October 6th, 2022
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"A GEM OF A STORY" ~ Kirkus Reviews

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A passion-and angst-charged story about a woman caught between a secure relationship and a once-in-a-lifetime spark with her muse.

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My Hot Summer Fling…Just Became My Student

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Running from her past leaves her standing in her future…

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A Christmas bargain…
Becomes a promise of more

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When Riley Hunt—a beautiful, smart, popular student at Easton College in Manhattan—is brutally murdered, it becomes a big story for TV newswoman Clare Carlson.

Rina Darmayanti

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26 comments posted.

Re: One Night in the Spa (5:38pm October 8, 2013):

Never play it before, i prefer play tennis or basketball

Re: Love and Other Games (5:30pm October 8, 2013):

Go to Bali to enjoy the sunrise and sunset

Re: My Lady Quicksilver (5:43pm October 4, 2013):

Always feel so guilty after we lie to someone. So,keep tryin to be honest, no matter hard it is

Re: Long Shot (1:35pm October 2, 2013):

Skilt and mens...still looks strange 4 me :D

Re: To Wed A Wicked Highlander (1:29pm October 2, 2013):

I dread to tell my students if they dont pass the exam

Re: The Seduction of Lady Phoebe (5:41pm October 1, 2013):

Hi Ella. I think the secondary characters will make the story more complicated to read. But thats fun and more interesting to enjoy

Re: Bran New Death (5:35pm October 1, 2013):

Cant wait to read the series. Im gonna put in on my wishlist. Thank u 4 a great giveaway

Re: A Line Throught Chevington (9:32am September 29, 2013):

Very touching story. I'd love to read your book

Re: The Rebel Fairy (9:27am September 29, 2013):

I always like fairytales. Even now at my age 31 years old i still love to read them.
Good luck with your request. Hope i can read your books. Sweet greeting from Indonesia

Re: The Rebel Fairy (9:27am September 29, 2013):

I always like fairytales. Even now at my age 31 years old i still love to read them.
Good luck with your request. Hope i can read your books. Sweet greeting from Indonesia

Re: Dirty Trick (3:14am September 27, 2013):

Hi Christine, sweet greeting from me Ina in Indonesia.
Books, football (Barcelona is my fav), music, cellphone, Math, hot chocolate, cappucino, brownies,and apple. Just cant live with them.

Re: Dark Road Home (6:23pm September 25, 2013):

Romance is my fav genre.
I love to read, also writing. But i never have enough confidence to finish my wrote. Thats why i always think authors are briliant and awesome people. Cause they've that, confidence, to write and be sure about what they've wrote to be like by readers. Salute to authors

Re: Declan's Cross (6:13pm September 25, 2013):

How tasty! Yummy...
Thanks 4 shared the recipe.
U were my aunt's fav author, Carla. But she has died 2 years ago. She gave all of his books including yours to donate to a local library in our small town

Re: The Grand Opening (6:05pm September 25, 2013):

Wow! I'm a fan of Nora Roberts. She's a great author. I just love her as much as i love JD ROBB :D.
I'll follow my insting. It just to good to let him away if u really feels like that man. There's always the way u can change what people think. And i believe,as long as i'm sure enough about my feeling to that man, i'll keep to fight it

Re: It Takes Two To Tangle (5:57pm September 25, 2013):

My nickname is Ina. I've been called with that name since i was a baby.
My beloved dad said that INA is represent of my country, Indonesia. Hahaha..

Re: True Spies (5:52pm September 25, 2013):

I enjoyed both. No one know how, when, or to who, they'll fall in love. Its natural happening

Re: Everlast (5:43pm September 25, 2013):

Congrats for your book.
Honestly, maybe i'm too old to read fairytales but i just love it. Nice to read and told it to my students, they are still 4 till 6 years old. They always looked so exited to hear me read it. And that was one of my spirit to start my day and finishing my works well.

Re: Gideon's Call (2:32pm September 21, 2013):

Books are my window to see the world. I love to read, and just cant leave this habit. Reading makes me know much

Re: Severed Trust (2:28pm September 21, 2013):

Never read your books before but i'd love to. Texas Ranger? Thats cool. I said that because i've read Diana Palmer books

Re: The Sheik Retold (7:24am September 21, 2013):

Would be nice to read it

Re: Woodrose Mountain (12:42pm April 4, 2012):

I think most of the characters of books tht i've read have suffered something horrible. In historical or contemporary romances, even in paranormal genre i found it. I think thts interesting. Cause readers also can learn about physicology here. N i like it!
Robyn Carr is one of the expert. I read almost of his books. N i think most of her characters have suffered something horrible. I'd love to read yours too, RaeAnne. It'd be my pleasure. Thank u and sweet greeting from indonesia

Re: Wedded In Scandal (12:35pm April 3, 2012):

i have 60 girls in my class, im a math teacher of 9th n 12th grade. The girls always involved me in their ritual of 'finding great dresses' 4 prom. They made me mad. But, it was fun! I enjoyed the moments

Re: In Search of Lucy (11:44pm March 31, 2012):

Wow! Thts wht i thought after read this post. U spent 6 years travelled to interview men about love n relationship?? Awesome! Really, im interested whole of the process u wrote this book. As a person who doesnt have much time to get travelling, u make me feel jealous :D

Re: A Light On The Veranda (11:36pm March 31, 2012):

I always believe tht book is world's window. The settings took an important role of it. With a good description, the readers could imagine, feel, and see tht place which even they nvr visit it before.

Re: True Highland Spirit (11:22pm March 31, 2012):

Congrat 4 your book, Amanda.
My fav heroine must be strong, sexy, passionate, confident, and tall.
N the hero should be more tall than the heroine, has a beautiful eyes n lip, possesive, sexy, charming, and passionate

Re: Sketch a Falling Star (2:08am March 12, 2012):

Wow! U makes me scare :D.
Have u ever feel tht? The characters of the people in your books take out u from the real of u?

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