May 18th, 2021
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A prim bookseller and her hardboiled ghost team up to catch a cunning killer in…

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Welcome to Bushwhack, New Mexico: home to tourists, the great outdoors, and murder…

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Friendship. Second chances. Lots of dogs!

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A secret no one dared whisper...

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In service to His Majesty, one must be prepared for Hell.

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You and Me
by Nicola Rayner
"A binge-readable thriller for a rainy spring day"
Posted April 22, 2021

They called her Freaky Fran.  They put cheese and gum in her hair and stole her schoolbooks.  They made her the laughingstock of school, but not Charles.  Charles was kind, gentle.  Fran shared special moments with Charles, and that’s why she still brings Read more...

The Minders
by John Marrs
"If you had the chance to start your life over simply by solving a puzzle, would you take it?"
Posted April 8, 2021

Flick is, has been, and for the foreseeable future, will continue to be depressed and withdrawn following the loss of her far-less-than-perfect DNA-matched soulmate. Charlie is the only one of his twenty-something friends yet to find the one, and ends up drinking at the Read more...

Black Widows
by Cate Quinn
"Anyone up for a polygamous murder mystery?"
Posted February 4, 2021

First wife Rachel is the homely chef if you can call canned gray meat five-star cuisine. Second wife Emily is the young, shy, and scared one who wishes she could fade into the background. And Tina is the sassy bombshell from Vegas who is no stranger to drugs Read more...

We Run the Tides
by Vendela Vida
"Mesmerizing coming of age novel set in 1980s San Francisco"
Posted February 4, 2021

Oh, to be thirteen (almost fourteen) again and "know" everything. Growing up in San Francisco in the eighties, Eulabee and her friends have been through what, at that age, is it all together – crushes, dance lessons, getting into trouble telling harmless lies around the neighborhood to pass the Read more...

The Last Exit
by Michael Kaufman
"Dystopian society + political conspiracy = THE LAST EXIT"
Posted January 11, 2021

Welcome to the 2030s, where fires are ravaging the DC area, so everyone is masked up.  Artificial intelligence is both a blessing and a curse – the police force that has synthetic implants for partners are more effective, but it has also rendered many redundant, resulting in massive Read more...

The Babysitter
by Nancy Bush
"A cold case thriller where the red herrings abound!"
Posted January 4, 2021

Cooper Haynes was the cutest, most popular boy in the senior class, and he asked if Jamie would be at the Stillwell party tonight!  The only thing in her way was the babysitting gig she’d committed to for the Ryerson twins, but fifty dollars and some Read more...

The Most Precious of Cargoes
by Jean-Claude Grumberg
"A must-read fairy tale for adults and older teens"
Posted January 4, 2021

Once upon a time, there was a cold winter during a great World War, and a poor woodcutter and his wife lived in the forest.  The poor woodcutter’s wife prayed to any and every god and celestial being to realize her life’s greatest hope Read more...

Vanessa Yu's Magical Paris Tea Shop
by Roselle Lim
"Crazy Rich Asians meets Emily in Paris meets Eat Pray Love"
Posted January 4, 2021

Vanessa Yu is an accountant in the family business, eternally single hopeless romantic, and resistant fortune teller.  The one thing she wants most in life is love, but her “gift” makes having that impossible, so she finds herself single at 27, and at the center of Read more...

Heart of Junk
by Luke Geddes
"A short, snarky, unique novel that will give you all the feels"
Posted November 19, 2020

Heart of America, Wichita’s “premier” antique mall, is as full of quirky antique dealers as it is items of questionable vintage. Margaret is the tenant with the longest tenure and self-proclaimed best and most authentic taste. Ronald, an elderly postcard collector, delights in small Read more...

Seven Lies
by Elizabeth Kay
"What if one small lie altered the course of your life forever?"
Posted November 19, 2020

Have you ever had a friend that was in a relationship you couldn’t see working out?  Imagine your friend, your best friend of eighteen years, was effervescent, engaging, full of life and light, and just seemed to have found a smug and overbearing partner Read more...

His Pretend Amish Bride
by Rachel J. Good
"If you’ve never read an Amish romance, this is the one to start with!"
Posted October 15, 2020

Sex scandal? Check. Strapping, handsome, single with a suspicious secret? Check, check. Theft? Conspiracy? A gossipy, meddling mother? Camels? All of this, wrapped up into the latest installment in what is soon to become your new favorite Amish romance series? You better believe it.

Priscilla

Hell in the Heartland
by Jax Miller
"A turn-of-the-millennium cold case motivated by drug debt or local law enforcement corruption"
Posted October 5, 2020

Did you ever read that thriller about the woman that got murdered in her trailer, and her daughter and her daughter’s best friend went missing?  You know, the one where the cops initially investigated the scene and didn’t even realize they had overlooked the Read more...

The Nesting
by C.J. Cooke
"An international ghost story to kick off the spooky season"
Posted October 5, 2020

Lexi has just gotten dumped and ushered very unceremoniously out of her shared residence with her long-time boyfriend.  Finding herself newly and unexpectedly homeless, and with a bag of the less-than-essentials (a toaster, can opener, and pair of socks), she boards a train using her Read more...

The Silent House
by Nell Pattison
"An intriguing and unique premise for a thriller. . ."
Posted August 20, 2020

Imagine how unsettling it would be to have an intruder in your home without realizing it. Imagine that you awoke to realize your daughter was murdered by said intruder in the night while you were sleeping. Imagine that the reason that the night passed like any other for you Read more...

The Second Mother
by Jenny Milchman
"Hold onto the last vestiges of summer with THE SECOND MOTHER"
Posted August 13, 2020

If anyone keeps getting kicked while she is down, it’s Julie Weathers. Living in the tightknit, small town of Wedeskyull in the Adirondacks, she has endured one tragedy after another, and that has taken a toll on both her physical and mental health. After finding herself at Read more...

He Started It
by Samantha Downing
"If you can’t trust your siblings, who can you really trust?"
Posted July 26, 2020

Beth, her older brother, and her younger sister are reliving, in precise detail, the road trip adventure they took with their grandpa twenty years ago.  Their grandpa has recently died, and in order for these three to receive a multi-million dollar inheritance, they must strictly adhere to Read more...

The Second Wife
by Rebecca Fleet
"What happens when sins of the past collide with secrets of the present?"
Posted July 26, 2020

Tall, dark, and handsome Alex, widowed nearly a decade ago, is now married to beautiful, charismatic, and exciting Natalie.  They share a home near the sea with his teenage daughter, Jade.  Life is pretty good for Alex – his marriage definitely has that spark, his daughter and Read more...

He Came in With It
by Miriam Feldman
"Profound and soul-stirring"
Posted July 19, 2020

HE CAME IN WITH IT is a true story of despair, helplessness, perseverance, and finding hilarity in unlikely places.  It is a story of a family shattered and rebuilt.  It is a story of a mother’s reflection on Read more...

The Request
by David Bell
"The perfect mystery for your summer reading list!"
Posted July 2, 2020

Ryan is a loving dad to adorable baby Henry, and a husband to his smart and practical wife Amanda.  He enjoys playing a game of basketball with friends and posting perfectly-filtered photos of his life and family to Instagram. He is a VP at a small PR Read more...

The Majesties
by Tiffany Tsao
"A somber whydunit"
Posted June 22, 2020

Estella Wirono had carefully curated the slideshow of pictures to display favorite memories from her Opa Irwan Sulinado’s life as three hundred family members and close friends gathered to celebrate his eightieth birthday.  Seat assignments were meticulously made to prevent any uncomfortable social situations from unfolding Read more...

Laura Mueller

Growing up, my favorite summer vacation activity was curling up on the porch swing with a stack of books to escape into a magical other world. Doing so is still a favorite activity years later. As a Fresh Fiction reviewer, I’m excited to help you discover your next favorite page- turner and build your book collection!

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