February 18th, 2020
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Sweet Romance + Thrilling Intrigue = February Best Reads

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Night time can be frightening, especially when you’re all alone.

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He wanted revenge but found love instead.

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Some promises are meant to be broken, Some vows are forever…

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Can the course that they’ve set for the future handle a slight detour...?

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The famous bells are ringing a hero’s welcome when a former army captain returns home...

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"A cracker of a read—her best yet!"—B. A. Paris

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Trading favors, battling wills, and winning love

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Bound by love. . .torn apart by secrets.

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Will a blackout change everything for these unlikely lovers?

Kantu Malhotra

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Kantu Malhotra | Summer Cool Memories of Mom
May 28, 2015

23 comments posted.

Re: Little Pretty Things (9:07am August 25, 2015):

Not a sporty person, but very much a book person. And rooting for the
underdog. Yayyyyyyy. This book sounds verrrrrrrrry interesting.

Re: Passionately Yours (12:31pm May 26, 2015):

Promises laughter? And fun? And misunderstanding? And suspense? But
all resolved in the end by the two reunited people in love!
Can't wait.

Re: Heart of a Bull Rider (12:22pm May 26, 2015):

Happy to know that these tough young men are doing something other than
rodeo with their lives. Those injuries take a lot out you. And so glad that the
rest of their lives are full.

Re: The Choosing (11:56am May 26, 2015):

Sorry, but I don't know much about this genre. And after reading what you
had said about your was touched. Curious about how you get ideas of "the
other world/realm" or whatever you want to call it. I guess I find it hard to
visualize it myself.

Re: A Family for the Bull Rider (11:22am May 26, 2015):

Haven't a favorite one. But love reading westerns and cowboy love stories.

Re: The Wood's Edge (2:11pm April 25, 2015):

Sounds like a heart rending tear jerker! TBR list!

Re: Nobody's Goddess (2:05pm April 25, 2015):

The world you've created does sound exciting for a woman. When will it
really happen?

Re: The Art of Losing Yourself (1:59pm April 25, 2015):

This seems to be a "story" about real people with real feelings like you and
me. We all have felt these feelings all the time. Some expressible. Some
not. I think I understand where you you were when Carmen Hart was

Re: The Last Heiress (1:52pm April 25, 2015):

Love the pictures and the theme of the book. Can't wait to read it.

Re: A Touch of Passion (1:49pm April 25, 2015):

Had no idea you were in NZ. thought Uk for sure. Anyway your books a are
HOT and I love them. Can't wait to get this one.

Re: Cupcakes and Crushes (1:41pm April 25, 2015):

Sounds like a fun book. I am a hallmark addict too. Hope your book gets on
it as well.

Re: Duchess By Mistake (1:35pm April 25, 2015):

I love your books. And these two are going to be particularly hilarious in
parts, emotional and very staid. We have a lot of "arranged " marriages
where I come from. And love does happen. Afterwards. But not always. But
that's real life. And these are novels. You are writing what was probably
true for that period of time. Thanks for your wonderful books. Kantu

Re: Lady Of The Eternal City (5:33pm March 24, 2015):

Hi Kate. It's been a while since I read any Roman historical romance. I
remember being full of politics, war and sexuality.

Re: Claimed by the Sheikh (3:56pm February 20, 2015):

Congratulations, Rachael, on your determination, and your continued
efforts to succeed! I applaud you. And I can't wait to read your exciting
story - it does look like it's going to be exciting. Good luck in all your future

Re: Fortune's Horizon (3:49am February 20, 2015):

All kinds of heroes are acceptable and welcomed. Depending on my
mood, of course. After all, I would be the owner of the book, their destiny, in
a way. Excuse my pettiness. Just my mood. But it seems that real heroes
and even rogues with a code of honor only exist in romance novels. The
real world is sadly lacking in these kind of people. I look for them because I
have read about them hoping to find one. No such luck yet.

Re: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (12:28pm January 15, 2015):

How intriguing both the book sound! The one question that keeps occurring
to me, but only because I am a curious. All the ill/legitimate relations that
the royalty had, makes it kind of hard to follow who is who.

Re: More Than A Duke (12:17pm January 15, 2015):

I love that you write about flawed humans. Because, as a race, we ARE all
flawed in some way or other! No one is perfect! Unless he/she is a saint or
Having said that, I can't wait to read your book. I don't see why "flawed "
people shouldn't live happily ever after, do you?

Re: Meow If It's Murder (12:04pm January 15, 2015):

I guess part of the excitement and mystery could be attributed to the
confusion in the similar names. Interesting reading, without a doubt.

Re: Hitting on the Hooker (11:57am January 15, 2015):

Any sports stuff..... My eyes get glazed. I stare at you said I am
understanding everything. But actually NOTHING. As for you story, now
that's another matter altogether. Two guys one gal. Sounds sexy already to
me. Can't wait to see more of it.

Re: Love Redesigned (7:11pm December 17, 2014):

I love the working of the author's mindset. It's interesting that it's not that
different from the rest of us. IF we put our minds to it!

Re: Seducing the Princess (6:42pm December 17, 2014):

Sounds interesting. Must give it a try.

Re: Wind in the Wires (6:11pm December 17, 2014):

Your blog notes were fascinating and I am intrigued with the working of a
writer's mind.

Re: Chasing the Runaway Bride (12:51pm November 23, 2014):

Sounds like a fun book. I'd be happy to get your newsletter.

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