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A sidesplitting, enemies-to-lovers 101 Dalmatians-inspired romantic comedy

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Cowboys live by their word, their wits, and their loyalty.

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How much will she risk to keep her perfect life?

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Garrett will use every tender weapon to seduce her—and prove she’s worthy of true love.

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The Albertini family has no intention of letting a possible romance fizzle out

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Lady Mary's traveling companion has disappeared and only one man believes she ever existed.


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The Sleeping Beauty Proposal
by Sarah Strohmeyer
"Who say's you need a man to get married? Just fake it!"
Posted May 16, 2007

Genie Michaels thinks her Prince Charming has finally proposed to her -- on national television, no less. Ecstatic that four years of dating and constant dieting haven't been all for naught, she starts to imagine her perfect wedding day with her perfect husband. That is until her boyfriend Hugh tells Read more...

One Night at the Call Center
by Chetan Bhagat
"What would you say if your phone rang and God was on the line?"
Posted April 7, 2007

Shyam and his five friends who work at an Indian call center find out one evening when everything in their lives seems to go wrong. Shyam is distraught about his ex- girlfriend Priyanka's newly arranged marriage plans, while she can't quite believe she's agreed to marry a Read more...

The Immaculate Complexion
by Edie Bloom
"Another chick-lit clone of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA."
Posted April 6, 2007

Marnie Mann was looking for a change — any kind of change — since her career in the film industry officially tanked. Temping for the high-profile makeup company LeVigne seems like her ticket out of debt and promises a new and interesting career filled with sparkle and shine. (Or Read more...

To Keep A Husband
by Lindsay Graves
"The desperate ex-wives of Colina Linda are back and life is rather mundane."
Posted February 12, 2007

The desperate ex-wives of Colina Linda are back in this second installment of the Ex-Wives series. Recovering from the shock of Lally Chandler snagging the most eligible billionaire in town, the other former love interests are striving to keep their lives on track. Jessica DiSantini is trying to Read more...

Killer In High Heels
by Gemma Halliday
"If you crave slapstick comedy and light mystery mixed with romance, you'll love this book."
Posted February 12, 2007

Trouble seems to follow Maddie Springer wherever she goes. First it's her embezzling (and married!) boyfriend. Now she has a mysterious phone call from her estranged father of 26 years. Not only does he call, but the message is abruptly ended by something that sounds suspiciously like a gunshot Read more...

Self Storage
by Gayle Brandeis
"Clever story of faith, love and courage."
Posted January 15, 2007

Are our possessions, our things, our stuff a measuring stick for who we are? Can a moldy old box of polyester pants and kindergarten drawings tell our story after we're long gone? When Flannery Parker's mother died, she challenged her only daughter to find her "self." But what Read more...

Venus Envy
by Shannon McKelden
"Quirkly and clever take on the Cinderella story."
Posted December 11, 2006

Maybe everyone isn't destined for true love. Rachel Greer gave up long ago finding The One and instead fills her spare time with as many volunteer activities as humanly possible. If she can't find fulfillment with one other person, perhaps she can fulfill others with her generosity. Handsome Read more...

Tell Me Everything
by Sarah Salway
"Heroine meanders through a minefield of deception and lies and unanswered questions."
Posted November 17, 2006

There is only one thing Molly has ever desired in her life; to love and be loved by someone. The odds have been stacked against her, what with an abusive relationship with her father and an obesity problem that forces her to hide from her classmates. Feeling like a true Read more...

The Velvet Rope Diaries
by Daniella Brodsky
"Another chick-lit take on life in the big city."
Posted September 20, 2006

Anna Walker can't catch a break—her surgically enhanced boss (whom she lovingly calls "Nasty") won't stop yelling at her for things she never did, her love life is nonexistent and her therapy sessions aren't going so well. Wracked with the guilt of her father's accidental Read more...

Invisible Lives
by Anjali Banerjee
"Intoxicating tale with the spicy taste of India."
Posted August 14, 2006

Born with a sixth sense for locating the perfect saris for proper Bengali weddings, Lakshmi Sen is Seattle's reigning matchmaker (well, sort of). Her visions and intuition keep business bustling as she matches silks, cottons and chiffon of all colors to their rightful owners. All of her clients are Read more...

To Catch a Husband
by Lindsay Graves
"Witty take on the dark side of dating."
Posted August 3, 2006

Billionaire David Clemente is back on the market and it takes no fewer than approximately three seconds for the ex- wives of Colina Linda, California, to find out. With their impeccably manicured claws out, each will vie for the prime position as trophy wife number...well really, who's counting Read more...

The Hot Flash Club Chills Out
by Nancy Thayer
"Delightful addition to this mischievious and clever series."
Posted July 13, 2006

Watch out Nantucket — here comes The Hot Flash Club! Alice, Polly, Faye, Marilyn and Shirley are back and taking over the island for the summer. As a gift from one of Shirley's clients, the fearsome five-some agree to watch her (possibly haunted) summer home for a few months Read more...

Why Moms Are Weird
by Pamela Ribon
"Hilarious and bittersweet, this follow-up to WHY GIRLS ARE WEIRD is delightful."
Posted June 30, 2006

Benny Bernstein's mother is pretty sure she has chlamydia but isn't sure which boyfriend might have given it to her. Her younger sister, Jami, is dating a gangbanger and has spent at least one night in jail. Both of them disapprove of Benny's life in L.A Read more...

Spying in High Heels
by Gemma Halliday
"Mystery and chick-lit delightfully combined in this debut of a new series."
Posted June 30, 2006

Maddie Springer has always been chronically late; when she says she'll be there "in about 20 minutes" you might as well tack on another hour. She turns her footwear-for-tots designs in late, she can't remember appointments to save her life and her perennial excuse is, "There Read more...

Finishing Touches
by Deanna Kizis
"Touchingly tender and bittersweet novel of dealing with life, love and grief."
Posted April 16, 2006

Wake up. Brush teeth. Put on black tank top. Go to work. Try to shoot lasers out of your eyes, thus setting your evil Nazi-esque boss' head on fire. For Jesse Holtz, this pretty much sums up every day of her same-old-same-old life. Back in college Read more...

Coupon Girl
by Becky Motew
"Cute debut chick-lit that's true-to-life and lyrical."
Posted April 16, 2006

Like many 20-something single women, Jeanie Callahan is struggling with her barely-above-entry-level job. Unfortunately for her, it's in the coupon selling industry. It's about as boring as it sounds; Jeanie spends most of her time cold-calling clients with the hopes they'll shell Read more...

Immediate Family
by Eileen Goudge
"Emotional story of family, marriage, parenthood, love and loss."
Posted April 5, 2006

Ace reporter Stevie Light has always had a nose for the latest scoop. After being shot in the head and comatose for the last 12 years, Lauren Rose has finally awakened. Her former lover, rock god Grant Tobin, is the lead suspect of the crime. However, no one but Stevie Read more...

by Pamela Redmond Satran
"Delightful story dealing with issues of family, sexuality and loss."
Posted February 19, 2006

On a break between movies, actress Stella Powers and her unfortunately named daughter, Idaho, (somewhere, Gwyneth Paltrow is crying) visit her mother back in her home state of New Jersey. Twenty-two years earlier, Stella had fled Homewood for the starry lights of Hollywood in search of fame and fortune Read more...

Some Like It Haute
by Julie K.L. Dam
"Another chick-lit drama set in the world of fashion."
Posted February 15, 2006

Blame it on the shoes. When label-obsessed fashion reporter Alex Simons can't find her favorite black Manolo Blahniks that perfectly complement her Tuesday outfit, she's just beside herself! Fashion Week in Paris can't go on if she doesn't have the perfect accessories to get her Read more...

How Elizabeth Barrett Browning Saved My Life
by Mameve Medwed
"Lighthearted story of woman in search of love after a series of losses."
Posted February 15, 2006

Antiquer Abby Randolph has had a string of bad luck -- her mother and her mother's lover die in a freak earthquake accident while visiting India; her live-in boyfriend Clyde takes off with another woman; her booth at the flea market is full of junk and empty of customers Read more...

Meghan Fryett

Meghan Fryett is a librarian by day, rock star by night (in her shower, anyway). At the library she teaches craft and writing workshops and leads book discussion groups. She has presented at several professional conferences on Chick Lit.

In her spare time she likes to read, watch independent films, blog and rock out. Guilty pleasures include Buffy, Gilmore Girls and anything to do with Harry Potter.

She is working on her next novel.

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