June 7th, 2020
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June blooms with love and intrigue







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Seductive Scoundrels #6
Blue Rose Romance
February 2020
On Sale: February 11, 2020
Featuring: Regine, Duchess of Heartwaite; James Brentwood
84 pages
ISBN: 0162653514
EAN: 2940162653516
Kindle: B083QS1LMR
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He once loved her beyond all reason. Dare he risk heartbreak again?

Leaving her first love behind was the hardest thing Regine, Duchess of Heartwaite, had ever done. Her marriage of convenience to another man saved her family, even as it laid waste to her heart. That was years ago, however. Now widowed, she’s ready to begin her life anew. But all it takes is one glimpse of her former sweetheart to realize the feelings she buried so long ago are still there, stronger than ever. Unfortunately, his feelings for her are decidedly colder…

Solicitor James Brentwood has only one mistress these days—his work. Being jilted by his betrothed taught him love simply wasn’t worth the cost. But Regine is back in England now, more beautiful and alluring than ever. And it’s not long before he begins to feel things he has no business feeling. Especially not for her. Not again.  

But when a nemesis intent on destroying Regine emerges, it’s James who must come to her rescue. Can they overcome their differences and painful past to claim their happily ever after? Or will their second chance at love end as disastrously as their first?  

This reunited lovers, second chance historical by a USA Today bestselling author, will have you sighing and reaching for the tissues as you wait to see what James and Regine will do.

If you enjoy reading class differences, lovable rogue, duchess, and intrepid heroine love stories with a pinch of mystery, a dash of humor, and gripping emotion, then you’ll adore Collette Cameron’s enthralling SEDUCTIVE SCOUNDRELS SERIES. Buy DUCHESS OF HIS HEART and settle into your favorite reading nook for a page-turning, entertaining Regency world adventure you can’t put down.     

Though this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, most readers prefer to read the series in order. 


“James,” she murmured again, her voice a mere thread of sound—a soft, spine-tingling entreaty in the now eerily silent orchard. Then she opened her mouth, gulped in a deep breath, and thrust her chin upward as if bracing herself. 

Against what, for God’s sake?

He swept the area with a swift, apprehensive glance, before settling his attention uneasily upon her once more. Something akin to terror knotted in his throat at the defeat and devastation he detected in her startlingly blue eyes. It stripped the air from his lungs and squeezed his heart in a ruthless, unyielding vise. 

“I…” she drew in a ragged breath. “I am to be married,” she finally said in a rush, dropping her focus to her hands, repeatedly wadding her black skirts. 

What? Married? No. No. You’re mine. Mine! My dearest, most precious love. 

“Pardon?” he whispered stupidly, his lips stiff and voice gravelly with disbelief and pain. “Married?” He shook his head. He couldn’t have heard her correctly. But he had. Her tense posture and waxen pallor revealed the truth. 

“To who?” Or was it whom? What the hell did it matter? His thoughts raced, pell-mell, around his befuddled mind, all ability to reason calmly having flown. You cannot marry another. You cannot! You said you’d be my wife.

“To the Duke of Heartwaite,” she replied, her voice flat and devoid of emotion.

A bloody duke? He fisted his hands until the nails cut deeply into his palms. 

How could he, a poor vicar’s son with scarcely two coins to rub together and in training to become a solicitor, compete with a sodding duke? Moisture blurring his vision, he choked out a single, strangled syllable, “When?” 

“Next week.” Her throat working and her hand trembling, she touched a bent knuckle to the corner of one eye. “I’m so sorry, James.”

“Why?” He tenderly grasped her slender arms, peering into her anguished eyes awash with tears. “Why, Regine? I love you. You love me, too.” Didn’t she? Yes, else why would she be this miserable? “Please, I beg you, don’t do this to us.”

Eyes wide and tortured, she silently gazed at him, and the truth slammed into James with the force of an over-loaded grain wagon. A duke could offer her everything he couldn’t: position, power, prestige, and wealth. 

Evidently, love was a trifling insignificance compared to those necessities. 



Seductive Scoundrels

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