June 6th, 2020
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Inés Saint | Crave-Analyzing Meddlers

Needs a Little TLC
Inés Saint




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Spinning Hills Romance #2

September 2015
On Sale: September 15, 2015
Featuring: Cassidy Morgan; Sam Amador
246 pages
ISBN: 1601834381
EAN: 9781601834386
Kindle: B00RKQ64RA
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Inés Saint:
Needs a Little TLC, September 2015

Years ago, two of my elderly great-aunts (I had five) were visiting my parents’ house when one of my friends, who happened to be a boy, stopped by to borrow a textbook. My great-aunts eyed him up and down, liked what they saw, and proceeded to grill him. They found out he wanted to be a dentist, and that was that. They were in love. For the next five years, every single time I saw them, they’d tell me what a great catch that cute, but not too-good-looking future dentist was, and they’d scold me about not doing anything to pursue the chemistry that had “crackled” between us. For the record, I was not attracted to my friend AT ALL, and he had a long-term girlfriend to boot.

A few years before this, my sister had been dating a guy my great-aunts could not stand. I can’t repeat any of their arguments against him here, but let’s just say some were hilarious, most were totally inappropriate… and quite a few ended up being right on the mark!

Almost everyone I know has meddlers in their lives, and even though I moved far away from my hometown, I managed to acquire some new ones.

In the fictional town of Spinning Hills, Ruby, Rosa, and Sherry share, expand on, and relish this role. They are the three elderly owners of the Gypsy Fortune Café and Bakery, and matchmaking, grand-smothering, and meddling are among the only things the three women have in common. All three of them believe they can tell exactly what a person needs in their life by analyzing the dessert the person is craving… and they are almost always right. Ruby, a descendent of the Miami Valley Gypsies (who really did exist!) is the one who comes up with the “purpose” of each dessert, and she believes her so-called powers lead her to be right, while Rosa pegs it all on biology, and Sherry just loves to throw people off balance with her assessment and advice. Here’s an example of their crave- analyzing prowess:

“So, what dessert and purpose will it be for you two ladies today?” Sherry asked.

“Purpose?” Jessica repeated.

“Close your eyes and think of the dessert that your innermost hunger craves,” Ruby instructed.

“I guess I’ll have some blueberry pie, if you have some.”

Everyone turned to Ruby. Jessica furrowed her brow, but Rosa squeezed her hand and said, “Don’t feel like we’re putting you on the spot. It’s all just a good marketing ploy I came up with years ago.”

Ruby glowered at Rosa before turning back to Jessica. “The purpose of blueberry pie is to juice up and give a distinct flavor to those areas of your life that feel vague to you. Do you know if this juicy flavor you’re craving is permanent or temporary?”

“Um. Well, I—uh, I…” Jessica stammered.

Ruby smiled wider. “Don’t worry. I know how we can figure it out. Nobody move.”

Ruby rushed to the kitchen. Moments later, she came out holding two pieces of latticed blueberry pie, one in each hand. Rosa and Sherry wore knowing smiles. Unsure but brave, Jessica took a bite of each. “Which one do you prefer?” Sherry asked, eagerly.

Jessica chewed, and then swallowed. “The one on the left, I guess.”

“Is that the one with cinnamon?” Rosa asked.

“No,” Ruby answered, eyes twinkling. “And that means you’re looking for a quick fix. Something juicy, but fleeting.”

“Why? What does cinnamon have to do with anything?” Johnny laughed.

“Cinnamon is an ancient preservative. She doesn’t crave it; therefore, she doesn’t crave anything permanent.”

Rosa seized Jessica’s left hand and held it up. “No ring,” she declared.

“She’s widowed,” Cassie was quick to say, lest they get any ideas of fixing her up.

“We’re widows, too, dear,” Sherry was saying to an amused Jessica as she led her to a table. “Now, eat your pie, and tell us all about yourself.”

Just like the ladies of the Gypsy Fortune Café and Bakery, my great- aunts believed they were all-knowing and all-wise, and although they believed they had great powers of deduction, I’m grateful none of them thought they had actual magical powers. But I happen to love all of my meddlers, fictional and real.

Do you have any in your life? I would love to hear any funny stories you have about them! What do you think they’d do if they believed they had magical fortunetelling powers?

About Inés Saint

Inés Saint was born in Zaragoza, Spain. She's bilingual and bicultural and has spent the last decade raising her fun, inspiring boys and sharing her life with the man of her dreams, who also happens to be her best friend and biggest cheerleader. Her greatest joys are spending quality time with family and close friends.

She'd love to hear from you! Please email her at ines.saint@gmail.com




In Spinning Hills, Ohio, “quirky” is a good thing—especially the charming houses that line the streets. One by one, the Amador brothers are restoring them, committed to a new beginning for the old-fashioned town. But they’re learning that every house needs a heart to be a home…

Real estate agent Cassidy Morgan specializes in historic homes, but her own history is something she likes to avoid. Back in Spinning Hills for the first time in ten years, she has a chance to put her small agency on the map as the premier realtor of restored houses. But it means a partnership with the one man she’s never forgotten—and can’t quite resist…

Sam Amador doesn’t quit—and he doesn’t run away from his problems, like a certain stubborn, extremely attractive real estate agent did all those years ago. Working with Cassie is a risk, but Sam knows his heart is more likely to suffer than his renovation business. How can he convince her that this time, Spinning Hills is where she belongs—and that his love has always been hers?




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