July 31st, 2015
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Follow Your Heart

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She stole his heart when they were young, but he's back…

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Will their mutual attraction get in the way of competition?

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What happens when a single mom’s four-year-old daughter falls in love with Mr. Right and she doesn’t?

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Six Sizzling Small Town Romances

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Sometimes love is magic.


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Black Scorpion: The Tyrant Reborn
by Jon Land, Fabrizio Boccardi
"Is Michael "The Tyrant" Tiranno facing his downfall as the truth of his past is revealed?"
Posted March 12, 2015

Five years after Michael "The Tyrant" Tiranno saved Las Vegas from a terrorist attack, he faces something even more malevolent in the form of Vladimir Dracu, the evil leader of an all-powerful criminal organization called Black Scorpion. Holding much of Eastern Europe in a grip of fear, Black Scorpion Read more...

by Barry Lancet
"Will anyone or anything be able to stop a centuries-old secret society of Japanese assassins?"
Posted February 22, 2015

When five members of a Tokyo family are murdered in San Francisco's Japantown, the police bring in Jim Brodie, a private investigator/antiques dealer proficient in Japanese, to decipher the only clue left behind -- a piece of paper displaying an unusual Japanese character, called a kanji, written on it Read more...

Swan Dive
by Kendel Lynn
"PI-in-training Elliott Lisbon never has to look far to find a murder to investigate."
Posted February 22, 2015

As director of the charitable and prestigious Ballantyne Foundation of Sea Pine Island, South Carolina, Elliott (Elli) Lisbon is also expected to perform discreet inquiries for the foundation's donors and close friends. This works out well with her other pursuit as an official PI-in-training. She just wishes Read more...

All the Old Knives
by Olen Steinhauer
"The CIA is reinvestigating a failed rescue of a hijacked plane nine years ago in Austria."
Posted February 22, 2015

Nine years ago, Henry Pelham and Celia Harrison were stationed in Vienna, Austria, with other CIA colleagues when an attempt to rescue hostages of a hijacked airliner failed miserably. Everyone on the plane was killed, including the CIA operative on board who was trying to save them. Was the plan Read more...

Season of Fear
by Brian Freeman
"Could an unsolved crime from 10 years ago be influencing actions in the present?"
Posted February 12, 2015

A decade ago in the small inland town of Lake Wales, Florida, a massacre took place during a political fundraiser for Birch Fairmont, leaving him and two others dead in the aftermath. No one was ever apprehended for the brutal crimes. Wanting to leave all the bad memories behind, his Read more...

The Dead Key
by D.M. Pulley
"A stately old abandoned bank building is the setting for some very mysterious secrets and goings-on."
Posted February 12, 2015

In December 1978, the doors to the First Bank of Cleveland were closed, chained and locked up tight in the middle of the night, leaving furniture, furnishings and files exactly as they were when the employees left for the day. With a federal investigation eminent in light of fraud allegations Read more...

Nobody Walks
by Mick Herron
"After so many years in hiding, an ex-spy's return upsets old enemies while he acquires new ones."
Posted January 27, 2015

Ex-spy Thomas Bettany left the British Intelligence Agency years ago after devoting decades of his life to undercover work. Not long after, his wife died and his son, Liam, blamed him for her death. Estranged from Liam, Tom has drifted around Europe working menial jobs and losing himself in Read more...

Crash & Burn
by Lisa Gardner
"How are present events linked to what took place 30 years ago?"
Posted January 13, 2015

On a rainy night, an SUV is found at the base of an embankment in rural New Hampshire. Sgt. Wyatt Foster deals with the injured driver, Nicole Frank, who is frantically calling for a young girl named Vero. However, a thorough search of the area turns up no other occupant Read more...

Full Tilt
by Rick Mofina
"Investigative reporter Kate Page has a close personal connection to her latest assignment."
Posted January 10, 2015

After her excellent reporting of and help in solving a child abduction case in Texas, investigative journalist Kate Page was promoted to Newslead's world headquarters in Manhattan, New York. It's here that she receives a call from a detective working a bizarre crime scene in upstate New York Read more...

The Great Zoo of China
by Matthew Reilly
"The Chinese have built a special zoo to feature a very unique creature it's discovered, but is it safe?"
Posted January 10, 2015

For the past 40 years, the Chinese government has been secretly working on an innovative zoo in Guangdong Province to showcase a new creature they discovered in a deep underground cave. Prior to the grand opening of the Great Zoo of China, Chinese officials have invited a group of VIP Read more...

The Deep
by Nick Cutter
"A terrifying tale of horror in the deepest, darkest part of the Pacific Ocean."
Posted December 28, 2014

Desperate government officials are looking for a cure for 'Gets, a terrible plague afflicting people of every age all over the world. In their quest, they have built a research lab, called Trieste, eight miles deep at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where cell- regenerating Read more...

The Forgotten Girls
by Sara Blaedel
"Denmark criminal investigator Louise Ricks' first investigation at her new unit is a bizarre case."
Posted December 21, 2014

Denmark criminal investigator Louise Rick has recently taken over the Special Search Agency, a subdivision of Denmark's Search Department. She immediately becomes involved in having to identify the body of a woman found dead in the woods. Eventually, Louise and her new partner Eik Nordstrom learn that the woman Read more...

Trust No One
by Jayne Ann Krentz
"Is Grace Elland's past coming back to haunt her?"
Posted December 13, 2014

When Grace Elland was 16 years old, she discovered a murdered body in the basement of a boarded-up asylum. The incident has affected her life ever since. Now, she's found the dead body of her boss, Sprague Witherspoon, in his Seattle bedroom. Sprague is a motivational speaker and Read more...

Die Again
by Tess Gerritsen
"Boston Detective Jane Rizzoli & medical examiner Maura Isles team up again to solve a bizarre case."
Posted December 13, 2014

The crime scene is horrific with the victim, big-game hunter and world-renowned taxidermist Leon Gott, sustaining claw marks to his gutted body. The implications are unbelievable for Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles as they examine the corpse and the setting of the murder Read more...

The Marco Effect
by Jussi Adler-Olsen
"Copenhagen police detective Carl Mørck is again handling a very mysterious cold case."
Posted November 22, 2014

Danish detective Carl Mørck investigates cold cases as head of Department Q. Not only must Carl deal with his offbeat assistants, Assad and Rose, but now a new person has been assigned to the team. Carl knows this man is nothing more than a spy for his officious new Read more...

Angel of the Abyss
by Ed Kurtz
"Finding a legendary silent film proves hazardous for the man asked to restore it."
Posted November 15, 2014

In Boston, film restoration expert Graham Woodard receives a call from L.A. that changes his life forever. A reel of film of the 1926 silent movie Angel of the Abyss, lost since its premier and in desperate need of restoration, has been found. The woman in possession Read more...

by Mark Stevens
"Intrepid hunting guide Allison Coil uncovers murder...and something more."
Posted October 8, 2014

While meeting up with one of her groups in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of Colorado, hunting guide Allison Coil discovers the partial remains of a human body not far from camp. There are animal signs around what is left of the corpse, but did a wild animal cause the Read more...

Strong Darkness
by Jon Land
"Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong proves again the bad guys can't win when trying to deal with her."
Posted September 13, 2014

Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong is tracking down a serial killer who has her recalling a case her great-grandfather worked in 1883. The crimes are identical in the same Texas locales where they're committed along the original Southern Pacific railroad line built by Chinese in the 1880s, with all Read more...

The Valhalla Prophecy
by Andy McDermott
"An intense, action-packed adventure that crisscrosses the globe in search of a mythological site."
Posted September 13, 2014

When a Viking rune stone is stolen from a Swedish museum by murderous thieves, the husband and wife team of archaeologist Nina Wilde and ex-SAS soldier Eddie Chase are called in to investigate. They're told the stone is one of two that hold the key to revealing the Read more...

Bad Bones
by Linda Ladd
"Another chilling psychological thriller featuring incomparable homicide detective Claire Morgan."
Posted September 13, 2014

Claire Morgan is a tough-as-nails homicide detective in Canton County, Missouri, in the Lake of the Ozarks region. Her fiery strength, stubbornness and determination to do her job right means she sometimes takes reckless, unnecessary risks. This worries her dedicated fiancé Nick Black and makes him crazy...it Read more...

Tanzey Cutter

In the over 20 years I've been reviewing books, my reading preferences have changed, as you'll see from my list of reviews. I went from historical romance to contemporary romance to romantic suspense to sci-fi/fantasy to my current fave - mystery/suspense/thriller. I used to be game for just about anything, but I've gotten more set in my ways lately. One thing hasn't changed - my love of reading.

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