July 31st, 2014
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Hot romance, blistering suspense in July

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From Shadow Warrior...to hostage

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A win-win negotiation?

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Sometimes falling in love means going through the worst kind hell

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Her lifelong search for home might be closer than she thinks!

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An Inside Out Novella in Mark's POV

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Texas Hot Zone Boxed set

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The guy from the wrong side of the tracks...

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She's going to break all of his rules...

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Is she a victim or a terrorist?


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Rogue of the Borders
by Cynthia Breeding
"A disguised stowaway finds the excitement and love she craves."
Posted May 28, 2014

Abigail Townsend, daughter of the Earl of Sherrington, has her sights set on a particular Scot. Tired of London's soirees and balls, she's ready to travel to faraway places with Shane Macleod. Hoping to have a chance to corner the handsome rogue, she is disappointed when he has Read more...

A Season Of Change
by Lynette Sowell
"Love comes disguised as an accident for this lonely widower and his children."
Posted May 25, 2014

Five year old Zeke Miller and his sister Rebecca, seven, are Amish and recently without a mother. Their mother died along with their baby brother at the time of his birth. It's been a year and they are spending their first Christmas in Florida since their death. Their father Read more...

Under a Summer Sky
by Nan Rossiter
"Life Unfolds in Unexpected Ways for a God Loving Family."
Posted May 21, 2014

Laney Coleman is an "old soul" and wiser than her age. At 52, she and her husband, Noah, have 5 sons, and life has given them great joy as well as deep sadness as they venture through the lives. Elijah, Gage, Ben, Seth, and another "old soul" at 1, Asher Read more...

Where Dreams Are Born
by M.L. Buchman
"Twelve lighthouses and 12 letters realizes love for two lonely and lost people."
Posted May 19, 2014

Russell Morgan, a famous ad photographer, has made his own way to success. Always involved with gorgeous models, he doesn't even consider committing to any and has no interest in the high class New York women. Living in Manhattan Russell is portrayed as one of People Magazine's "100 Read more...

In Want Of A Wife
by Jo Goodman
"A Mail Order Bride Marries as an Escape and Finds Unexpected Love."
Posted May 19, 2014

Jane Middlebourne has just been confronted by her Aunt Franny after learning of Jane's pregnancy. Her son Alex claims to be the father and intends to marry his cousin Jane. Alex has a scheme going and has involved a reluctant Jane who only seeks an escape. Jane was taken Read more...

Until I Found You
by Victoria Bylin
"Choosing between God and success, delivers forever love to a woman."
Posted May 11, 2014

Kate Darby's successful life is thrown into turmoil upon receiving the call that her grandmother, Leona, has suffered a stroke. Kate is good at her job in Los Angeles at Sutton Advertising Boutique Ad Agency but clearly has to put her grandmother first. Leona is her remaining relative, still Read more...

Until There Was You
by Kristan Higgins
"Righting a wrong of the past gives eternal love to a quirky young woman."
Posted May 11, 2014

The first man she'd ever loved, Liam Declan Murphy, returns to Bellsford, New Hampshire. Cordelia "Posey" Osterhagen could never meausure up to the gorgeous Emma Tate, who ended up getting Liam. Posey's adoptive mother, Stacia, whoat six foot two and of German stature is very unlike Posey. Posey Read more...

A Family Affair
by Fern Michaels
"A Woman Finds Her True Love Only to Lose Him Again."
Posted May 8, 2014

Patricia Holiday refuses an invitation for dinner and a thousand dollar bill from a stranger. As a Vegas dancer Trisha has worked hard and strives to take pride in the home and life she has made for herself. Making it through the evening performance, it's all she can do Read more...

The Goodbye Witch
by Heather Blake
"Enchanting, Humorous, and Spellbinding! The Goodbye Witch is packed with Witchcraft, Murder, and Love."
Posted May 8, 2014

Darcy Merriweather is a wish crafter, who lives with her aunt Ve, also a witch, while operating As You Wish. Their concierge business serves as their home in the Enchanted Village, a themed neighborhood of Salem, Massachusetts. The Enchanted Village is usually a peaceful place, but Darcy's best friend Read more...

Fair Play
by Deeanne Gist
"The 1893 Chicago World's Fair brings love to a female doctor and a Texas Ranger."
Posted May 3, 2014

The Chicago World's Fair in 1893 is opening with many women attending the International Convention of Woman's Progress. A guest speaker is Dr. Billy Jack Tate, who is being detained from entering as the hall is full and none of the guards believe her to be a doctor Read more...

by Cat Johnson
"A Young Passionate Bull Rider Fulfills His Dreams and Passions."
Posted May 2, 2014

Skeeter Anderson started training for that eight-second ride on the back of a bucking bull. His passion carried through as an adult, and he was ranking in the top forty while touring with the best of the series. He's hit a bad time,and Skeeter is no longer Read more...

A Reason To Love
by Alexis Morgan
"A Soldier Believed Dead Returns and Finds Unexpected Love and Acceptance."
Posted May 2, 2014

Melanie Wolfe is back home following her father's death, in order to take over the family operation in Snowberry Creek. Giving up her librarian job in Spokane wouldn't have been her first choice, but Snowberry Creek was her great-great-grandfather's creation, and the family has a Read more...

Then and Always
by Dani Atkins
"A tragic accident leaves a young woman living side by side lives."
Posted April 29, 2014

Rachel Wiltshire and Matt Randall have been a couple throughout high school with plans of loving each other forever. Each intends to keep the relationship together even though they will be separated when they leave for university. Rachel's closest friend, Jimmy Boyd, has always been there to lean on Read more...

Wildflower Wedding
by LuAnn McLane
"A young woman finds love in the lost badass school boy of her past."
Posted April 13, 2014

Gabby Goodwin and her mother lived in the trailer park when she was a child and considered by the town folk and other students of Cricket Creek as trailer trash. Now an adult after persistence has endured and her mother now deceased, she has opened her own flower shop called Read more...

Betting the Rainbow
by Jodi Thomas
"Three couples in Harmony, Texas find the true meaning of love and happiness."
Posted April 6, 2014

Rainbow Lane in Harmony, Texas is the heart and real home of many young people, even though they have denied it for years and for different reasons. Ronny Logan has returned home to be alone, following a year of travel after her one true love has passed away. Her mother Read more...

Flight Delay
by Nicole Helm
"Renewed faith, happiness and love for a family who had lost it all."
Posted April 6, 2014

Lawson Baker has moved home and taken over his deceased grandparent's home and business. Losing his wife, Sue , to another man has caused Law to give his sons a change of venue, moving from Hollywood where she is a movie star surrounded by vicious rumors. With both boys in Read more...

Rodeo Queen
by T.J. Kline
"This girl finds more at this rodeo than training horses!"
Posted March 31, 2014

The announcement has just been made that Sydney Thomas is the new rodeo queen of the Fifty-first Annual West Hills Roundup Rodeo. Excited at this opening up prospects of employment with a rodeo company, her only hesitation is at the treatment dished out by Scott Chandler, part owner of Read more...

Close Pursuit
by Cindy Dees
"Hot raging pursuit of a man and woman on assignment in a remote country."
Posted March 29, 2014

Katie McCloud has been raised with five older brothers and a father, all involved in special ops and government trysts. Katie Volunteers to accompany Alex Peters, aka Alexei Petrovich Koronov , a super brilliant doctor, to aid in the delivery of babies in the country of Zaghastan for Doctor's Unlimited Read more...

Feel The Rush
by Kelsie Leverich
"Finding Mr. Safe Was the Plan, but Her Plans Are about to Change."
Posted March 23, 2014

Still burned from a previous love affair, Megan Mitchell is persuaded to move to Columbus, Georgia with her friend Eve where they are both going to work as nurses at the base hospital. The first day at their apartment Megan is shocked to meet the man she had a one Read more...

Lone Star Justice
by Tori Scott
"Terror a court judge and her daughter and ends in love for both."
Posted March 21, 2014

Madelyn "Maddie" Cooper,is now a judge, living in Montgomery County, Oklahoma with her 13 year old daughter, Brandy. As a pregnant unwed teen, Maddie left Greendale, Texas and the love of her life, Rand McCade, following the death of his parents. Maddie believes that Rand hates her because her Read more...

Kay Quintin

I have 4 step children, 4 natural children and 4 adopted children. I am also a proud grandmother of 35 and great grandmother of 9. I currently still work as administrator of an ophthalmology office. My passion is machine embroidery and reading. I love doing reviews for Fresh Fiction and the people are great to work with. I thank those who make it possible for me to participate in this great program!

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