March 29th, 2020
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Their forbidden love is about to start a war…
But they can't stop themselves.

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Chocolate: Earth’s only hope in a romantic scifi adventure.

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What do you get when you cross a whip-welding, mask-wearing vigilante and a set of uber-wealthy telepathic twins, with a serial killer out for vengeance?

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The Girl He Left Behind

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Sometimes Love is Closer Than You Think

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Sweeping, emotional, witty, and sharp romance in the Cavensham Heiresses series

Crystal Stewart

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9 comments posted.

Re: Tempest (3:33pm Wednesday):

Cozy Mystery/Mystery Suspense and some Romance but I
always like to try a book at least once to see if I like
and I want to read it in Paperback/Hardback version/Print
not digital.
Would love to win the paperback version of book to read
and review. I look forward to getting to know you and
your books.

Re: A SEAL Always Wins (7:49pm February 27):

Sounds like a fantastic read. Would love to read and
review the print version of your book.
To protect and serve no matter what is admirable and I
respect that person.
Love books like this
Hope I win

Re: You Had Me at Wolf (7:27pm February 27):

What do I love about Shifter romances? I love shifter
books because their a different type of romance from
other romance stories. I love that hero/heroine can shape
shift to get out situations but what really intrigues me
is that sometimes their shape shifting can get them into
trouble and is always interesting to see how they handle
that situation especially when the couple unexpectedly
fall in love. I would love to see more heroine shape
shifters in romance stories. I also would love to see a
woman become the leader of the pack/clan not the man.
Book sounds interesting and intriguing. Would love to
read and review the print version of this book.
Hope I win.

Re: The Mail Order Bride's Secret (7:17pm February 5):

This book sounds like a good read.
My favorite thing about romance is it takes me to a world
I can indulge in and get lost in and one that sometimes
better than the real world.
Book sounds absolutely like a great read.
Mail order Bride books are interesting and intriguing.
I just love what type of history and romance your trying
to add to your readers life.
I like these type of books.
Liked reading your interview.
Look forward to reading your books in paperback and
reviewing your paperback books.
Hope I Win.

Re: Cold Nose, Warm Heart (7:07pm February 5):

Love books like this. The book cover and book
excerpt/blurb look fantastic.
I've owned dogs in the past from a an Eskimo Spitz to a
full blooded Female Alaskan Malamute. Also owned cats.
Right now I own 1 cat. The cat I own now is a
rescue/adopted cat and is strictly an indoor cat. However
Seeing her Mom who brought her to us, I would say she's
probably a Tuxedo cat.
Sure hope I win.

Re: Wicked Cowboy Wolf (6:04pm February 5):

I'm actually fairly new to shifter romances about a a
year to a year and half and so far I like them.
What do I love about Shifter romances. OH I find these
type of books really interesting and how they shift. I
also like how the shifters stay in their packs but what I
really like and I mean really like is seeing how a human
reacts when she falls in love with a shifter and/or a
shifter reacts when he falls for a human or a part
human/part shifter. Another thing I really like about a
shifter romance is what can do a shifter in and how a
shifter can protect themselves.
Shifter romances are so cool, interesting and even
intriguing and yes romantic too. A shifter's strength and
ingenuity is out of this world. I love it.
I look forward to reading the paperback version of this

Re: Whiteout (5:12pm February 5):

Love these kind of stories. This book sounds like a
fantastic read. Reading and analyzing and rating books is
what I like to do. Would love to read and review the
paperback version of this book. Wow very suspenseful.
Usually don't care for book covers like this but you made
the book cover look interesting and intriguing. Book
blurb and excerpt is interesting and intriguing too.
How would I cope in the Antarctic being stranded? I would
walk and walk until found the closest building to stay in
temporarily or until rescued and stayed warm by chopping
wood for the wood stove or fireplace to keep warm. If I
had a snow dog with me or made friends with one while
trying to find a place to stay warm, I would snuggle up
to the animal to stay warm. Staying warm under blankets
and snuggling with an animal to stay warm while stranded
would help anyone and I would do this until rescued. I
would not use a kerosene heater because it could burn the
place down.
Hope I win.

Re: A Cowboy Never Quits (6:33pm January 12):

I've lived in the country all my life and just love books
like this. Love the color of a cowboy and the horse.
Colorful. It's perfect. It calls my name and says Read
Me, Read Me!! Love books like this.
Love Cowboys because they're hardworking and lose their
heart so easy to a gorgeous woman. The woman though are
hardworking but yet guard their heart. I love it when
they finally get together after fighting their feelings.

Re: Lean on Me (6:26pm January 12):

I'm looking forward to to some good reading, finding some
good authors and even attempting writing a book myself.
Right now I'm unpublished and write just for fun. I also
look forward to spending another year with my parents.
Book sounds like a good read. I would love to be able to
accomplish everything and then some.
Crystal Stewart

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