April 5th, 2020
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April showers us with great reads! Stay safe!

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Who is the unconscious stranger who looks like her?

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Chocolate: Earth’s only hope in a romantic scifi adventure.

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A Civil War reenactment, a missing body, an ex-CIA agent and her renegade Girl Scout troop – what could go wrong?

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He'll risk everything to save her

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As girls, they bonded over broken homes and growing up in foster care.
As women, they're fighting for their lives, and loves, once more…

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Revisit Harmony Harbor

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Welcome to Blessings, Georgia, the best small town in the South!


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Crush the King
by Jennifer Estep
"Hard to say Goodbye - so many battles, can she win the war and Crush the King?"
Posted March 15, 2020

After yet another attack on her life, Queen Everleigh Blair is done playing defense. She’s ready to start an offensive game with her opponent – the King of Morta. Luckily the Regalia Games are days away. Evie and her team come up with a plan to stop Read more...

Diana: Princess of the Amazons
by Shannon Hale
"Princess in Trouble"
Posted March 15, 2020

As the only child among her mother and aunties on Paradise Island, life gets a lonely for Diana. After her mother breaks another promise to her, Diana goes looking for entertainment. With some discarded clay, Diana creates a new friend. When her new friend Mona comes to life, no Read more...

The Grace Kelly Dress
by Brenda Janowitz
"A dress + 3 women = happily every afters"
Posted March 15, 2020

The wedding dress inspired by Grace Kelly’s was created with love. Now that Rocky’s engaged, her mother gives her the dress to wear. Rocky hates the dress, but she can’t tell her mother. They don’t have that kind of relationship. Rocky Read more...

Black Canary: Ignite
by Meg Cabot
"Finding Your Voice"
Posted January 21, 2020

Dinah Lance isn’t about to let anyone stop her – not the school principal and certainly not her parents. She wants to join the junior police academy and follow in her father’s footsteps. Dinah has no idea why the school principle seems to have it Read more...

DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High
by Amy Wolfram
"Superheros need friends too"
Posted November 26, 2019

Supergirl and her friends are late again for school after fighting crime. The principal has had enough. She gives them a week to join afterschool activities or they risk suspension. Principal Chapin hopes the clubs will make the girls feel more connected to the school. But on the first Read more...

The Christmas Keeper
by Jenn McKinlay
"Finding your Christmas Spirit"
Posted November 21, 2019

In exile from her New York City job, Savannah’s working at her best friend’s romance bookstore. She misses city life, but she loves working with her friend. Still, she’s determined to gain back her reputation and her job. She’s not about Read more...

25 Days 'Til Christmas
by Poppy Alexander
"Christmas can be a lonely time"
Posted November 21, 2019

Kate used to love Christmas. But that was before her husband died and things got tough. This year she’s determined to make Christmas extra special for her son. Jack has been begging for an advent calendar. With little money to spare, Kate creates a calendar and hides Read more...

A Dash of Christmas
by Samantha Chase
"Falling in Love over food"
Posted November 21, 2019

Emery Monaghan’s life blew up when her fiance is accused of sexual misconduct. Instead of standing by her man as his lawyer and her parents suggest, she flees. The press swarms her work and her residence, leaving no place safe. When an old family friend offers her Read more...

The Princess Plan
by Julia London
"He doesn't Impress her much"
Posted November 21, 2019

The Crown Prince of Alucia travels to England to work out a trade agreement between the two countries and to find himself a bride. At the masquerade ball, Miss Eliza Tricklebank inadvertently meets him twice. Everyone in London is talking about the crown prince and speculating on his bride Read more...

Christmas Angels
by Nancy Naigle
"A new beginning at Christmas. . ."
Posted November 13, 2019

Liz has always dreamed of owning an inn like the one that belonged to her grandparents. When she stumbles across a listing for said inn, she’s dumbfounded. It looks just like she remembered. With an auction set to go the next day, there’s very little Read more...

An Alaskan Christmas
by Jennifer Snow
"A new beginning at Christmas!"
Posted September 26, 2019

Ever since her mother died, Erika’s looked to her father for inspiration. She’s become a workaholic just like him. But it’s not enough. She’s not enough. When she’s ordered to take a two-week vacation from surgery, which will Read more...

One More Moment
by Samantha Chase
"Rockstar romance to touch your heart"
Posted August 28, 2019

Charlotte realizes the man in front of her in the coffee line is having a bad day, so she offers to pay for his coffee and blueberry muffin. Annoyed, he allows it. But he follows her outside the coffee shop to learn why she helped him. He's more Read more...

Teen Titans: Raven
by Kami Garcia
"The power of Sisterhood"
Posted August 28, 2019

A car accident kills both Raven’s foster mom and her memories. She’s not sure about anything anymore. She moves to New Orleans with her aunt and cousin to finish high school, but starting over isn’t easy. Sure, she remembers the everyday things like Read more...

Crashing the A-List
by Summer Heacock
"Blackmail turns into a Fake Romance in this black comedy!"
Posted August 28, 2019

After losing her book editing job, Clara Montgomery also loses her apartment. She’s forced to move in with her little brother and his fiancé. While hunting for a new job, she takes a job cleaning abandoned storage units. Charlie, the owner, advises her to be on Read more...

Love and Death Among the Cheetahs
by Rhys Bowen
"Welcome to the Jungle, it's not what is expected from the upper class, or is it?"
Posted August 28, 2019

Lady Georgiana has finally tied the knot. She’s no longer in line for the throne, and she’s officially an old married lady. The first few days of the honeymoon on a houseboat are bliss. But the couple’s back to reality soon enough. At Read more...

The Perfect Date
by Evelyn Lozada
"Worst Fake Date Ever (Sort of)"
Posted August 22, 2019

Angel s desperately trying to finish nursing school and obtain her degree. She wants to build a better life for herself and her son Jose, who has asthma and his medicine is expensive. She’s doing the best she can but between her bartending job, her nursing internship Read more...

Word to the Wise
by Jenn McKinlay
"Roses are Read..."
Posted August 22, 2019

Lindsey Norris is happily engaged, so she’s surprised when a new library patron starts paying her extra attention. At first, she brushes off her discomfort after he thanks her for helping him research. But when he shows up at her house after work one night, he&rsquo Read more...

Life and Other Inconveniences
by Kristan Higgins
"Kristan Higgins outdoes herself again"
Posted August 8, 2019

Genevieve London plans to die by the end of the summer. She plans to end her life on her terms, so she calls her estranged granddaughter for help. Emma arrives with her teenage daughter, full of resentment for her childhood. After Emma's father abandoned her with her grandmother Read more...

Just One of the Groomsmen
by Cindi Madsen
"A hilarious rom-com about best friends who may be something more..."
Posted July 19, 2019

Addie’s always been one of the guys. So when one of her best guy friends gets engaged, she thrilled to learn that she’ll be a "groomsman." So what if she has to wear a dress? Addison’s even happier to learn that her best Read more...

Some Like It Scandalous
by Maya Rodale
"Brains vs. Beauty in the Gilded Age!"
Posted July 18, 2019

Daisy Swan can’t wait until she finishes school and becomes officially too old to marry; she’s quite looking forward to the life of a spinster. Unfortunately, her mother has other ideas and wants her to save the family’s reputation by marrying Theodore Prescott Read more...

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After spending 11 years as a Young Adult Librarian, I moved libraries and became a Children's and YA Librarian. I love love love books and talking about reading. My favorite types of books include mysteries, romance, thrillers, and spy books. I adore crafty books, regency romances, and cozy mysteries. When I'm not reading or talking about books, I love baking, crafting, watching the Celtics, or snuggling with my two dogs.

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