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Opposites resist—and attract—under the Cancún sun

Kat Martin

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Sssshhhhhh! THE SECRET is coming!!
February 8, 2013

72 comments posted.

Re: Against The Sky (2:30pm February 22, 2015):

Hey, sue-- it's way more beautiful than I could possibly
describe. take the ferry sometime. Its a casual,
wonderful trip, leaves out of Bellingham, WA. kat

Re: Against The Sky (2:29pm February 22, 2015):

big thanks, Gladys! hope you like the book!

Re: Against The Sky (3:06pm February 19, 2015):

thanks, Peggy! The book has been real success-- 3 weeks
on the New York Time! a first for me. I think the
Alaska setting has been intriguing to readers--and of
course, Nick is a major hunk, which doesn't hurt. Hope
you get a chance to visit Alaska someday. In the
meantime, i hope you enjoy reading about it in my books!

Re: Against The Sky (6:47pm February 6, 2015):

Peggy-- I have some very loyal readers. they just put me on
#7 on the New York times.

Re: Against The Sky (6:46pm February 6, 2015):

thanks, Denise-- Against the Sky just hit 37 on the New
York times! excited about that.

Re: Against The Sky (6:45pm February 6, 2015):

Re: Against The Sky (4:17pm February 5, 2015):


Re: Against the Wild (12:48pm May 27, 2014):

Hi, Peggy and Melanie! I was on yesterday, sorry I missed
you. It really was a wonderful trip, but HARD! One day the
wind was blowing so hard we couldn't get the doors open on
the pickup! And we were supposed to be having a barbeque!
Ended up in another camper with room for all 6 of us. Hope
you enjoy Against the Wild. warmest, kat

Re: Against The Odds (12:26pm December 20, 2012):

I absolutely love hearing these many unique
and meaningful. Going to hear your father sing in the choir
on Christmas eve, opening one gift an hour--good idea. From
our house to yours we wish you a wonderful Christmas and happy
new year. God Bless, kat

Re: Against The Odds (7:09pm December 19, 2012):

wow, lots of comments since I went on this morning. some
wonderful traditions. love the one from Ireland, walking on
the beach, and the eggs benedict sounds great. I like to do
a sit-down on Christmas Eve, but we've rounded up a lot of
folks with no place to go so it looks like its going to be
buffet. Still should be great. Hope you all have a
wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy Against the Odds

Re: Deep Blue (7:44pm August 14, 2012):

cruising seems to be an interesting topic. I think it can be fun or scary. hoping for fun next year. thanks to for all of your kind words. so glad so many of you are enjoying my books. makes all the hard work worthwhile. Patti--loved that you met your hubby on a cruise. sounds really romantic. kat

Re: Deep Blue (3:19pm August 14, 2012):

Peggy-- you might like the Alaska Ferry. we've done it twice. Its like a locals bus. Great scenery and very casual and its cheap. we loved it.

Sigrun--that is an amazing story. I doubt many of us have had that sort of experience.

For those who just want to read about the adventure--hope you'll give DEEP BLUE a try. kat

Re: Deep Blue (3:16pm August 14, 2012):

Love the comments...interesting how many people have not gone on a cruise. I've only been on 3. Great sicksick tip from Sigrund. I use the patch (transcopderm).
Kathleen--loved the thinking out of the box story. good idea.

Re: Against The Night (2:53pm March 9, 2012):

Selleck is good in Blue Bloods if you haven't seen it. Like all authors I would love to have one of my books made into a movie. Just getting ready to start one that might work. I only have to convince Steven Spielberg! hope you all like NIGHT. warmest, kat

Re: Against The Night (11:58am March 9, 2012):

Good morning all! Looks like fav movies was a hot topic. trhink I am going to see Act of Valor, the Navy SEAL movie. How can a movie full of hunky SEALS be bad? right? At any rate, getting ready to write about an ex-SEAL now a PI so I can use the background info.
Loved all your comments. some great movies in there. Hope you all like the new book! warmest, kat

Re: Hot Rain (8:30pm January 4, 2012):

Wow, 53 comments! You guys have such a great website, great goup of readers. Super comments. Some of you mentioned my cover--got lucky with Hot Rain, such a hunk on the front. Against the Night is next for me, out end of Feb, and it also has a fabulous cover. I hope you all enjoy Hot Rain and that you'll watch for Johnnie Riggs, Against the Night. Have a great 2012! Love you all. Kat

Re: Hot Rain (5:31pm January 4, 2012):

looks like the comments are running 50/50 on for and against on-line dating. It's been a more interesting topic than I would have figured. like many of you, I've been married a long time (26 years). Can't imagine how tough it would be to meet someont these days...Had a friend who used the service well, but only met for coffee until she met someone she actually liked enough to have lunch with. Careful is definitely the answer. kat

Re: Hot Rain (1:55pm January 4, 2012):

Wow, turns out on-line dating is an interesting topic. Some great comments and good advice. Though I've never tried it, the idea appeals to me, though I agree it should be done with great caution. Hope you all had a great New Year's eve and best for 2012, kat

Re: Against The Storm (6:06pm October 17, 2011):

I have to say writing is really hard work. Who woulda thunk it? Seems like it would be lots of fun and when things are going smoothly it is. that isn't all that often. Also a problem trying to fit writing into all the other things you have going on in your life. Right now, I am itching to get back to the book I am on...hopefully tomorrow. kat

Re: Against The Storm (4:06pm October 17, 2011):

It's always such fun to blog on this site. great comments. Have to say I can't believe I've written 50 books either! A lot of them are being re-issued over the next few months. Hot Rain is the first and it's one of my favorites. New Cover, out in January. It's a high action adventure, contemp romantic suspense. The Sinclair Sisters trilogy will also be re-issued next year. And of course, Against the Night, out end Feb, and Against the Sun, end of May. As you can see, I stay busy! kat

Re: Against The Storm (11:55am October 17, 2011):

Wow! Such great comments! A couple of you are writing your own books and going to conferences to try to get them published is a great way to do it. And don't be afraid of rejection. It hurts a little, but its worth it in the long run. Regarding my husband's books. He's written over 20. YOu can find them at Lots of westerns, some historicals, some contemps. Good luck to those of you who are trying to get published. don't give up! kat

Re: Magnificent Passage (5:50pm July 13, 2011):

MaryAnne-- the Necklace Trilogy turned out to be a fan favorite. One of my favs, too. Amazed how many people like bodice rippers! makes me think of writing another one! have a great day! warmest, kat

Re: Magnificent Passage (7:17pm July 12, 2011):

I can't believe you are all on for a bodice-ripper! Now I wish I'd made it more of a ripper than it is! You guys are all great. hope you like the book! warmest, kat

Re: Magnificent Passage (1:29pm July 12, 2011):

I just lover blogging on this website! You all have such great comments and such open minds! I think maybe we authors should think about taking a few more risks in the historical market...cowboys and Indians, Vikings, pirates, those were all so much fun to read. Hope you enjoy the oldie. kat

Re: A Song For My Mother (7:58pm April 9, 2011):

Off to the Mr. Romance Pageant! should be entertaining. have a great evening. warmest, kat ps. hope you enjoy A Song for My Mother.

Re: A Song For My Mother (5:56pm April 9, 2011):

Cathy-- my hubby's book, Shadow of the Mast, is available as through amazon as an ebook.
Psam-- raining in Montana, too. Should be lovely in Washington soon.

Re: A Song For My Mother (5:51pm April 9, 2011):

hi, ya'll just back from a giant book fair at the RT Book reviews convetnion at the Bonaventura in downtown LA. unfortunatley my new book wasn't there, but the new series was there. Fun to meet so many booksellers and readers. The motto at the signing (with 1500 readers) was definitely read, read, read!

Re: A Song For My Mother (12:49pm April 9, 2011):

Anna-- this is a very different book for me. It's a gift-sized hardcover for Mothers Day. It tackles some tough issues, but as always you can count on a happy ending. hope you enjoy! best, kat

Re: A Song For My Mother (12:45pm April 9, 2011):

Peggy-- I hate when I don't have time to read. It is my passion and my relaxation. Think you should definitely try writing that book! kat

Re: A Song For My Mother (12:37pm April 9, 2011):

Sharon--one of the themes of this book is that we need to tell family how important they are to us before it is too late. Wish I had been more oopen with my own mom.

Re: A Song For My Mother (10:50am April 9, 2011):

Good morning, ladies. Interesting discussion of mothers and how they influenced our lives and in lots of cases got us started reading. I loved Marjorie's comments about playing the dulcimer for her mother. How cool is that? kat

Re: Against the Law (12:08pm March 2, 2011):

Wow, it's getting late and you guys are all still at it. YOu are probably up late reading! I hope you are reading my new books! It's been a real pleasure to be here today. I love hearing your comments and am excited to know that so many of you plan to read the new series. thanks so much for having me. very best wishes, Kat

Re: Against the Law (8:27pm March 1, 2011):

Anna-- what a lovely sentiment. there really is something special about an actual printed book, though I enjoy reading my kindle as well

Re: Against the Law (8:26pm March 1, 2011):

Birgit-- I hope you are exactly where you want to be in 25 years. I'm afraid my goals keep changing--which is great. Always a new challenge.

Re: Against the Law (8:26pm March 1, 2011):

Gosh, I dart away from here to work for a couple of hours and there you are with a bunch more comments! I love this site. Such great input. I definitely have "Can't let it go," syndrome, Lisa. I'm that way about reading, too. Once I find an author I like, I read as much of their stuff as I can.

Re: Against the Law (3:29pm March 1, 2011):

Kelli-- hope you like them all! I save books to savor. I'm holding onto a Susan E. Phillips right now.
Colleen, thanks for the congrats!
Cindy--Trace's story, Against the Storm, has a gorgeous cover. it's out end of Oct. kat

Re: Against the Law (1:14pm March 1, 2011):

One thing I noticed as I re-read your comments is that a number of you like books in a series...I'm thrilled with that since I've already written Trace Rawlins story, Against the Fire, and am hoping to finish Johnnie Riggs story this week, Against the Night. best of luck with the contest. very best to you all. back later, kat

Re: Against the Law (1:13pm March 1, 2011):

As I read through these comments, I am soo grateful for all the kind words. Writing is such a lonely occupation. There are only brief times that we actually get to connect with readers. To hear that you have been enjoying my books for all of these years makes the hard work all worthwhile.

Re: Against the Law (1:11pm March 1, 2011):

Good morning! Or afternoon, depending on where you live. You guys have the most wonderful website. Such a great way for an author to get feedback. I want to thank you all for the Congratulations. I have to say it was a real thrill. My bouquet from the publisher finally wilted. But it was gorgeous and such a lovely thank you from them.

Re: Against The Wind (1:15pm January 4, 2011):

Sandra, Vickie, Ciny, Diane and all of your Fresh Fiction folks-- you guys are just the best! love hearing from you. Hope you like the new books! wishing you a great 2011. warmest, kat

Re: Against The Wind (1:13pm January 4, 2011):

Wow, Jeanne-- I think you are really going to get this book. I loved that song, too! I really like country music.

Re: Against The Wind (1:12pm January 4, 2011):

Peggy--n thanks for your kind words. hope you like the books, they are really special to me. k

Re: Against The Wind (10:20pm January 3, 2011):

Kai-- I hope you like it! kat

Re: Against The Wind (8:39pm January 3, 2011):

Clio-- that's a wild story. hope you like it.
Clicia-- this time no waiting-- the books are only a montha part!
Robin-- hope you like the books! happy new year! kat

Re: Against The Wind (7:04pm January 3, 2011):

I love the covers, too! I was thrilled to see somethng beside the old fashioned clutch covers. seems like they've gone back to them a lot lately. that and men naked tothe waist...though I not really complaining about that! k

Re: Against The Wind (6:11pm January 3, 2011):

Special Hello to Stephanie who says she's a huge fan! love ya, kat

Re: Against The Wind (6:10pm January 3, 2011):

Oh, my gosh, I took off for the gym and now I am back and there are a jillion comments! One thing is clear--you all like trilogies! I have fallen in love with writing them. As you say, you get to know more about the characters, kind of makes everyone part of the family. hope you like the new ones! HAPPY NEW YEAR! kat

Re: The Christmas Clock (5:58pm November 17, 2010):

Oh, and everyone-- Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. love ya, kat

Re: The Christmas Clock (5:57pm November 17, 2010):

Hi, Ya'll! glad I stopped back by. Lots of new, wonderful comments. You have such a terrific group on this site. For helps to get a story in mind that you'd like to write...kind of helps move you forward. Debra-- hope you like The Devil's Necklace, its one of my favorites.

Re: The Christmas Clock (7:02pm November 16, 2010):

April-- you're a doll! so glad you are enjoying my books! new ones out Jan, Feb, March, the Raines brothers. Against the Wind is first. kat

Re: The Christmas Clock (12:33pm November 16, 2010):

Peggy-- wanted to say I understand well how it feels to lose your mother. Mine has been gone only a couple of years and I miss her every day. We got some great years together. Wish you could have had more with your mom.

Re: The Christmas Clock (12:32pm November 16, 2010):

Lots of new comments! REading them makes me want to write another Christmas book. Everyone seems to love the holidays and the Christmas stories put us in the holiday spirit.

Re: The Christmas Clock (8:50pm November 15, 2010):

I can tell by all the great comments that we have a wonderful, holiday-minded group. I can tell you the book will leave you feeling good, I promise!

Re: The Christmas Clock (6:13pm November 15, 2010):

Christmas Clock is definitely a family read.
Sue-- glad you are enjoying the Necklace Trilogy!

Re: The Christmas Clock (5:22pm November 15, 2010):

Jane-- Glad you have enjoyed my romantic suspense books. I have 6 AGAINST books coming, which I think are some of my very best. hope you will watch for them.

Re: The Christmas Clock (5:21pm November 15, 2010):

the nice thing about this book is that the publisher priced it at $5.99 which is even less at Walmart. So it makes an expensive little fun gift.

Re: The Christmas Clock (3:32pm November 15, 2010):

I had a really hard time writing this book, but when I was finished, I felt as if I had written something special.

Re: The Christmas Clock (2:49pm November 15, 2010):

Wow! I am so impressed with all your wonderful comments. I live in Montana and we are just getting our first few snowflakes, which always puts me in the holiday mood. Sounds as if many of us are touched by the terrible disease of Alzheimers. A cure would be the best miracle of all.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (1:19pm September 28, 2010):

I have so enjoyed hearing everyone's cover comments. turned out to be a great topic for discussion. I had a major argument with my publisher over the clutch covers--which I see as old-fashioned. I lost then, but won with the Necklace trilogy covers. So glad you all seemed to back me up on my thinking that they were much classier and still attracted readers. I like the Raines brothers because they make a statement without be raunchy. thanks everyone for all your views.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (5:30pm September 27, 2010):

hi, Guys--more great cover comments. Very interesting to me as an author. Pam, FYI Dueling Hearts is the same book as Lady Jay. Publisher changed the orginal name before it was ever published. probably be out as an ebook eventually, maybe print on demand. that is kind of an up and coming thing.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (2:58pm September 27, 2010):

I am really looking forward to the new books. Diane asked if the Raines Brothers trilogy were westerns and the brothers are western men, but the stories are contemp. The first is set on a ranch in Wyoming. The second, Gabe's story is in Dallas, and Dev's story takes place in Scottsdale, AZ.

Re: The Bride's Necklace (2:51pm September 27, 2010):

Ohmygod! What a great group you all are! I usually like to write personal replies but with 39 comments--I would be here the rest of the day. I would like to say that the Cover blog got interesting comments. Sounds like your opinions pretty much match mine. I like stepback and I like pretty and I like men or women but not so much a clutch.

Re: Rule's Bride (1:51pm August 17, 2010):

I had a little family problem glitch in my day yesterday so am signing on a little late. Hope you will all forgive me. I loved your comments. you're the best! kat

Re: Rule's Bride (1:50pm August 17, 2010):

H, Guys! you've all written such wonderful comments and it looks like everyone is definitely in favor of series books! I'll finally started to enjoy writing them, but it took me a while! k

Re: Rule's Bride (1:44pm April 25, 2010):

Good Sunday morning! What a bunch of amazing readers you all are! I have so enjoyed this website. love to hear your thoughts on the trilogy, especially the new one. You can reach me at

Re: Rule's Bride (1:28pm April 24, 2010):

P.S. Thanks to you all for your very wonderful words about my books! hope you continue to enjoy! kat

Re: Rule's Bride (1:26pm April 24, 2010):

Wow! lots of great comments today! In a way, these are grooms books, since the three Dewar brothers are all the sons of a duke. From here though, for you contemporary readers, Three Romantic Suspense books out Jan, Feb, March of next year, the Raines brothers trilogy. Against the Wind, Against the Fire, Against the Law. I absolutely loved writing these so am hoping my readers will gie them at try.

Re: Rule's Bride (7:12pm April 23, 2010):

thanks so much. sounds like a lot of you have read either one or both of the first two books. I think this is one of my best series and readers seem to be enjoying. I've got a any of you ladies read Contemporary Romantic Suspense? I've got a new trilogy out the first of the year. I'm hoping historical readers will give the Raines Brothers a try.

Re: Rule's Bride (4:32pm April 23, 2010):

GS Wanted to say that I liked each of the ladies, who were strong and sexy, but Violet had a little extra special something. She was smart and feisty. She was my favorite to write.

Re: Rule's Bride (4:30pm April 23, 2010):

Wow! What an amazing bunch of gals you are! I am thrilled that you are enjoying my books and I am really excited that some of you who haven't read me are going to give the Bride's books a try.

Re: Rule's Bride (10:54am April 23, 2010):

Hi Rosemary! I promise this is a fun series to read. I had great fun writing it, which usually comes through in the books. hope you enjoy, kat

Re: Rule's Bride (10:37am April 23, 2010):

HI, Guys! I'm hoping you like this series...I think it't one of my very best. The third book should be out this week. Hope you enjoy! kat

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