July 22nd, 2018
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The Deepest Cut
by Dianne Emley
"Detective Nan Vining has a lot to deal with in this final book of the series."
Posted February 6, 2009

Pasadena Police Detective Nan Vining is back and confronting the ghosts left behind from her brush with death. When Nan's 14-year-old daughter Emily discovers the bloody yellow polo shirt worn by Nan's would-be killer, T.B. Mann, the harrowing memories rip open the never completely Read more...

White Nights
by Ann Cleeves
"Introspective Inspector Jimmy Perez is back in the second book of the Shetland Island Quartet."
Posted October 15, 2008

Here, within Shetland's white midsummer nights, where Scotland meets Scandinavia, there's a certain surreal yet hearty beauty containing mysteries within its craggy shores. On one such night, Perez longs to turn his friendship with artist Fran Hunter into something more permanent. Her first gallery art showing should make Read more...

Red Knife
by William Kent Krueger
"Cork O'Connor returns to solve the mystery surrounding the senseless death of a teenage girl."
Posted October 15, 2008

Tamarack County, Minnesota -- a land that's been watered with historic blood and violence. Two hundred plus years in the past, one of many massacres occurred; violent whispers still whistle between the wind and the trees. Fast-forward to the future, where that same patch of ground has become a Read more...

King Of Nod
by Scott Fadd
"This haunting and lyrical literary treasure lingers like an old memory in true Gothic style."
Posted October 15, 2008

Some things never die. Wherever there is a hill big enough to conquer, there will always be someone vying to be king of the hill. Robert Lee "Boo" Taylor should know for it seems as if he's fought some kind of battle for as long as he can remember Read more...

The Swap
by Antony Moore
"A mix of twisted comedy and dry British wit along with a liberal dose of thriller."
Posted October 6, 2008

We all have regrets and moments we wish we could undo; choices we oftentimes make while trying to be cool in our tender, younger years. Harvey Briscow has such a regret in his life, a defining moment that sets the stage for his lifeless future. Now with his 20-year Read more...

Stealing Trinity
by Ward Larsen
"A riveting and suspenseful military thriller filled with the soul of humanity."
Posted October 5, 2008

April, 1945 -- a time in history when the Nazis' reign of terror is all but over. However, Colonel Hans Gruber of Nazi intelligence has a daring plan, which, if it succeeds, will give the Reich a toehold on world supremacy. His plan is to regain contact with "Die Wespe," a Read more...

I Shall Not Want
by Julia Spencer-Fleming
"Thrilling action combined with layered characters and excellent writing make this novel a winner."
Posted October 5, 2008

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends." ~Corinthians 13:7-8 In the scope of literary star-crossed lovers, Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne know all too well the depth and meaning of this phrase. Tragic events, emotional scars, bad Read more...

Love in the Time of Fridges
by Tim Scott
"Sublime, surreal, amusing satire on what can happen when common sense ceases to exist."
Posted October 5, 2008

"New Seattle Health and Safety. Do not die for no reason." Welcome to New Seattle, where warning messages abound in place of advertisements in an effort to protect the population from themselves and each other. Ex-cop Huckleberry Lindbergh returns after eight long years of self-imposed exile in search Read more...

Soul of Fire
by Sarah A. Hoyt
"A fascinating blend of Victorian fantasy with alternate history."
Posted October 5, 2008

HEART OF LIGHT's Peter Farewell returns, but this time around it's his story. Our noble British outcast is on a quest to find the "Soul of Fire," a powerful ruby Charlemagne used during his reign to bind all of Europe's magic to himself and consequently, his descendants Read more...

The Apocalypse Directive
by Douglas MacKinnon
"This factually based political thriller will keep you reading all night -- and scare you to death."
Posted July 19, 2008

When the secrets of politics mate with the convictions of religion, the offspring does not make a good bedfellow. The separation between church and state is fragile at best. Yet what if politics and beliefs are conjoined? What if one group holds the power to decide who lives or who Read more...

by Harry Haines
"It's always a race to the finish line when life and death are competing on the same track."
Posted June 16, 2008

Veterinarian Dr. James Robert Masterson fights life and death battles each day in his practice. So when a horrendous vehicle accident confronts him on his way home, it's natural instinct for Dr. Jim Bob to lend a helping hand. Surveying the smashed horse trailer, he finds a mare on Read more...

You Can't Hide
by Karen Rose
"Perfect blend of suspense, romance and mystery."
Posted March 23, 2006

The mind is a complex cerebral hard drive, powered by emotions both primitive, strong and oftentimes out of control. Dr. Tess Ciccotelli has dedicated her life to helping those with problems they can't handle, which could lead them to commit suicide or even murder. Her integrity and empathy for Read more...

The Burning
by Susan Squires
"A fantastic erotic vampire thriller."
Posted March 15, 2006

Touch, considered the most sensual of the senses, is often times the most gentle. However, for Ann Van Helsing, touch is a deathly overpowering siren and one she must ignore. Yet, who cannot long to be touched even when insanity is the certain outcome? Cursed with the psychic ability to Read more...

Past Redemption
by Savannah Russe
"Thrilling vampire suspense featuring Daphne and Team Darkwing."
Posted March 15, 2006

"But what is Hope? Nothing but the paint on the face of Existence; the least touch of truth rubs it off, and then we see what a hollow-cheeked harlot we have got hold of." - Lord Byron Secret Agent Vampire, Daphne "Daphy"" Urban is back, engaged in another mission to Read more...

The Kiss
by Elda Minger
"Warm, humorous and wonderfully sexy romance."
Posted March 15, 2006

Fortune favors the bride -- or does it? The day before her wedding, Tess Sommerville is having second thoughts about getting married. But then what bride doesn't? Brooke Matthews, her best friend, whisks Tess off to their favorite hangout to calm her pre-wedding jitters. However, this night is giving Read more...

A Lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn
by Laurien Gardner
"Interesting, entertaining and sympathetic view of second wife of Henry VIII."
Posted February 23, 2006

Young, plucky and bitten by her half-awakened muse, Frances Pierce longs for a life at Court. The daughter of a backwoods baronet, her dreams seem to be the closest she'll ever reach to the intrigue and romance of King Henry's court. Yet, the perfect chance presents itself Read more...

Winter Moon
by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, C. E. Murphy
"Three wonderful lunar-inspired fantasies."
Posted November 28, 2005

Underneath the light of the Winter Moon, the mothers, maidens and wise women sit and tell their tales. For the moon is many things to many people, and this collection of lunar-inspired stories is no exception. Three fine tales wax and wane in vastly different worlds and times, shining Read more...

Song of Unmaking
by Caitlin Brennan
"Another lyrical winner is this fantastic paranormal series."
Posted November 28, 2005

The music of the universe sings in timeless patterns within all things. If one can only find the stillness, then the beat becomes as recognizable as one's heart. Valeria knows the patterns of creation, being chosen by the White Gods as the only female Rider to be admitted to Read more...

by Jonatha Ceely
"Beautifully inspiring historical saga."
Posted November 28, 2005

In an attic full of disposable treasures and lost memories, a young woman uncovers a locked wooden box. Letters wait to tell their treasured tales, inside a cocoon of yellowed cloth, bound by a fancy green ribbon and a small golden ring. Thus, the reader is drawn along into this Read more...

Bread and Dreams
by Jonatha Ceely
"Lush and lyric historical saga."
Posted November 28, 2005

Casting her bread upon the water of destiny, the courageous, curious and inspiring Mina Pigot sets sail for America. Once again donning the disguise of a boy and under the protection of the estimable Benjamin Serle, they book themselves as cook and apprentice on the Victoria. It's more than Read more...

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