Miranda Rader has come a long way from the teenaged "wild child" that she used to be. It only took an abduction and a night of terror to turn her life around. She and another girl were abducted at the same time by the same man. Only Miranda Read more...

The Names of Dead Girls
by Eric Rickstad
"Eerie, creepy, and downright scary from the beginning right up to the end."
Posted September 24, 2017

The action takes place in a remote Vermont town where college student Rachel Rath is being stalked. When Rachel was just a baby, her parents were killed by serial killer Ned Preacher. He has just been recently released from prison after "working" the system by pleading to a lesser charge Read more...

The Good Widow
by Liz Fenton, Lisa Steinke
"The lesson here is that you should always stay alert even in the worst of times or you may end up de"
Posted August 30, 2017

Jacqueline "Jacks" Morales is in a marriage that is sprinting toward an ending that will shatter her. Marriage to James Morales had been a dream come true with his handsomeness and his romantic demeanor. James was everything that she had ever wanted in a man. There was only one thing Read more...

Stillhouse Lake
by Rachel Caine
"The events surrounding STILLHOUSE LAKE will keep you up at night."
Posted August 3, 2017

Gina Royal was living the American Dream, so to speak. She had two wonderful children and a husband who is handsome along with making a good living so Gina does not have to work. She can focus on running their home and taking care of their children. Things are not Read more...

The Halo Effect
by Anne D. LeClaire
"An absorbing study in secrets, murder, grief and recovery."
Posted June 1, 2017

Will Light is a broken man. Just a few months ago, he and his wife Sophie along with their beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Lucy, had a wonderful life. Will is a popular and successful artist with Sophia in her own successful career. Everything is perfect. Until the day that Read more...

Servants of the Storm
by Delilah S. Dawson
"Monsters sometimes really do exist."
Posted June 1, 2017

Billie Dove Greenwood, known affectionately as Dovey, went through Hurricane Josephine as it hammered the beautiful southern city of Savannah. Dovey made it through but her best friend Carly did not. That was when it all started to fall apart. At Carly's funeral, Dovey briefly saw something in the Read more...

A Simple Favor
by Darcey Bell
"A simple favor can sometimes turn into something much more complicated and spine tingling."
Posted May 21, 2017

When Emily asks Stephanie for the simple favor of picking up her son at school one day, Stephanie is happy to do it. After all, Emily's son, Nicky, and Stephanie's son, Miles, are best friends. So are Stephanie and Emily, for that matter. This simple favor is not Read more...

Gone Without a Trace
by Mary Torjussen
"What would you do if your boyfriend suddenly vanished?"
Posted May 17, 2017

Hannah Monroe's life is spinning right along in a great way. She is on the fast track at her job having just received a huge hint that she will soon be made partner for the firm she works at. The love of her life, Matt, has been living with Read more...

At Close Range
by Laura Griffin
"Another nail-biting suspense that hits the ground running"
Posted March 9, 2017

When a couple who are engaging in an affair use a dark forest by the lake for their fun and end up getting killed, police detective Daniele "Dani" Harper catches the case. When she gets to the scene, she is determined to find the murderer. The problem is, while there Read more...

by Elizabeth Heiter
"FBI Profiler Evelyn Baine is handed a case that will keep her on her toes."
Posted March 5, 2017

Seventeen year old Haley Cooke is dropped off at her high school by her college boyfriend to attend cheerleading practice. She turns and waves at him as she heads to the doors that will lead her into the school. That is the last time anyone sees Haley except for her Read more...

The Trapped Girl
by Robert Dugoni
"Another enthralling and exciting chapter in the Tracy Crosswhite Series"
Posted March 5, 2017

Seattle Police Detective Tracy Crosswhite seems to have her life more in order than she ever has. She has a nice house to live in, a job she loves, and Dan, her boyfriend. Most of the time he lives there with her and she adores him. She knows how lucky Read more...

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