April 25th, 2014
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April showers = Book Reading time!

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Can he come home again to the Plain life?

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Is sacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Is Homecoming turns out more than new dresses…murdersacrificing herself the only way to stop this evil?

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Vampires aren't real...or are they?

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Is your first love worth a second chance?

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Win it all, or lose it all


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Where Monsters Dwell
by Jorgen Brekke
"Could an ancient book really be the connection between brutal murders in Norway and Virginia?"
Posted January 14, 2014

In Richmond, Virginia, the shockingly flayed corpse of the curator of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum is discovered in his office; while in Trondheim, Norway, a library archivist's similarly flayed body is found inside a locked vault. As Richmond homicide detective Felicia Stone and Trondheim police inspector Odd Singsaker Read more...

Glass Houses
by Terri Nolan
"Journalist/author Birdie Keane is dealing with her family's deception, as well as revealing new secrets."
Posted January 14, 2014

Prize-winning journalist and author Birdie Keane is living with the damaging consequences following close friend Matt Whelan's staged death and his involvement in police corruption. As part of a close-knit Irish cop family, Birdie is looking for answers that could prove deadly for those involved in the Read more...

Under Your Skin
by Sabine Durrant
"A cunning murder mystery with some clever twists and turns that lead to a stunning ending."
Posted January 14, 2014

In the wooded copse beyond a London commons, a dead body is discover by daytime TV presenter Gaby Mortimer during her morning run. Gaby starts out as a witness, but soon becomes a suspect. As more and more evidence points to her, Gaby is eventually arrested as the murderer. With Read more...

The Deal
by Adam Gittlin
"What starts out as the deal of a lifetime quickly turns into something sinister and deadly."
Posted January 10, 2014

Real estate investment broker Jonah Gray has it all -- partnership in a powerful New York City firm that provides him enough money to afford a Park Avenue penthouse, luxury clothes and vehicles, as well as a lavish social lifestyle. He learned how to be powerful in pursuing his dreams from Read more...

The Purity of Vengeance
by Jussi Adler-Olsen
"Danish Detective Carl Mørck of Dept. Q is involved in the most unusual cold case he's ever handled."
Posted January 6, 2014

Department Q consists of Danish Detective Carl Mørck and his assistants, Assad and Rose, who work in the dreary basement of police headquarters investigating cold cases. While they are looking into new evidence that's been uncovered relating to the disastrous case that ruined the lives of Carl's Read more...

Fear Nothing
by Lisa Gardner
"Boston police detective D.D. Warren is dealing with a serial killer investigation unlike any other."
Posted December 19, 2013

The crime scene was horribly gruesome, so Boston PD detective D.D. Warren felt compelled to check it out again. She just wasn't expecting to be pushed down the stairs by someone else lurking in the shadows. D.D. is left with some memory loss from the fall, but Read more...

The Troop
by Nick Cutter
"Things will never be the same for a Boy Scout troop after a weekend on a supposedly deserted island."
Posted December 16, 2013

Falstaff Island is a densely wooded, isolated island off the north shore of Canada's Prince Edward Island (PEI). Scout master Tim Riggs, a small town General Practitioner on PEI, is taking his troop of five teenage boys on their annual camping trip to Falstaff. When a foul-smelling, totally Read more...

Saints of the Shadow Bible
by Ian Rankin
"Scotland detective Rebus is back and his first investigation is a cold case from 30 years ago."
Posted December 16, 2013

After Rebus retired as a Scotland detective, he did civilian work for a Cold Case Unit. When that was completed, he reapplied to CID. He's now back on the force, but in a lower position. Rebus is a rare breed of cop in today's world; a loose cannon Read more...

The Black Stiletto
by Raymond Benson
"As more secrets and lies are revealed about the past life of the Black Stiletto, the danger increases."
Posted December 16, 2013

Martin Talbot is told his mother, Judy, who has Alzheimer's, is getting worse and the end of her life is drawing near. Even though he's known the day would come, he's still heartbroken to think that his once vibrant and vivacious mother, who led a secret life Read more...

Dream of the Serpent
by Alan Ryker
"Things aren't always as they seem, especially when reality goes crazy."
Posted December 16, 2013

Cody Miller has a bright future ahead of him with rich and beautiful fiancée Madison. He's highly intelligent and will soon join her father's corporate firm. Then one night it all blows up in his face, literally, when he makes one small mistake that changes his life Read more...

Killing Cupid
by Laura Levine
"There's another murder -- and Jaine Austen is one of the main suspects!"
Posted December 16, 2013

Free-lance writer Jaine Austen considers herself a part- time, semi-professional private investigator. After all, she's been the one to solve quite a few murders where she's also been a suspect. Why should this new writing gig she has be any different? Shortly before Valentine's Day Read more...

The Bequest
by Mike Farris
"What is believed to be a stroke of luck from a unique bequest turns out to be anything but that."
Posted November 12, 2013

The career of Oscar-winning actress Teri Squire is on the skids following one bad movie after another. Her production company, as well as her lover, are ready to dump her. What Teri needs is an amazing screenplay, but where is she going to find one when nobody has any Read more...

The Tenth Circle
by Jon Land
"McCracken and his compatriots expertly deal with some of the most evil characters to inhabit a plotline."
Posted November 9, 2013

Long after most men his age have retired, Blaine McCracken is still fighting evil; an aging warrior with a sixth sense for survival. Considered by some as past his prime and a relic, McCracken is still deadly proficient; a legend who lives apart from others, except for his lengthy relationship Read more...

Mostly Murder
by Linda Ladd
"No matter where she goes, homicide detective Claire Morgan becomes involved with murder."
Posted November 9, 2013

Homicide detective Claire Morgan has a knack for always being where some murderous weirdo creep decides to start killing people. Temporarily moving to New Orleans from the Missouri Ozarks with her lover Dr. Black doesn't seem to have change that scenario at all. Black is hoping the change of Read more...

Secret Santa
by Fern Michaels, Laura Levine, Marie Bostwick, Cindy Myers
"A delightful assortment of Christmas short stories filled with everything one expects from the season."
Posted October 11, 2013

In Mister Christmas by Fern Michaels, attorney Claire O'Brien finds herself unexpectedly flying to Ireland a week before Christmas to deal with a wealthy, older client whose supposedly failing health requires a change in his will. What she finds is something else entirely, especially when Read more...

The Invisible Code
by Christopher Fowler
"London investigators Arthur Bryant & John May return to solve another profoundly unusual mystery."
Posted October 11, 2013

Two children playing the game "Witch Hunter" near St. Bride's Church put a curse on a woman who enters the church and dies of an unknown cause. The case is so baffling, it's sure to be given to the Peculiar Crimes Unit, an unconventional group of investigators, led Read more...

Storm Front
by John Sandford
"This time around, Virgil Flowers' boss has him searching for a precious artifact stolen from Israel."
Posted October 11, 2013

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent Virgil Flowers gets a call from his boss, Lucas Davenport, with a most unusual assignment concerning a rare and precious artifact that's been stolen from Israel. The artifact has been taken from an archeological dig site by Elijah Jones, a Lutheran minister and Read more...

Tell No Lies
by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz
"Misplaced envelopes intended for other people throw one man's life into total chaos."
Posted October 9, 2013

When group counselor Daniel Brasher, who works with paroled violent offenders in San Francisco, finds several envelopes in his office mail addressed to other people, he's shocked by the death threats he finds inside. Then he learns that some of the people have already been brutally murdered. Even though Read more...

The Hanging of Samuel Ash
by Sheldon Russell
"Railroad bull Hook Runyon returns to investigate another unusual murder near the train tracks."
Posted October 9, 2013

WWII has ended, but things are far from back to normal where operations of the Santa Fe railroad are concerned. Not only are tensions high among the union workers, but pickpockets are causing problems along the section of line watched by one-armed railroad bull (investigator) Hook Runyon. Frustrated with Read more...

From High Heels to Gumboots...One Cow Pie at a Time
by June Hilbert
"A witty and whimsical memoir of a woman dealing with the transition of becoming a farm wife."
Posted October 5, 2013

When June met the love of her life, Bill Hilbert, and agreed to marry him, little did she fully realize the adventure awaiting her as a farm wife. Even though she grew up in a rural community, June left that small town long ago to start a career in banking Read more...

Tanzey Cutter

In the nearly 20 years I've been reviewing books, my reading preferences have changed, as you'll see from my list of reviews. I went from historical romance to contemporary romance to romantic suspense to sci-fi/fantasy to my current fave - mystery/suspense/thriller. I used to be game for just about anything, but I've gotten more set in my ways lately. One thing hasn't changed - my love of reading.

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