May 30th, 2020
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He's a kidnapper for hire...and he's just caught her.

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For all no-mercy heroines over forty. It’s Not Too Late.

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Read the Wild, Wild Regency everyone is talking about.

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Garrett had an irresistible charm and Julia knew she was headed for trouble.

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A perfect Mother’s Day story - free on KindleUnlimited

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When missing turns to murdered, one woman’s search for answers will take her to a place she never wanted to go…

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Opposites resist—and attract—under the Cancún sun

Candy Voisine

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24 comments posted.

Re: Where Dandelions Bloom (8:03pm July 1):

I'm inspired by so many different things. A woman fighting
to adopt 4 brothers when she already has 5 of her own and
another adopted child. An author who writes about survival
of different forms. A person fighting against the odds to be

Re: No Heartbreaker Required (2:11pm June 11):

I love that you have such an amazing husband at your side.
Very cool! And the book sounds great!
I don't have a boyfriend or husband. This is by choice. I do
have a Yorkie that happens to be the love of my life and
without him I wouldn't be here.
1. He makes sure I wake up smiling every single day.
2. He is very aware of my emotional state and when I'm in a
zone where I'm too negative, he manages to switch it around
in different ways.
3. His trust in me is more than I ever thought I would have
gotten. If someone comes over that he doesn't know he stays
right in my arms.
4. His smile...I wish I could capture a picture of it! It
happens every time I come home no matter how long I have
been gone.
5. He knows bedtime! It's the way he cuddles under my neck
and stays nice and close

Re: Wicked Highland Ways (2:12pm June 1):

Spring is painful for me. Allergies are awful. I prefer Fall
with its colors and food.

Re: Love Under Construction (4:28pm May 21, 2019):

I think you are going to be my new best friend. I absolutely
adore what you write about and I need that in order to
escape my own reality. Now that I typed that, I'm going to
go search for you in different social media sites and
follow. Newsletter as well if you have one. Lol gotta follow
my new soon to be bff!

Re: A Shot of Murder (8:32pm April 9, 2019):

I have to admit...7 & 7. Seagram's Seven Crown and 7 Up.

Re: Foul Play on Words (8:20pm April 9, 2019):

I love funny. I love dogs and my Yorkie has claimed
ownership of me. I definitely enjoy being left on the edge
of a cliff!

Re: A Lord Apart (10:17pm March 27, 2019):

The very first book that made me fall in love with reading
was a historical romance! I love history which made me
curious about my own. I eventually found out that I am
related to Napoleon Bonaparte and I have the Micmac tribe in
my ancestry as well. It is very interesting to learn about
where we come from.

Re: In Her Sights (10:12pm March 27, 2019):

I love a great romantic suspense! Sounds fantastic!

Re: The Summer Cottage (10:09pm March 27, 2019):

Just what I read has me wanting to take a trip.

Re: Let Me Love You (4:47pm March 1, 2019):

I'm all for steamy romance in books. I love love in books.
I'm up for just about anything I'M BOOKS. I'm one of those
who prefers to keep it between pages and not in my real
life. Lol. I'm too cranky.

Re: It's Getting Scot in Here (7:21pm February 27, 2019):

I love historical romance novels! I've been reading them for
the last 29 years! Always looking forward to reading another

Re: Just Once (6:18pm January 19, 2019):

Compatibility -
#1 I don't do the friend thing much. I have a couple of them
and we know we can count on each other. I'm more family
#2 Not all of my favorites require Kleenex but there is a
decent handful.
#3 True and forever love? It is something so freaking rare
that it leaves everyone in doubt. I witnessed it with my
oldest brother and his wife. Both had been married before
with children. When they found each other it showed every
time they were in the same room. Unfortunately they only had
a short time together that ended the day after Christmas. I
don't expect or care to find it but I'm not fighting it
either. I just don't think it's this lifetime for me.
#4 Favorite books would be a mix of a few. Kathleen E
Woodiwiss - Shanna, Reckless - Lex Martin, Hindsight - Leddy
Harper, A Promise Of Fireflies - Susan Haught, and E.L.James
50 Shades series. Yep, loved it.
#5 Love 3 movies. Ever After: A Cinderella Story, American
History X, and Brokedown Palace.
I don't think we would completely mesh but we could deal.

Re: One Night Gamble (6:23pm January 16, 2019):

I LOVE playing Texas hold em' and solitaire. I have never
been to a casino so not really sure how I would feel about
it. I would love to have the opportunity once with access to
only a grand.

Re: Texas Legacy (6:20pm January 16, 2019):

I always enjoy a story as is. There have been a few
secondary ones I was interested in but it isn't my norm for
lighter reads. My favorite secondary was a very bad guy
named Charlie in a series by Callie Hart called The Blood
and Roses series who ends up dying in the end by the main
character. I would have enjoyed a book about him and his
past to figure out why he was so messed up.

Re: Earl to the Rescue (6:01pm November 29, 2018):

Historical Romance is the reason I fell in love with
reading. Kathleen E Woodiwiss was the author and Shanna was
the book. This book is very intriguing and the cover is one
of your more beautiful. Even the title is catchy and already
has me asking what could have possibly happened?!

Re: Cowboy Charm School (11:36pm September 8, 2018):

Every time I come up with something I can do or be I have
someone who likes to point out the reasons not to.

Re: Maverick (11:24pm September 8, 2018):

I was wondering where you get your inspiration from?

Re: Romancing the Ranger (9:04pm March 20, 2016):

Music really sets my mood. I love to cook and clean while
listening. The only thing I have to be conscious of is when
I'm driving because I tend to turn it way up and before I know
it I'm speeding a bit much.

Re: MacLaren's Bride (9:23pm March 1, 2016):

I love love love books set in the highlands!!!

Re: His to Keep (9:20pm March 1, 2016):

Vegas is only a couple of thousand miles away. I have that
"someday" addiction.

Re: To the Stars (3:06pm February 20, 2016):

I really want to get my hands on this book. It touches on so
many parts of my own life. Thank you for writing this book

Re: How To Wrangle A Cowboy (2:56pm February 20, 2016):

So happy!!

Re: To Catch a Rake (2:53pm February 20, 2016):

Oh!!! And rakes are my absolute favorite! If it was the 1800's
I swear I would purposely get caught alone with a rake!!

Re: To Catch a Rake (2:51pm February 20, 2016):

I freaking love your characters!!!!

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