June 13th, 2021
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A theme-park princess. A real-life prince.

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Can two stubborn adults let down their guard long enough to let love in again?

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A modern-day fairy tale of hope and rescue from NYT bestselling author Rachel Hauck

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A journey to the lush vineyards of Tuscany—and into the mysteries of a tragic family secret.

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Can a one-time enemy to protect them?

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When the battle is for love, the one who surrenders wins. But who will lay down arms first? And whose heart will break wide open?

John Smith

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26 comments posted.

Re: Murder at the Arts and Crafts Festival (9:01pm January 19, 2020):

I like all the cool glazes and finishes potters put on their ceramics!

Re: The Time for Murder is Meow (6:41am August 8, 2019):

I believe my friends Muffins and Pom-Pom and I would enjoy this book very

Re: The Body in Griffith Park (9:19pm July 16, 2019):

I think this book would be a great read, although I personally would hate to ever
find a body in a park!

Re: American Duchess (12:29pm April 18, 2019):

I doubt the Duke was actually shorter than Consuelo--she had heels and big hair.
And why should we attack a man if he actually is shorter than a woman? Is he
unworthy of his wife? Is she degrading herself by marrying a shorter man? That
is plain old bigotry!

Re: Foul Play on Words (2:42pm April 10, 2019):

Light-hearted, cozy mysteries are, I think, the best!

Re: Death Blow (2:40pm April 10, 2019):

I would have no problem with having massive Mexican food cravings!

Re: A Shot of Murder (2:36pm April 10, 2019):

To determine my favorite whiskey brand, I would have to mix whiskies up with a
lot of ginger ale, a lot of fruit (pineapple and/or cherries?), a lot of crushed ice,
and then top it with a little paper umbrella.

Re: Chocolate a la Murder (9:10am March 13, 2019):

Light and breezy mysteries sound perfect! Great cover!

Re: Night Of The Flood (2:20pm January 2, 2019):

There are some interesting writers in this! --Thanks for the comments about the

Re: Earl to the Rescue (10:19am November 29, 2018):

The earl sounds like a good fellow!

Re: Heart on Fire (10:59pm January 4, 2018):

"What are the things that set YOUR heart on fire?" Financial security, art, food,
and a good book! (Nice clothing, also.)

Re: A Distant Heart (11:44pm December 29, 2017):

"What is the most unique challenge you'd face if you were locked away as Kimi
was for health reasons? Tell us below and be entered to win!" Loss of muscle
mass--it would be a unique challenge in the sense of a very serious challenge!
Inactivity is a terrible thing!

Re: Etched in Tears (10:13pm November 28, 2017):

What is my favorite location of all locations? Maybe Paris--although I've never
been there. St. Petersburg, Florida, does sound pretty surreal, though!

Re: Perfect Gravity (9:02pm November 16, 2017):

How do I celebrate fall? I drink flavored coffees and look out the window
contemplating the changing of the seasons!

Re: Ghost on the Case (9:31pm October 14, 2017):

I would say "Yankee Doodle Dead" because who doesn't love a mystery bookstore
and cats?, and the lettering on the cover is cool and fun!

Re: Whispers of Warning (11:07pm September 18, 2017):

"Hell House" by Richard Matheson. Scary stuff!

Re: Summoner (7:09pm September 17, 2017):

"Who is your favorite supernatural character?" I will always like vampires, but,
hey, that's just me!

Re: Muffin to Fear (9:18pm August 28, 2017):

If a book has a picture of an orange kitty and anything to do with muffins, I'm

Re: Wrong Side of the Paw (9:17pm August 28, 2017):

The worst thing I've seen in the back of a pickup truck? Oh, I'm afraid I don't
spend much time in the backs of pickup trucks!

Re: A Tangled Yarn (10:00pm August 21, 2017):

That is one sly looking kitty! But a sea of feathers? Clearly the seagulls did it!

Re: Addressed to Kill (9:59pm August 21, 2017):

I try not to let kittens walk all over tabletops. It might disturb the clues....

Re: Crowned and Dangerous (9:58pm August 21, 2017):

Lords and ladies and great book covers sound great! But poor Lady Georgianna
and her struggles!

Re: Dressed to Confess (9:56pm August 21, 2017):

Poor Don Digby! He sounds like the odds are stacked against him!

Re: Freedom's Ring (9:55pm August 14, 2017):

I loved that British time-slip Jane Austen series, and now this looks like an
interesting read!

Re: Chime and Punishment (9:03pm August 12, 2017):

The clockwork cover is so cool! This whole series sounds intriguing!

Re: On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service (9:02pm August 12, 2017):

I like the stylish covers! I would be delighted to learn more about Darcy's secret

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