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A by-the-book lawman tangles with a stubborn young woman

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A wedding party is missing! It's up to Alaskan State Trooper & K-9 partner!

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A bad-boy on his best day and a predatory wolf on his worst

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He thought he had the perfect plan…

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The Accidental Bestseller
by Wendy Wax
"A smart and funny must-read story for those aspiring to be a published author."
Posted May 17, 2009

Kendall Aims' life is falling apart. She didn't win a much- anticipated writing award, and now her agent and her editor are avoiding her. Her husband is leaving her for the young realtor who is putting their house on the market after the divorce is final. Kendall runs to Read more...

The Finishing Touches
by Hester Browne
"Can a 19th century finishing school be brought into the 21st century? Betsy is about to find out."
Posted May 16, 2009

Betsy Phillimore has been lying to her parents. They believe she works as a successful management consultant when actually, she manages an upscale shoe boutique. After Betsy's mother dies, her father admits that the family business is in trouble. Enrollment at London's Phillimore Academy for Young Ladies has Read more...

As Sure As The Sun
by Anna McPartlin
"Excellent narrative of a woman's search for herself and the understanding of what it means to love."
Posted April 15, 2009

On the morning of her second wedding, Harri Ryan is rushed to a Dublin hospital with a panic attack. Since she has already left the same fiancé, James, at the altar once before, this time he says goodbye and moves out of their shared apartment. Harri is heartbroken, and although Read more...

Here Today, Gone To Maui
by Carol Snow
"What to do when a dream vacation turns into anything but?"
Posted December 15, 2008

Jane Shea is a list maker, a planner, a worrier. She's excited about her week-long trip to Maui with her boyfriend, Jimmy, but she worries that they will miss their plane, or lose their luggage, or get sunburned. Jane thinks it's a good sign when Jimmy surprises Read more...

The Pre-Nup
by Beth Kendrick
"Three intertwined stories telling how pre-nups affect romance & marriage."
Posted November 15, 2008

When friendship matters most, Ellie, Jen and Mara have been there for each other, ever since their college days. Although they are each at a different stage in their personal lives, they are each facing heartbreak because of that most troublesome of legal documents -- the prenuptial agreement. Ellie and Michael Read more...

The Pre-Nup
by Beth Kendrick
"Three intertwined stories telling how pre-nups affect romance & marriage."
Posted November 15, 2008

When friendship matters most, Ellie, Jen and Mara have been there for each other, ever since their college days. Although they are each at a different stage in their personal lives, they are each facing heartbreak because of that most troublesome of legal documents -- the prenuptial agreement. Ellie and Michael Read more...

Unravel Me
by Christie Ridgway
"This series is humorously written while touching on serious life issues -- a delight to read."
Posted October 15, 2008

Juliet Weston, a widow for 11 months now, loved her husband deeply -- he was much older than her, a wealthy, distinguished military general. He had sheltered and provided for her, maybe more than she wanted or needed. Now that he's gone, his most trusted soldier, Noah Smith, is fulfilling Read more...

Just The Sexiest Man Alive
by Julie James
"Is anyone able to resist the sexiest man alive? You might be surprised in this funny story."
Posted September 15, 2008

Taylor Donovan takes her job as a sexual harassment lawyer seriously, working evenings and weekends so she can make partner at her Chicago law firm. When she's sent to Los Angeles as the lead defense attorney for a long trial, she expects to concentrate on her work and not Read more...

A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action
by LuAnn McLane
"Fun and flirty contemporary romance about grabbing that second chance."
Posted June 16, 2008

The huge crush that Macy McCoy has on her best friend's brother is just a waste of her time. As the maid of honor and best man at Jamie Lee's wedding, Macy and her crush are thrown together in every romantic situation imaginable. Luke Carter has been the Read more...

Weddings Can Be Murder
by Christie Craig
"Who would have thought getting married could be such a murderous affair?"
Posted May 16, 2008

At an emergency meeting with her wedding planner, Katie Ray is worried she's getting cold feet, but before she can express her concerns, the doorbell rings. Peeking into the hallway, Katie watches in horror as her wedding planner is shot in cold blood. Carl Hades is a private investigator Read more...

How To Knit A Wild Bikini
by Christie Ridgway
"A fun and flirty romance that also deals with some serious social issues."
Posted May 16, 2008

Nikki Carmichael is an amazing restaurant chef, but an old knee injury is forcing her into early retirement from the place she worked since cooking school. Instead, she advertises in Los Angeles neighborhoods that might be interested in a private chef, hoping she can rest her knee and avoid surgery Read more...

Don't Hex With Texas
by Shanna Swendson
"Another stupendous fairy tale for modern times."
Posted April 14, 2008

Katie Chandler is taking a hiatus from all things magical. After the powerful wizard and all-around great guy she liked in New York chose to save her life instead of defeating the bad guy, she knew she was becoming an obstacle instead of an asset to her bosses at Read more...

Fianc? at Her Fingertips
by Kathleen Bacus
"Could a fake boy friend really come true and then mess up your life so much?"
Posted April 14, 2008

Debra Daniels is still single; is that such a crime? She's tired of nagging parents, sympathetic friends and too many blind dates to count. She lives and works in Springfield, Illinois, helping crime victims find resources and restitution. But no one seems satisfied with her, all because she hasn Read more...

Fast & Loose
by Elizabeth Bevarly
"Delightfully fun and sexy romance ensues in the week before the Kentucky Derby."
Posted March 18, 2008

Lulu Flannery loves living in her hometown, Louisville, especially during the weeks before the Kentucky Derby. The lavish fundraising parties, the famous horse owners and trainers in town for the event all add to the excitement of the crowd as the city fills with tourists. Lulu always just watches the Read more...

Take Me If You Can
by Karen Kendall
"A swift, smart and sassy suspense with lots of romantic tension."
Posted March 16, 2008

Avy Hunt steals art for a living. Actually, insurance companies hire her to return stolen art to the rightful owners, so she feels justified in her actions. Her art recovery company, ARTemis, operates internationally, and Avy frequently assumes disguises, often sexy ones, to gain access to the black market goods Read more...

Pack Up The Moon
by Anna McPartlin
"A candid, funny and honest look at dealing with grief."
Posted March 16, 2008

Emma and John had been together since their teens, but at 26 Emma still felt too young to marry. Living happily together in Dublin, Ireland, since college, the couple also shared a group of close friends. On the night of a party to celebrate a friend's large inheritance, an Read more...

Making Over Mr. Right
by Judi McCoy
"Beauty, the third of the Muses, finally meets her match."
Posted February 13, 2008

Zoe Degodessa is going to learn her lesson the hard way. She's been sent from Mount Olympus down to Earth by their father, Zeus, to prove herself. As the Muse of Beauty, Zoe has one year to find a way to inspire beauty in as many people as she Read more...

News Blues
by Marianne Mancusi
"Intriguing look behind the scenes of TV news production, including a pleasing romance."
Posted February 13, 2008

Maddy Madison never imagined that her Columbia University journalism degree would lead her to five long years of "if it bleeds, it leads" TV news on a local San Diego station. Besides being assigned sensationalist and sometimes fabricated stories about lipstick that kills and deadly dishwashers, Maddy also must write Read more...

The Little Lady Agency and the Prince
by Hester Browne
"Humorous conclusion to this delightful chick-lit series."
Posted January 14, 2008

Melissa Romney-Jones is a London woman who runs her own business as a consultant to help single men with a variety of specialized tasks aimed at cleaning up their lives, their wardrobes and their manners. She is not, as some critics claim, a freelance girlfriend, although she has been Read more...

by Julia Harper
"Yes, HOT is certainly the right word to describe this sizzling contemporary romance."
Posted December 15, 2007

Turner Hastings has spent the last four years playing the part of mild-mannered librarian and part-time bank teller in her small Wisconsin town. When two bumbling robbers in silly masks pull out sawed-off shotguns one Saturday morning, the commotion provides Turner with the opportunity she's been Read more...

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