June 19th, 2021
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A theme-park princess. A real-life prince.

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Can two stubborn adults let down their guard long enough to let love in again?

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A modern-day fairy tale of hope and rescue from NYT bestselling author Rachel Hauck

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A journey to the lush vineyards of Tuscany—and into the mysteries of a tragic family secret.

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Can a one-time enemy to protect them?

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When the battle is for love, the one who surrenders wins. But who will lay down arms first? And whose heart will break wide open?


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The Traitor Baru Cormorant
by Seth Dickinson
"Betrayal, subterfuge, and passion: Baru Cormorant has something for all!"
Posted January 7, 2016

Born and raised on Taranoke, Baru Cormorant lived her life with her mother and two fathers and the freedom of true choices. Traders from the Masquerade, a nation of modesty and hygiene, come and slowly build roots. Things begin to change on Taranoke. Families are taken apart under the guise Read more...

Skinner Luce
by Patricia Ward
"An interesting twist on alien invasion stories"
Posted December 30, 2015

Unseen by humanity, They wander our earth. They, the Nafikh, wild, near-immortal aliens with a passion for winter and the delights of the flesh. Too many humans die when the Nafikh try to touch them. To combat this problem, They created servs. Artificial humans with a glowing power Source Read more...

The Rise of the Red Queen
by Bourne Morris
"Crime Thrillers Have Never Been So Fantastic!"
Posted December 3, 2015

The Red Queen returns, and she's better than ever. Red Solaris is one of three candidates for the permanent position, Dean of Journalism. She worries about competing with the two male candidates, who seem to be favored by the hiring committee. Her partner, Detective Joe Morgan, is reluctant to Read more...

by Stephen Baxter
"Welcome back to Per Ardua."
Posted November 18, 2015

After stepping through the Hatch, our intrepid adventurers find themselves back on Earth, but it is not Earth as any of them remember. Instead, the centurions of Ancient Rome have become the dominant power and have remained as colonizers in the stars. With a Greek doctor and a young slave Read more...

The Unloved
by Deborah Levy
"Lifted burdens for those who have them, sorrows for those who don't."
Posted August 21, 2015

A group of tourists from all over the world gather into a chateau in France, intending to enjoy the holidays in the company of near strangers. They slowly learn secrets about each other while keeping their own secrets as best they can. The seductive lure of change and experience goes Read more...

The Scarlet Gospels
by Clive Barker
"Harry D'Amour is born to raise Hell..."
Posted June 23, 2015

Henry D'Amour has been chasing demons for as long as he can remember. His detective work has brought him into numerous clashes with pure evil. The Hell Priest, known to most as Pinhead, has been accumulating magic powers and knowledge in secret. The only oppositions to his power are Read more...

by Maya Rock
"Have You Seen The Truman Show? SCRIPTED Is That Times Ten!"
Posted May 24, 2015

On Bliss Island, the people are Characters, and the show is Blissful. Blissful Days is the show that the mainlanders live for, the thing that keeps them from losing all hope in their war-torn world. The Characters who live their lives in the world of the television show have Read more...

Lady Of The Eternal City
by Kate Quinn
"Hadrian and Antinous, Alive again in the Pages of a Novel Full of Love."
Posted May 22, 2015

From the beginning of his rule, Emperor Hadrian has caused his wife and his lead guard nothing but grief and pain. His wife, Sabina, watches as her husband harms the innocent and has his transparent affairs. His lead guard, Vix, watches as his own son falls into Hadrian's influence Read more...

Best Lesbian Erotica 2015
by Laura Antoniou
"Ladies Love from the Place Where Butterflies Are Born..."
Posted May 22, 2015

An erotic email exchange between strangers. The true story of Arachne and Athena. Lessons from an older woman, a steam-covered orgy, a cooking lesson, all these and more included in a short anthology in BEST LESBIAN EROTICA. The short erotic stories run from trusting vanilla to rough BDSM, whips Read more...

Pocket Apocalypse
by Seanan McGuire
"In which Alex Price Discovers that Werewolves Aren't the Worst Threat to His Person..."
Posted May 22, 2015

Alex Price is a cryptozoologist from a family of cuckoos and former corpses. When his girlfriend, Shelby Tanner, asks him to come home with her to Australia, it's not just to meet the family: there's a werewolf outbreak and they need his expertise. Every last member of the Read more...

Darker Edge of Desire
by Mitzi Szereto
"No rest for the wicked with fiction like this..."
Posted April 19, 2015

A southern Goth girl succumbs to the desires of two men who may or may not be vampires in The Dracula Club. A seminary student learns that to love is no sin in Sister Bessie's Boys. Jasper Roux cooks up a meal and a memory in Blood Soup. Vampires Read more...

Atlantis Rising
by Gloria Craw
"A new breed of magical human in a young adult novel with taste."
Posted April 11, 2015

Alison McKye is different. It's not that she's adopted or that she's shy or anything like that. She has a special ability: she can influence the thoughts and actions of those around her. Though she does actively use the power, she uses it so she will not Read more...

Another Night, Another Day
by Sarah Rayner
"Subdued, beautiful, and sentimental portrait of living with mental illness"
Posted April 11, 2015

Karen has lost someone important and is about to lose another, Michael is an inch from bankruptcy, and Abby's autistic son and distant husband are taking all her energy. When they have all been run down by the pressures of life, there's only one place they all can Read more...

Pretty Ugly
by Kirker Butler
"The pageantry is only just beginning!"
Posted April 11, 2015

A former pageant winner with a family of three, only one who meets her expectations of femininity. An eight-year old girl who just wants a Snickers and the ability to see her friends on weekends. Two boys who don't know they're being neglected. A harried hospice nurse Read more...

by Boualem Sansal
"Thought-provoking, gripping, and touching outlook on deeper emotional pulls."
Posted April 11, 2015

Lamia has been on her own since her parents died and her youngest brother left Algiers as harraga, a wanderer. She lives all alone, working days in the hospital and spending nights in her crooked old family house. When a seventeen-year-old pregnant Lolita girl, Chérifa, shows up Read more...

by John L. Campbell
"Character development in the midst of a zombie tale as old as time."
Posted April 10, 2015

A Russian pilot, an above-average-housewife, and a lonely old farmer with an excellent shooting eye have only one thing in common: the zombies are here and they're not going down without a fight. Vladimir Yurish and his adopted son Ben, Angie West, and Halsey are part of Read more...

Don't Let Him Know
by Sandip Roy
"A Brilliant Debut by a Real Artist."
Posted April 10, 2015

Amit Mitra finds a letter from an uncle who left the picture long ago. His mother Romola Mitra found the letter from the uncle in her first days as a newlywed. Her husband Avinash Mitra never knew that letter from the uncle existed. All the while, this letter breeds secrets Read more...

The Wednesday Group
by Sylvia True
"The Wednesday group meets the reader in a most interesting circumstance"
Posted April 7, 2015

When it turns out their partners are sex addicts, a small group of women come together in a support group to let it all out. They breed trust within their ranks, forming friendships in the face of pain. They seek the magic formula that will heal their lives but they Read more...

Nowhere to Be Found
by Bae Suah
"The Narrator speaks and the reader must listen..."
Posted April 5, 2015

While working as a temp in Geyonggi Province, Korea, the narrator of Bae Suah's NOWHERE TO BE FOUND discovers herself through the processes of a life which takes a great deal more than it gives. The narrator is twenty four years old in 1988, working small and insignificant jobs Read more...

The Queen's Dwarf
by Ella March Chase
"This one was an instant favorite!"
Posted March 30, 2015

In 1629 England, the religious divide between Catholics and Protestants rages and no one who practices Catholicism is completely safe. Sixteen-year old dwarf Jeffrey Hudson has the face of an angel and has used both his gift and his misfortune to help his family make ends meet over the Read more...

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