September 1st, 2015
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It's never easy to leave the past behind

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Revenge never tasted so sweet…

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His secrets could destroy her…

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Diamonds are a girl’s best exfoliator.


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Once Upon a Cowboy
by Maggie McGinnis
"A girl escapes with her life to find love and a place she can call home ."
Posted June 29, 2015

Sixteen year old Star Smith has a devastating life with her mother Roxie and aunt Luanne in the slums of a trailer court in Charleston, South Carolina. Physically and mentally abused by them, Star is also involved with a young man even more abusive to her. After witnessing Billy shooting Read more...

A Kiss for a Highlander
by Jane Godman
"This crabbit woman falls for a man out of her reach but finds it isn't always about beauty."
Posted June 23, 2015

Fraser Lachlan is risking his own life for his cousin, Lord Jack Lindsey. Bonnie Prince Charlie has made a retreat during battle and stranded Fraser and the injured Jack in England along with other Jacobites. Extreme measures must be taken to insure Lord Jack's survival. Stumbling upon an English Read more...

The Rest of My Life
by Sheryl Browne
"A Lost Soul Loses His Heart to a Beautiful Woman..."
Posted June 22, 2015

Sharing a cottage in the Severn Valley with her close friend Lauren, Sienna Meadows has a part-time job in a pub that allows her time to write. She's been shortlisted in the TV Romance Script competition. But how does she write about the sex in a romance when Read more...

by Anne Wagener
"Searching for her place, this young woman stumbles on the love of her life as a hired bridesmaid."
Posted June 19, 2015

Fresh out of college, Piper Marie Brody isn't pursuing a career as thought by her parents....or Piper. Wrong about her choice of college major and choice of her past boyfriend, Piper wonders how she could have gone so far astray. Sharing an apartment with Lin, a gay guy Read more...

Size Matters
by Stephanie Haefner
"A widow must weigh a boyfriend's inadequate package against her search for a great mate and father."
Posted June 16, 2015

Byrn Harper is a widow with three children, Cammie, Jaxson and Zachary, and missing sex for 2 ½ years now. She may have lost a husband and love of her life, but she isn't dead and her libido is still kicking. Byrn knows it's just like riding a bicycle Read more...

Undercover Bride
by Margaret Brownley
"A derringer-toting female undercover agent gets her man and an unexpected family."
Posted June 12, 2015

Maggie Taylor (Cartwright) is undercover as a Pinkerton operative arriving by train in 1882. Her assignment has been corresponding with Garrett Thomas from Furnace Creek, Arizona who advertised for a mail order bride. Garrett is a suspected thief and murderer and Maggie and her partner Rikker are there to take Read more...

Where the Moon Shines Brightest
by Kevin Crank
"A Boy Turned Man Must Choose between Love and His Dream"
Posted June 12, 2015

It's 1951 and Wallace Johnson and his brother have a hard life with their father, who is hard on their body. The small town of Martinsville, Arkansas is full of residents knowing the worst of each other. Wallace is a junior and his brother, Landis, a senior, who is Read more...

Five Brides
by Eva Marie Everson
"Five Women, One Wedding Dress, and a Lifetime of Hopes and Dreams"
Posted June 12, 2015

Five women from different cultures are drawn together, sharing an apartment in Chicago in the early 1950's. Joan Hunt is the first to arrive, coming from England with high expectations for her future. Joan's international pen pal from Georgia, Evelyn Alexander is thrilled to learn she also has Read more...

Siren's Call
by Debbie Herbert
"Shape-Shifting, Mermaids and Choctaw Lore Brings True Love and Magic"
Posted June 2, 2015

With a hidden mermaid heritage, Lily Bosarge is gifted with the Siren's voice and beauty, capturing every man's attention. The sea near Bayou La Siryna, Alabama is home to Lily and her decendants. Mr. Darcy-cum- Brad Pitt shows up in town and Lily immediately recognizes her friend Read more...

Making Waves
by Judi Fennell
"Magical beginnings to complete the tales of the under the sea Tritone siblings."
Posted May 30, 2015

MAKING WAVES is a short book with three excerpts of longer books written by Judi Fennell. The first short is In Over Her Head. In this excerpt the author has given us a look into the beginning of this tale about one of the Tritone Siblings. The journey for the Read more...

The Five Deaths Of Roxanne Love
by Erin Quinn
"A suspenseful journey for a woman and the reaper sent to claim her soul."
Posted May 25, 2015

The one thing this reaper wants is to finally capture the soul of Roxanne Love after she has escaped his clutches three times previously. Roxanne and her twin brother, Reece are an anomaly, returning time and time again after death. The reaper has been there each time Roxanne has died Read more...

Perfect Surrender
by Mia London
"A Steamy and Unexpected Liaison Turns Serious between a Sexy Frenchman and a Beautiful American Woman"
Posted May 24, 2015

After inheriting an estate and several millions of dollars from an aunt in Paris, Lauren Knight travels to Paris to settle the estate while her brother Colton "Cole" fills in at her job at a spa in New York. Lauren's plan includes 4 weeks of remaining in Paris to Read more...

Secondhand Cowboy
by Lacy Williams
"Teenage love rebounds for a man and woman, complete with the baggage from their past."
Posted May 7, 2015

Iris Tatum could hardly wait to turn eighteen so that she could finally marry her high school sweetheart, Callum Stewart. Because of Callum's less than savory background, he made the decision to leave town to enable Iris free follow her dream of dancing in New York; something she probably Read more...

Rodeo Riders
by Vonna Harper
"This is one hot erotic ride for this rodeo gal and her sexy Native American cowboy."
Posted May 7, 2015

Jordan Shore is again trying the barrel racing circuit after spending a year recovering from a run-in with a Brahma bull. Her body is healed, but not her mind. Now it's time to settle into her saddle and regain her courage. The voice she hears at the Oregon Read more...

Beefcake & Retakes
by Judi Fennell
"After two traps by this young woman, her prey is more than reluctant to try again."
Posted May 7, 2015

Since the age of five Juliet Chambers has had only one goal in life; to spend it with Tanner Wentworth. It might have happened that way if Juliet hadn't been so afraid of losing him when she reached being a teenager, visualizing other women taking her place when he Read more...

What a Rich Woman Wants
by Barbara Meyers
"This sexy cop from the wrong side and the high-powered executive know how to burn up the sheets."
Posted May 5, 2015

Niko Morales left behind a past of being in a gang and giving up his son to someone else. After turning his life around he's a deputy in Willow Bay, Florida hoping to open a community center he's long dreamed of to keep underprivileged young men off the Read more...

Crazy for the Cowboy
by Vicki Lewis Thompson
"A saucy young woman surprisingly corrals her rowdy, sexy cowboy."
Posted May 3, 2015

Vince Durant is finally coming back to Bickford, Texas to finish what he left after leaving the Double J. He and his friends Mac Foster and Travis Langdon are having a reunion to horseback to the trail to see one last time the amazing wild stallion call Ghost. Secretly his Read more...

The Billionaire's Intern
by Maisey Yates
"A guilt-ridden billionaire and a socialite band together and find more than just a solution."
Posted May 3, 2015

Addison Treffon is officially banned from her sorority after her father's exposure. Discovering he was running a prostitution ring behind the façade of a law office in Manhattan, was a humiliation in itself, but to witness her father's murder was devastating. In an effort to evade the Read more...

Sugar on Top
by Marina Adair
"A walking wet dream and a hunk with high-octane testosterone find the love they've been denied."
Posted May 3, 2015

Raised by her grandmother this questionable Southern Belle's uppermost concern is being there for Jelly Lou. Glory Gloria Mann takes a rap for the heisting of the pride and joy of Sugar, Georgia, the Peach Prowler tractor. The last thing she expects is her punishment being to serve two Read more...

Carry Her Heart
by Holly Jacobs
"Giving a child up for adoption haunts this woman who denies herself the freedom to love another."
Posted April 29, 2015

Piper George writes young adult books dealing with paranormal elements. Living in Erie, Pennsylvania Pip relives being a 16-year- old girl giving her baby girl up for adoption to the family she deserves. The hardest thing she has ever done was out of love for the child she knew Read more...

Kay Quintin

I have 4 step children, 4 natural children and 4 adopted children. I am also a proud grandmother of 35 and great grandmother of 9. I currently still work as administrator of an ophthalmology office. My passion is machine embroidery and reading. I love doing reviews for Fresh Fiction and the people are great to work with. I thank those who make it possible for me to participate in this great program!

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