March 4th, 2021
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A gift from the gods…
Can unleash hell…
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Second-chance romance about love, loss, finding yourself, and getting lost in the right person.

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Wise and witty novel about a fired advice columnist who discovers lost and found family members in Charleston

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Paranormal Women's Fantasy

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Every bloody thread has been leading to this . . .

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Can an awkward bluestocking transform into a beauty?

Darkness Unknown by Alexis Morgan


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Darkness Unknown
Alexis Morgan

Can his warrior's strength withstand the assault she launches on his heart?

Paladins of Darkness #5
Pocket Star
February 2009
On Sale: January 27, 2009
Featuring: Gwen Mosely; Jarvis Donahue
384 pages
ISBN: 1416563431
EAN: 9781416563433
Mass Market Paperback
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Romance Paranormal

Gwen Mosely's life changes forever when she stumbles across a handsome stranger, unconscious and left for dead in the woods behind her farm. Cut up and bleeding, he's barely survived a vicious battle, but the real shock is how quickly his wounds heal—a gift he shares with Gwen's teenaged half-brother Chase.

Jarvis Donahue can't keep his eyes—or his strong, capable hands—off the sexy redhead who rescued him. He finds warmth of Gwen's smile and the desire in her eyes are impossible to resist, but there's a problem. Jarvis immediately recognizes Chase as a fellow Paladin in the making, a warrior born to defend mankind in the relentless battle against the Others. Neither Gwen nor the boy know it yet, but Chase will need Jarvis's help coping with the compulsion to fight that is written in his blood and in his bones. Although Gwen may hate him for it, Jarvis is duty-bound to secretly introduce Chase to the dangerous fate they both share.

As the barrier between the two worlds weakens, the threat grows perilously close to Gwen's farm. Jarvis is torn between protecting his lover, but without revealing his true identity, or betraying his people's secret and risk losing her forever.


12 comments posted.

Re: Darkness Unknown

Nightmusic--Thank you so much for stopping by. Yeah, Jarvis has been pretty special all along. And that car of his ... I'd love to go cruising through the Ozarks with him and some friends. I'm yelling "shotgun!" so I get the front seat with him. You know, just in case.
(Alexis Morgan 1:40pm January 28, 2009)

Alright!!! So Jarvis is now parked on the shelf with the other lucky guys. I got to finish him today, and yes... yes... I am now wanting more b/c he's taken...
I didn't know if I was going to like him when he first appeared in Blakes book. I gave him a chance, and yes... I liked him...

I agree with NM... what are you waiting for if you have not picked up any of these books!!! Thank you Alexis, not for just writing, but creating a world that we can feel such a part of.
Strohs Miller 3:01pm January 28, 2009)

I can still remember Jarvis from Dark Defender... and his name being Jarvis Jarvis. LOL! As much as I adore all the men in the Paladin universe - I think Blake and Barak are my two favorites... something about those two just touches me. Not saying Jarvis isn't a wonderful man - cause he is... so are Devlin and Cullen and DJ and Lonzo and Hunter and - well all the Paladins. Let me third what Strohs and NM said... If you haven't read the series - you are missing out!
Delilah Stephans 3:30pm January 28, 2009)

Alexis, It's so wonderful that you "put yourself out there" and talk to your readers. Thanks for being here! or, er, being available the way you are. It's one of the best-est things 'bout 'cha.
I have Jarvis packed and ready to go. He will get my time tomorrow. I am SOOO excited!
I love the world you have created in these books. The people and circumstances all fit together so well. It's easy to believe they exist. I can picture myself meeting them! We have conversations regularly. ;-) I know I've said it before, but thanks. These characters are not to be missed!
Caron Manley 3:45pm January 28, 2009)

I think I agree with Delilah that Barack was one of my faves (and so politically predictive too!) but what I've enjoyed most about the stories in the worldbuilding. I hadn't read anything quite like it, which always wins a happy sigh. Congrats on the newest release! And tell us what's next in your world.
Jessa Slade 3:48pm January 28, 2009)

Hey Alexis, thought I too would drop by.My book came today and I can't wait to get home and start it. I know it will be well worth the wait!
Jarvis just may end up being my favorite :-) Thanks for creating such amazing characters.....
Kelley Birkmeyer 4:29pm January 28, 2009)

I want to thank everybody for stopping by to visit! Caron, you've shown great restraint in holding back on reading Jarvis's book until you leave on your trip. You have more will power than I do.
And don't tell the other guys, but Trahern still does it for me.
As far as what's next for me--I'll be writing a Nocturne Bite next--it's set in the same world as my vampire story and will come out around the same time. Then my plan is to write the next Talion book before returning to the Paladin world. I just turned in the sixth Paladin book, which is scheduled for release next March. My editor hasn't given me the go ahead yet on the next Paladin proposal, so I don't want to say whose book it will be yet. I should know soon, though.
Alexis Morgan 5:14pm January 28, 2009)

Hi Alexis, I haven't read any of the Paladin books yet, but that is going to change. I can't wait to read about all of the characters everyone is raving about.
Lisa White 7:49pm January 28, 2009)

Another new series to explore! I work
in a small county library and it is hard
keeping up with all my favorite
authors. There are so many of you out
there that are good. I enjoy finding
new authors and introducing them to
our patrons. I look forward to reading
your Paladin books.
Patricia Barraclough 8:03pm January 28, 2009)

Lisa--thank you for stopping by--and I hope you find that you enjoy both my Paladins and my Talions.

Patricia--I love libraries and all that librarians do for all of us. I hope your patrons appreciate all your hard work for them.

Alexis Morgan 8:24pm January 28, 2009)

I fell for these guys from the first book. Oh Man, the fantasy alone is enough, the real think might be heart stopping. Please keep em comin'.
Jennifer Billieu Louden 1:26pm February 12, 2009)

Thanks for introduceing to the Paladins it gives me a new source of reading material.
Susan Lathen 2:29am May 29, 2009)

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