December 3rd, 2020
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Their fake relationship will end when the new year begins...or will it?

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Lord Lucifer -- Lady Diana -- All or NOTHING

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The Past Never Stays Buried

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He’ll do anything to protect a baby in jeopardy…

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She's an undercover angel

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If you're on his list, you're as good as DEAD

Ela Raymundo

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22 comments posted.

Re: Shining Through (4:46pm October 4, 2017):

Ice skating rockz. I love to watch the ice dancing and those special ice skating shows with previous champions and their families dancing to music. :-)

Re: One Summer Night (4:39pm October 4, 2017):

Stargate is a fave movie of mine, and Castle is a fave TV show of mine.

Re: Elliott Redeemed (8:59pm September 4, 2017):

Not sure if I read any rock music romance that was memorable and/or yet, but The Beatles is a fave band of mine. Not bands, but some songs by other bands are also in my fave music list.

Re: The Sweetest Burn (5:46pm August 2, 2017):

Hmm, that's a tough one. I think a supernatural power that could be explored would be languages. Not just human languages but languages spoken by other beings. A universal translator that ends up in lots of situations that brings a group of characters together to face obstacles towards a peaceful union in worlds? Seriously, I just went along with the language power suggestion.

Re: The Genesis Tree (10:06pm July 1, 2017):

I've read some fantasy books before. Sci-fi, too. I don't know if it is fantasy or not (it has been a while since I read just plain fantasy, and I'm not counting YA ones), but Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. Mercedes Lackey also write some wonderful fantasy books, too.

Re: Firstborn (4:16am May 16, 2017):

Hhmmm, that's tough. I do search for health, doodles, cartoons, quotes, and more. Strange ones, not really sure.

Re: Stealing Mr. Right (11:02pm March 12, 2017):

The Italian Job. Ocean 11 series. And more.

Re: Talk Cowboy to Me (10:59pm March 12, 2017):

I don't have a fave Texan cowboy.


Though there are some good Texan cowboy books out there.

Re: How To Impress a Marquess (9:08pm November 12, 2016):

I was a tad confused due to the fusion between the book-
heroine and the main heroine. I get that the heroine felt an
association with the book-heroine. But given that this is an
excerpt, I rather read the whole story.

Re: A Sure Thing (9:00pm November 12, 2016):

#2, #3, #7, #8, and half of #6. Not sure of #9, it is a
love/hate one for me.

Re: The Bear Who Loved Me (11:41pm October 5, 2016):

I'm sad to say that I also experienced depression. I feel
like depression cycles throughout the year. Not sure yet what
method I want to incorporate to combat it, but I have some
solutions I can try in the near future.

Re: Her Rogue Alpha (1:32am September 16, 2016):

Of course! Though it will depend on some factors.

Re: A Scandalous Adventure (4:56pm August 3, 2016):

My fave adventure is finding a new author to read about. It's
such a high to find a new author, read a book of theirs for a
first time, and get hooked!

Re: Gone Too Deep (4:46pm August 3, 2016):

Wow. Not a lot of books has that I've read has that switched
role before. But it sure makes it interesting. Also, the
traits that were mentioned about George makes me want to read
more about him. Definitely makes me want to "love George" of
this series.

Re: Fantasy Girl (4:41am July 28, 2016):

Fanfiction! Fanfiction! Fanfiction!

I adore fanfiction (no space in between for me). The blurb of
your book sounds interesting, especially the fanfiction aspect
of it.

Nice to know more authors trascending from fanfiction to legit
works. Way the go, Ms. Gilmer!

Re: Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing (2:55am July 9, 2016):

As for the new wolf, he sounds fantastic.


Re: If the Earl Only Knew (2:50am July 9, 2016):

A fave first kiss book momemt is when the couple FINALLY get
to it and felt the "connection" in that first kiss.

Re: A Gift for Guile (2:44am July 9, 2016):

Oh, wow. That's a long list of book boyfriend material.
Totally agree with the humor.

I want to add a couple more LK heroes: Cam and Leo from the
Hathaway series. Also the hero in DEVIL IN WINTER is a fave
of mine.

Re: Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing (2:38am July 9, 2016):

Oh, if all else fails, maybe show the billionaire wolf a
picture of your cub to touch his heartstrings? Or maybe just
"jump" him. That'll grab his attention.



Re: Devil and the Deep (2:11am June 6, 2016):

Thanks for the excerpt! Makes me want to read it more!


Re: Her Fierce Warror (2:18am March 5, 2016):

It would be typing on my computer, if I was an author.
Another book, another deadline. That or focusing on other
things, like reading a book, doing chores, sleeping in, or
other things.

Re: MacLaren's Bride (2:02am March 5, 2016):

I'm glad that Ms. Dier returned back to writing. It's also
true that one's writing style can change. So nice that an
author takes the time for revision if it is needed.

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