April 21st, 2015
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Can a convicted criminal be trusted to help solve their case, or will he lead them straight into a double cross?

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Can she restore his reputation or will he jeopardize hers?

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Family, second chances--and the connections that bring women together in hope and healing. . .

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Will this unlikely match prosper or fall to the shoals of the ton?

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The Irresistible Italian: Married for Business

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You'll never be the same


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Hero By Night
by Sara Jane Stone
"A female vet returning home with PTSD finds more than she bargains for with this guy and his great smile"
Posted February 25, 2015

Lena Clark moves to Independence Falls, Oregon hoping to find "normal". At twenty-eight, Lena leaves the battlefield with PTSD attached, ending her marriage in Portland. Eighteen months have gone by and she is no closer to overcoming her fears and anxiety. Traveling with her is Hero, her golden retriever Read more...

Then Sings My Soul
by Amy K. Sorrells
"An astounding tale of two young Jewish boys escaping death from the Holocaust."
Posted February 24, 2015

Forty-three-year-old Eleanor Stewart lives in New Mexico as a sought after jewelry designer. She goes home to South Haven, Michigan after receiving a call that her mother has suddenly passed. Her father Jacob is ninety-four and she intends to be there for him. Nel leaves her Read more...

Bring On The Dusk
by M.L. Buchman
"Love amidst secret op missions and flight survives for this man and woman."
Posted February 24, 2015

Colonel Michael Gibson of Delta Force fights terrorists through the close secreted unit, an elite group of men and women always completing their missions undercover. The quiet leader is exact and a pro at what he does with little to rattle him. At least until Captain Claudia Jean Casperson of Read more...

Return To Me
by Kelly Moran
"A truly giving woman sacrifices true love for her Down's Syndrome sister."
Posted February 23, 2015

Cole Covington returns to Wilmington, North Carolina after being critically injured serving in the service in Iraq. The IED literally blew two of his comrades apart in front of his eyes. After months of recuperating with severe injuries and burns, he is finally released to his beachfront home originally owned Read more...

The Bluebird Bet
by Cheryl Harper
"This bet is bringing more to this female doctor and this man than could possibly be anticipated."
Posted February 23, 2015

Dr. Elaine Watson has worked her way to being the best physician in Tall Pines. She is all about winning, always at the top, and never taking second place in anything she attempts. Fond memories of her childhood at the Bluebird Bed and Breakfast in Tall Pines while vacationing with Read more...

One Wish
by Robyn Carr
"A famous athlete searches for anonymity and love away from the bustle of fame."
Posted February 22, 2015

Twenty-eight-year-old Grace Dillon loves her life and small flower shop, Pretty Petals, in Thunder Point, Oregon. What she hasn't revealed to anyone is that she is daughter to the wealthy heiress Winnie Dillon Banks who has pushed her child to become the 2010 Olympics Gold Medal Read more...

No Denying You
by Sydney Landon
"A pill carrying woman with her pink vibrator, gets her unlikely man."
Posted February 22, 2015

Emma Davis works for Danver's International near Myrtle Beach for a pain-in-the-butt boss, Brant Stone. Each day they try to outdo each other in needling and harassing the other. No way is Emma sexually interested in the tight assed work-a-holic. Mr. Perfect isn't Read more...

Since You've Been Gone
by Anouska Knight
"A desperate girl and her friend are on the run in search of her missing mother."
Posted February 21, 2015

For ten years Edie Fraser has been, and is again, leaving her home and beloved cat, Peaches, behind. She and her mother Sydney have been leaving pieces of themselves in their wake with each sudden move. From Toronto their new emergency evacuation takes them to London, the city her mother Read more...

How to Avoid a Billionaire
by Tressie Lockwood
"This billionaire's plan of seduction backfires with his pursuit of this woman."
Posted February 21, 2015

Working as an ad exec and learning someone has stolen her designs, Melanie Cai is confronting her boss to take back her deserved credit. Her friend Shana has been right behind her, pushing her to the confrontation. Her plan was to help build up Johnson Ltd.'s standing in the Read more...

Working My Way Back to You
by Doreen Alsen
"True love survives the time and tragedy for this young girl and boy."
Posted February 16, 2015

Running from their hometown of Addington, Massachusetts, Jeff Myers and Beth Pritchard are planning to hide out at his friend's family summer home in Lobster Cove, Maine. Fighting a raging blizzard, all they want is to find a justice of peace to marry them after Betsy finds she is Read more...

by Kris Norris
"This hot threesome capture the erotic sex and still get their killer."
Posted February 15, 2015

Undercover Detective Scarlet Reid poses in the nude at Glade Manor, home of Spyce Magazine. As her backup, Detective Roman Kincaid poses as her boyfriend. To keep their identity secret and prove they aren't cops, they are forced to engage in erotic sex acts while the cameraman watches. The Read more...

Cupid's Busted Arrow
by Mary Jo Burke
"This ornery potty-mouthed little cupid gets her lovers right where she wants them."
Posted February 8, 2015

Nelly Steeple is an ornery cupid upset that her retirement is denied because the last page in her book is missing the picture of her last just- married couple. Instead of retirement, Nelly is thrown back into service to repair the flaw, and if they aren't married by midnight Read more...

The Three Fates Of Ryan Love
by Erin Quinn
"A Love Worth Travelling to Hell and Back...THE THREE FATES OF RYAN LOVE Is in One Word - Amazing!"
Posted February 3, 2015

After he finishes his nightly run, Ryan Love and his shepherd, Brandy, hear a scream and find a naked woman huddled in the darkness of the alcove near his back door. This is the beginning of his nightmare because the woman calling herself Sabelle, urges him frantically to grab his Read more...

All That Matters
by Erin Nicholas
"A young woman finds the hot, sizzling sex and forever love she needs."
Posted February 1, 2015

Emily Steele is too good for the men Will Weston knows. Will is right hand man to her billionaire uncle, Tony Steele, and does absolutely everything for him. If not for Will, always in the background, nothing would be going according to plan. Emily, also a billionaire, is strong, beautiful Read more...

Echo Lake
by Carla Neggers
"A tough DSS agent and a homespun woman know how to turn up the heat in frigid New England."
Posted January 31, 2015

Heather Sloan and her family reside in the small town of Knights Bridge, Massachusetts. Heather works for her family's business, Sloan & Sons, and currently overseeing renovations on Vic Scarlatti's home overlooking Echo Lake. Vic is a retired diplomat and having difficulty adjusting. Being the only girl with five Read more...

Signal to Noise
by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"Playing teenage witchcraft causes three friends to part company."
Posted January 27, 2015

Mercedes "Meche" Vega is returning home to Mexico City after 18 years of living abroad and working as a software developer. Meche's father, Vincente Vega, has passed and it has been 20 years since she's seen him. Since her mother and father were divorced, his prize possession of Read more...

This Just In
by Kathryn Scarborough
"This couple owes their forever love to their interfering family."
Posted January 22, 2015

Stopping at an ATM machine Gina Thompson, a school teacher, is waylaid by an ad taped to the inside wall. A kerosene heater is exactly what she needs. This has been an extremely cold winter in Huntsville, Alabama and Gina's home is old, drafty and cold with her present Read more...

Lost & Found
by Brooke Davis
"A trek across Australia with an old man and woman brings adventure to a 7 year old abandoned child."
Posted January 16, 2015

Millie Bird is a seven-year-old girl experiencing death all around her, from spiders to dogs and in between, then her own father. She lives in a world of her own, full of questions about life, death and purpose. Millie is deserted at a mall by her mother and Read more...

The Marriage Charm
by Linda Lael Miller
"One hot cowboy and a secret marriage charm finds the target."
Posted January 16, 2015

Spencer "Spence" Hogan, Sheriff of Mustang Creek, resides in the small town surrounded by beautiful mountains in Wyoming where he lives with his dog, Harley, and horse, Reb. Best man at Hadleigh Stevens and Tripp Galloway's wedding, he finds himself in close proximity yet again with Melody Nolan. The Read more...

Always on my Mind
by Susan May Warren
"Through the direction of God two lost people find themselves and everlasting love."
Posted January 15, 2015

Running from the woman he loves after learning of her short affair with his brother, Owen, Casper Christiansen is going back home to Minnesota. His love for archeology and treasure hunting was a short- lived diversion while in Honduras. Always feeling as second best while being the middle child among Read more...

Kay Quintin

I have 4 step children, 4 natural children and 4 adopted children. I am also a proud grandmother of 35 and great grandmother of 9. I currently still work as administrator of an ophthalmology office. My passion is machine embroidery and reading. I love doing reviews for Fresh Fiction and the people are great to work with. I thank those who make it possible for me to participate in this great program!

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