December 3rd, 2020
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Their fake relationship will end when the new year begins...or will it?

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Lord Lucifer -- Lady Diana -- All or NOTHING

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The Past Never Stays Buried

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He’ll do anything to protect a baby in jeopardy…

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She's an undercover angel

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If you're on his list, you're as good as DEAD


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Little Cruelties
by Liz Nugent
"His death starts the family reckoning"
Posted November 19, 2020

From the start, there was always something peculiar about the Drumm family. First, there is the mother, Melissa, who uses words and actions as poison darts and who thinks she is divine. Then there is the father, the enlightened patriarch but at the same helpless to do anything. And Read more...

by Linda Stewart Henley
"What can she learn from the past?"
Posted September 16, 2020

In 1872, expecting her cousin and brother-in-law, the famous painter Edgar Degas, Estelle has no idea that her request t have him paint their family members' portraits will change the trajectory of her life, or that Edgar will forever be indebted to her. . . in more ways than Read more...

The Paris Children
by Gloria Goldreich
"A beautiful and heartwrenching true story of help and sacrifice"
Posted September 16, 2020

In 1935, Madeleine Levy's beloved grandfather, Alfred Dreyfus, has passed away. But while Alfred Dreyfus has died, the values he instilled within his children and grandchildren have only grown stronger, particularly in the years leading up to WWII. It is with these values in mind that Madeleine dares Read more...

The First to Lie
by Hank Phillippi Ryan
"A smart sexy thriller of epic proportions"
Posted September 8, 2020

Nora Quinn, an immaculate and beautiful red-headed woman is on a mission for her company, Pharminex: coming into a doctor's office to sell her products for curing infertility, she strikes up conversations with other women and then leaves them. However, after talking to a young woman who Read more...

This Is How I Lied
by Heather Gudenkauf
"What happened on that long ago day?"
Posted August 27, 2020

At sixteen years of age, Maggie Kennedy O'keefe lost her best friend Eve Knox to undetermined murder. Decades later, Maggie is now a police officer for her small town and is excited about having her first child with her husband when a boot that Eve was wearing has Read more...

Best Behavior
by Wendy Francis
"Can their relationships survive the next 72 hours?"
Posted August 27, 2020

Twins Dawn and Cody are graduating from college. Their family has arrived and everything is set for an unforgettable celebration. Their Meredith, a NICU nurse, is remarried to Joel, the complete opposite of their father, Roger. Roger, the twins' father, has recently remarried a woman not much older than Read more...

Little Gods
by Meng Jin
"The Mystery of Su Lan"
Posted June 25, 2020

On the 4th of June, 1989, as Tiananmen Square Massacres were winding down, a pregnant woman enters the hospital with her husband. As she is giving birth to a daughter, the woman's husband steps out and never returns. The woman, known as Su Lan, along with her daughter Read more...

The Library of Legends
by Janie Chang
"When Old Gives Birth to new..."
Posted June 25, 2020

In 1937, Hu Lian is a proud Minghua University student in the city of Nanking. Secretive, poor, and studious, Hu Lian is a dedicated daughter to her mother and often worries about her. She is also planning on traveling to Shanghai to be with her mother because of her Read more...

Sister Dear
by Hannah Mary McKinnon
"You'll devour this ultimate tale of greed, lies, and deceit. . ."
Posted June 18, 2020

Eleanor Hardwicke's father recently passed away from an illness. But before he died, he revealed to Eleanor that another man is her biological father. Desperate to find friends and family that will show Eleanor the love she lacked with her narcissistic mother who openly favored her half-sister Read more...

The Wartime Sisters
by Lynda Cohen Loigman
"A captivating story of sisters set against the backdrop of WWII"
Posted June 14, 2020

From the time Ruth and Millie were children, the two sisters were as different as night and day. Ruth is viewed as a cold fish, highly intelligent, and, when being compared to her younger sister, unattractive. Millie, on the other hand, is highly social, sensitive, and beautiful. On the Read more...

The Summer of Ellen
by Agnete Friis
"A brutal and intriguing coming of age novel..."
Posted May 28, 2020

Coming of age means being shaped like a sculpture, ready to be weathered by natural forces, by hands of history that are too numerous to fathom. This is an experience all humans must go through, but it's only in time that we can tell how the hands of Read more...

A Tender Thing
by Emily Neuberger
"When a Star is born"
Posted April 30, 2020

Ever since she was a child, Eleanor O'Hanlon has always been passionate about musical theater, listening to the greats such as Gershwin, and Rodgers and Hammerstein and paying attention to the players who dominated the field. Feeling stifled by her upbringing on a farm in Wisconsin, Eleanor learns Read more...

The Operator
by Gretchen Berg
"Desperate Housewives of the 1950s..."
Posted April 30, 2020

Meet Vivian Dalton, an extremely vain switchboard operator who works in Wooster, Ohio, and is happily married to Edward Dalton, and has a teenage daughter, Charlotte. Forced to drop out of school at the start of the Great Depression, Vivian also is obsessed with nursery rhymes and strange words Read more...

The Lost Orphan
by Stacey Halls
"Seizing the day in Georgian England..."
Posted April 9, 2020

In 1747, an unmarried young mother, Elizabeth "Bess" Bright, makes a fateful decision to give up her newborn daughter to a foundling hospital, hoping to reclaim her in a few years. Six years later, Bess finally makes the decision to go and reclaim her daughter, only discover that her Read more...

The Familiar Dark
by Amy Engel
"Hell has no fury like a mother scorned"
Posted April 9, 2020

In Barren Springs, Missouri, two pre-teen girls are found murdered in a park. Who did this terrible deed haunts every resident, but none more so than Eve Taggert, mother to one of the murdered girls. Eve becomes determined to find her daughter's killer at all costs. But Read more...

Lost Autumn
by Mary-Rose MacColl
"Three timelines tied by two extraordinary women..."
Posted April 2, 2020

In 1920, seventeen-year-old Madeline "Maddie" Bright, a poet's daughter who has to support her family after her father's breakdown, gets a job as a maid for Prince Edward when he arrives in Australia to do a royal tour after WWI. Along the way, Maddie befriends Read more...

A Good Man
by Ani Katz
""When pretty ones leave you high then low""
Posted March 19, 2020

A GOOD MAN by Ani Katz begins in innocence but ends in ruination; it is a tale that conceals rather than reveals and demands a lot from its audience.


The Sea of Lost Girls
by Carol Goodman
"A modern-day witch hunt with murder. . ."
Posted March 5, 2020

Coming from a marginalized and impoverished background, Tess has achieved the life of her dreams: a family, wealth and keeping up with the Jones," thanks to her husband's ancenstry and standing. Yet, there are a lot of secrets she is hiding from her husband and beloved son, Rudy Read more...

All the Ways We Said Goodbye
by Karen White, Lauren Willig, Beatriz Williams
"Three Women tempered by 20th century steel"
Posted January 23, 2020

In France, just as The Great War was beginning in 1914, Aurelie de Courcelles makes a choice of leaving Paris behind and staying with her father, Comte Sigismund de Courcelles. Just as the war begins to heat up, the duo is forced to deal with unwelcome guests, including a Read more...

Crimson Lake
by Candice Fox
"Can they discover the truth?"
Posted January 12, 2020

Ted Conkaffey, a former detective from Sydney, Australia, who is falsely accused of abduction, is forced to escape to Crimson Lake and abandon his family. In Crimson lake he is forced to keep a low profile from those who will recognize him and take justice in their own hands Read more...

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