January 26th, 2015
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New Year, New Romances in January

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All that's left is to say…"I Do"

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Escape into unforgettable fantasies with love, lust, and laughter…

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Breaking all the rules

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Paradise, love and power...and a prophecy with a price.

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What would you do to improve your life?

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Where Lessons on Seduction Become Something More


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by Douglas Corleone
"Another thrilling adventure as Simon Fisk pursues some very nasty kidnappers."
Posted August 6, 2014

Ex-U.S. Marshall and freelance investigator Simon Fisk knows you must always be careful when asking for a favor, but he finds himself doing a lot of that as he pursues the men who kidnapped 15-year-old Olivia Trenton from her home in California. As the daughter of Read more...

Sight Unseen
by Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen
"A serial killer is recreating horrific crimes that Kendra Michaels helped solve with her unique abilities."
Posted July 26, 2014

Blind for many years, music therapist Dr. Kendra Michaels regained her sight through an experimental surgical procedure. Because of her blindness, Kendra's other senses have been heightened, which makes her highly sought after by law enforcement agencies. In the past, she's been a freelance operative for the FBI Read more...

The Frozen Dead
by Bernard Minier
"In the French Pyrenees, several chilling murders occur near an asylum for the criminally insane."
Posted July 22, 2014

Even though Commandant Martin Servaz is busy with a murder case in Toulouse, his deputy chief sends him to Saint- Martin-de-Comminges in the French Pyrenees to assist in the investigation of a very bizarre murder. No sooner does he arrive in town than two more murders, staged to Read more...

The Dead Will Tell
by Linda Castillo
"Death is stalking residents of Painters Mill -- could it relate to murders from 35 years ago?"
Posted July 18, 2014

In 1979, an Amish father and four of his children die during a botched robbery at his home. The only survivors are his wife, who disappeared that night, and their 14-year- old, son. The son, Billy Hockstetler, was adopted by a local Amish family, but the wife was never Read more...

The Tower
by Simon Toyne
"Powerfully dynamic and intriguing conclusion to the Sanctus conspiracy thriller trilogy."
Posted July 18, 2014

NASA's Hubbell space telescope operational computer has been hacked and the scientist in control of it is missing. A cryptic "end of days" message is left on the computer, as well as a disturbing countdown clock. Then another closely guarded space-probing satellite program is sabotaged and its head Read more...

The Tower
by Simon Toyne
"Powerfully dynamic and intriguing conclusion to the Sanctus conspiracy thriller trilogy"
Posted July 18, 2014

NASA's Hubbell space telescope operational computer has been hacked and the scientist in control of it is missing. A cryptic "end of days" message is left on the computer, as well as a disturbing countdown clock. Then another closely guarded space-probing satellite program is sabotaged and its head Read more...

The Good Girl
by Mary Kubica
"Nothing is as it seems for this picture-perfect family -- and they'll never be the same again."
Posted July 14, 2014

Mia Dennett's father is a well-known judge in Chicago, while Eve, her passive mother, tries to be the perfect wife. As an inner-city teacher living on her own, Mia does not conform to the life her affluent parents expected of their daughter. After being stood-up once Read more...

The Black Stiletto: Endings & Beginnings
by Raymond Benson
"The thrilling finale to the entertaining and suspenseful Black Stiletto saga."
Posted July 14, 2014

There's one final diary, the fifth, for Marty to read in the mysterious tale of his mother Judy Cooper's life as the Black Stiletto. Will he find out if Leo Kelly is his father, or is it someone else? As Judy gets closer to death from Alzheimer's Read more...

Let Me Go
by Chelsea Cain
"After 13 years, Gretchen has cost Archie everything -- and will always be his problem."
Posted July 14, 2014

It's only been a few months since serial killer/psychologist Gretchen Lowell, the Beauty Killer, escaped a psychiatric institution. After working the Beauty Killer case for 13 years, Portland homicide detective Archie Sheridan has been removed from the investigation team. Archie is now trying to get on with his Read more...

Everything to Lose
by Andrew Gross
"A woman has everything to lose when she makes a life-changing, split-second decision."
Posted July 14, 2014

Hilary Blum has just lost her job, is wallowing in debt because she gets no assistance from her ex-husband, while also dealing with their autistic son. As she's driving on a country road from her place to her ex-husband's to again beg for the money he Read more...

The Butcher
by Jennifer Hillier
"What happens when everything you believed to be true is suddenly turned upside down?"
Posted June 17, 2014

In 1985 Seattle, the notorious serial slayer known as the Beacon Hill Butcher was gunned down by cop Edward Shank. His heroic actions in killing the Butcher led to him being named Seattle Chief of Police, and he loved every minute of fame. Now, 30 years later, the chief has Read more...

Relic of Death
by David Bernstein
"A stolen briefcase promises something different for whoever possesses it."
Posted June 17, 2014

The briefcase is first discovered in a vault and stolen by two hit men. When they are killed, a junkie takes it from the crime scene, only to lose it when he's killed. It then moves into the hands of a woman, who dies after the briefcase is stolen Read more...

Don't Talk to Strangers
by Amanda Kyle Williams
"Atlanta P.I. Keye Street heads to the country to help a sheriff track down a vicious predator."
Posted June 17, 2014

Keye Street and business partner Neil Donovan run a detective agency in Atlanta called Corporate Intelligence and Investigations (CI&I). As a former FBI criminal investigative analyst, Keye is now a private investigator, a bail recovery agent, a process server -- and a recovery alcoholic. She's quite good at what Read more...

Cop Town
by Karin Slaughter
"In Atlanta, 1974, there's upheaval in the police ranks as blacks and females are added to the force."
Posted June 17, 2014

It's 1974 and a cop killer is on the loose in Atlanta. A full-scale manhunt is underway, but there are few leads. If that weren't enough pressure to deal with, there's been a transition to black leadership of the city and the police department. The good Read more...

The Last Taxi Ride
by A.X. Ahmad
"Time is running out for taxi driver Ranjit Singh to find who really killed a beautiful Bollywood actress."
Posted June 17, 2014

Accused as an accessory to murder, New York City taxi driver Ranjit Singh has only 10 days to find the person who actually killed Bollywood actress Shabana Shah. She was alive when he dropped her off at the main door of the Dakota apartments. When Ranjit comes back to return Read more...

Murder on Bamboo Lane
by Naomi Hirahara
"Finding a former classmate murdered, LA bicycle cop Ellie Rush becomes involved in the investigation."
Posted May 29, 2014

Japanese-American Ellie Rush is a rookie LAPD bicycle cop with aspirations to be a detective. Ellie's inspiration is her aunt, who's the highest-ranking Asian officer in the LAPD. Assigned to porta-potty street patrol during the Chinese New Year parade, Ellie is close to the alley Read more...

A Better World
by Marcus Sakey
"The battle continues between the norms and the abnorms for their place in an ever evolving world."
Posted May 15, 2014

Over 30 years ago, the first "brilliants" (called abnorms and gifted) were born with a variety of exceptional gifts, which gave them great advantage over normal people. Since then, both factions have struggled to deal with the differences between them and what it will mean for the world they inhabit Read more...

Land of Shadows
by Rachel Howzell Hall
"Will homicide detective Elouise Norton find answers to a disappearance that's haunted her for years?"
Posted May 15, 2014

When a teenage girl's body is found hanging by a belt in the closet of an unfinished condo unit still under construction, the general consensus is suicide, but things don't look right about the scene to Los Angeles homicide detective Elouise (Lou) Norton. Even though her new partner Read more...

The Travel Writer
by Jeff Soloway
"A travel writer becomes an amateur sleuth when a friend goes missing in Bolivia."
Posted May 15, 2014

New York editor Hilary Pearson has vanished while vacationing at a high-class resort in Bolivia. The repercussions of her disappearance could cause problems for the hotel on a worldwide scale, so the resort's PR agent Pilar Rojas contacts ex-lover and travel writer Jacob Smalls for help. As Read more...

Night Heron
by Adam Brookes
"An escaped spy finds espionage has changed in the 20 years he's been in a Chinese labor camp."
Posted May 15, 2014

After being incarcerated in a remote Chinese labor camp for nearly 20 years, convicted spy Li Huasheng (aka Peanut) makes a harrowing escape and long journey to Beijing. Having sold military secrets to the British in the past, Peanut decides to resume his spying by forcing one of his former Read more...

Tanzey Cutter

In the over 20 years I've been reviewing books, my reading preferences have changed, as you'll see from my list of reviews. I went from historical romance to contemporary romance to romantic suspense to sci-fi/fantasy to my current fave - mystery/suspense/thriller. I used to be game for just about anything, but I've gotten more set in my ways lately. One thing hasn't changed - my love of reading.

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