May 31st, 2016
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It wasn't safe before. Now, the coast is clear. And he’s returned to reclaim what’s his.

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He'll break her three-date rule or go down in flames trying.

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Chesapeake Valor

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Ardent Springs - a town made for second chances

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Love can find its way out of darkness…return to Jackson Hole, WY

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Adventure, romance, and danger collide when a young Alaskan fisherman nets the body of a Russian swimmer

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Domestic Equalizers returns

Terry Spear

Blogging at Fresh Fiction

Terry Spear | Turning a Man or Woman into a Shifter
May 5, 2016
What kind of shifter would I write about if I no longer created stories about wolf or jaguar shapeshifters? That’s a hard  Read More...

Terry Spear | A Glimpse into the Making of a Favorite Scene
February 4, 2016
What is your favorite scene is from SEAL Wolf In Too Deep and why? I have lots of favorite scenes in every book  Read More...

Terry Spear | Family—The Best Holiday Gift Ever!
October 8, 2015
I write about wolf shifters, and one thing they have in common with me is they love family, just like real wolves. I was always  Read More...

Terry Spear | Settle Down with SEAL WOLF HUNTING
July 2, 2015
Dear Reader, One of the overarching concerns that Lori Greypaw has in SEAL WOLF  Read More...

Terry Spear | Cubs in a Jaguar Romance
February 5, 2015
When one of my fans sent me a picture of two white tiger cubs, I thought they were adorable. And then when someone mentioned writing  Read More...

Terry Spear | Decorating For Christmas, Werewolf Style
October 16, 2014
I LOVE Christmas and decorating, and for werewolves it's the same. The only difference might be that they LOVE decorating with live plants as  Read More...

Terry Spear | How A Highland Alpha Wolf Makes A First Impression
August 12, 2014
Everyone knows how important first impressions are, aye? Grant MacQuarrie, the hero of my recent release   Read More...

Terry Spear | 10 Ways to Seduce a Jaguar Shifter
June 7, 2014
You know you want an Alpha jaguar shifter, so I’ll make it really easy for you in case you’re just a little unsure  Read More...

Terry Spear | Do You Ever Wish You Were Someone Else?
March 20, 2014
No, I don't mean like someone rich and famous. But someone real—like Tom Silver's coyote-wolf girlfriend kissing him on the  Read More...

Terry Spear | Getting Up Close and Personal with the Big Cats
August 1, 2013
Wade Patterson and Maya Anderson meet up for the first time in person. He's being his usual protective big cat self and she's  Read More...

Terry Spear | Fresh New Stories in a Long Running Series
May 9, 2013
How do you keep your fiction fresh when writing a long running and popular series? The characters are the key. They're not all the  Read More...

Terry Spear | What is IT about a Highlander?
February 13, 2013
Highlanders are hardy. They think nothing of swimming naked in a loch. So when Duncan MacNeill heads to Grand Cayman Island with the notion in  Read More...

Terry Spear | What is Real and What is Fantasy?
October 4, 2012
Have you ever wondered as you read a book if the author ever experienced some of these things and that's why they seem so  Read More...

Terry Spear | Having Fun with a Title
March 16, 2012
Having a SEAL in a wolf title probably doesn't sound like that big a deal, right? Hot and sexy SEALs are the rage right  Read More...

Terry Spear | Holiday Recipe for Those on the Run!
December 8, 2011
Wolves, werewolves, that is, are always on the run. They prepare the traditional turkey feast (as seen in   Read More...

Terry Spear | Why Werewolves in Scotland???
June 8, 2011
I've written about Highlanders in medieval times, vampire Highlanders even, so why not Highland werewolves, too? In truth, I have a whole lot of  Read More...

Terry Spear | Fresh is the Name of the Game!
December 15, 2010
When writing a series, fresh is definitely the name of the game! WOLF FEVER has  Read More...

Terry Spear | Leidolf Wildhaven and His Workout Routine
August 23, 2010
Coming up with new blog post ideas for a blog tour can be challenging. So when I mentioned this to a fan, she suggested my  Read More...

Terry Spear | Werewolves Need Loving Too
February 5, 2010
This Christmas, my son got me the computer role-playing game called Dragon Ageand when I need a break from writing and  Read More...

Terry Spear | Realistic Urban Fantasies
December 31, 2009
It seems that if a world is a fantasy, anything could go. It’s fantastical after all. But the fun in creating an urban fantasy  Read More...

Terry Spear | Making Your Story FRESH!
August 20, 2009
First off, I wanted to congratulate Fresh Fiction on celebrating their anniversary and thank everyone for having me guest  Read More...

Pseudonym: Terry Lee Wilde.

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over two dozen paranormal romance novels and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 HEART OF THE WOLF was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Crawford, Texas.



Heart of the Wolf | Story Bundle May 2014 | Silver Town Wolf | Highland Wolf | SEAL Wolf


Billionaire in Wolf\'s Clothing, July 2016
Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply, May 2016
Silver Town Wolf #6
SEAL Wolf in Too Deep, February 2016
SEAL Wolf #4
A Silver Wolf Christmas, October 2015
Heart of the Wolf #17 / Silver Town Wolf #5
Hot Summer Nights, Vol. 1, July 2015
SEAL Wolf Hunting, July 2015
Heart of the Wolf #16 / SEAL Wolf #3
Kissing the Highlander, February 2015
Jaguar Pride, February 2015
Heart of the Jaguar #4
A Highland Wolf Christmas, October 2014
Heart of the Wolf #15 / Highland Wolf #5
Tall, Dark and Paranormal, September 2014
Hero Of A Highland Wolf, August 2014
Heart of the Wolf #14 / Highland Wolf #4
Mass Market Paperback
Jaguar Hunt, June 2014
Heart of the Jaguar
Her Highland Hero, June 2014
The Highlanders #6
Silence Of The Wolf, March 2014
Heart of the Wolf #13 / Silver Town Wolf #4
Cougar's Mate, March 2014
Heart of the Cougar #1
Trade Size
A Seal Wolf Christmas, October 2013
Heart of the Wolf #12 / SEAL Wolf #2
The Dark Fae, October 2013
The Highlander, October 2013
The Highlanders #5
Jaguar Fever, August 2013
A Highland Werewolf Wedding, May 2013
Heart of the Wolf #11 / Highland Wolf #3
Taming the Wild Highlander, March 2013
A Howl For A Highlander, February 2013
Heart of the Wolf #10 / Highland Wolf #2
Bound by Danger, January 2013
Highland Rake, November 2012
The Highlanders #3
The Shadow Elf, October 2012
Savage Hunger, October 2012
Dragon Fae, September 2012
The World of the Fae #5
The Winged Fae, May 2012
A Seal In Wolf's Clothing, March 2012
Heart of the Wolf #9 / SEAL Wolf #1
The Ancient Fae, December 2011
The Deadly Fae, December 2011
Dreaming Of The Wolf, December 2011
Heart of the Wolf #8 / Silver Town Wolf #3
Heart of the Highland Wolf, June 2011
Heart of the Wolf #7 / Highland Wolf #1
In the Dead of the Night, May 2011
Huntress for Hire, April 2011

The Siren's Lure, February 2011
Wolf Fever, December 2010
Heart of the Wolf #6/Silver Town Wolf #2
Seduced by the Wolf, August 2010
Heart of the Wolf #5
Mass Market Paperback
The Accidental Highland Hero, April 2010
Legend Of The White Wolf, February 2010
Heart of the Wolf #4
Mass Market Paperback
Deadly Liaisons, January 2010
To Tempt The Wolf, September 2009
Heart of the Wolf #3
Destiny Of The Wolf, March 2009
Heart of the Wolf #2/ Silver Town Wolf #1
Heart of the Wolf, April 2008
Heart of the Wolf #1
Mass Market Paperback
Winning the Highlander's Heart, September 2006


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