February 28th, 2017
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Hearts and Love, great reads in February

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She's found refuge in the man sent to kill her...

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He’ll keep her safe…but can he keep his distance?

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Will the secrets they’re keeping tear them apart—or get them both killed?

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There’s no such thing as a little in love . . .

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What happens when the rescuer must be rescued?

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He's a mistake she can't afford to make... and a temptation she can't resist.

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Family, second chances--and the connections that bring women together in hope and healing. . .


Diary of a Serial Killer
by Ed Gaffney
"Another complex, fast-paced legal thriller for defense attorneys Zack and Terry."
Posted March 15, 2007

Do you know the old saying that sometimes it seems that time stands still? For Zack Wilson, attorney at law, that adage just doesn't hold water. Zack has split-seconds to make decisions that not only will determine his life expectancy, but also the lives of everyone in the Read more...

Suffering Fools
by Ed Gaffney
"Compelling suspense drives this second book about trial lawyers Tallach and Wilson."
Posted May 6, 2006

How do you defend a client who's not telling you the whole truth? That's the task facing attorneys Terry Tallach and Zack Wilson. Rufus "Babe" Gardner is accused of robbing and murdering a store clerk. The case seems open and shut. Babe was seen on the premises, was Read more...

On Blue Falls Pond
by Susan Crandall
"Warm and inviting romance with compelling family suspense."
Posted December 16, 2005

Two years ago, Glory Harrison lost everything, including her husband and unborn child, in a tragic fire. Afterwards, Glory left Dawson, Tennessee, hoping to never look back. She makes her home in Minnesota and begins to heal her broken life. Glory has one connection remaining of Dawson, her dear grandmother Read more...

Blessed is the Busybody
by Emilie Richards
"First book in new cozy mystery series is fun and suspenseful."
Posted November 16, 2005

Emerald Springs, Ohio, is an idyllic small town with conservative values and a strong sense of family. Aggie Sloan-Wilcox, wife of the town's minister, while very much committed to her husband, her family and most of the time her husband's parish, is not exactly the cookie-cutter Read more...

Comfort & Joy
by Kristin Hannah
"Beautifully poignant tale of strength and love."
Posted October 20, 2005

Joy Candellaro is a dreamer who clips travel advertisements and plans trips she never takes. She's also a well-loved school librarian who had a perfect life with her husband, Thom, and her best friend/sister Stacey. Then she loses everyone she's cared about when she comes home Read more...

Now You Die
by Christiane Heggan
"Suspense and obsession are key elements in this compelling novel."
Posted October 19, 2005

Imagine walking out of a Christmas party at work onto a New York City street after having a lovely time with colleagues and then finding the body of a woman. You'd be shaken up, but even more so when you go for help and discover the woman is gone Read more...

by Judith Gould
"Evocative tale of two women's search for love."
Posted September 7, 2005

Crissy Fitzgerald needs a change of scenery. A well- established hair stylist, Crissy has been lucky in career, but so far unlucky in love. In an attempt to shake up her life and move on from a recent broken heart, Crissy takes a leap of faith and embarks on a Read more...

Sinners and Saints
by Eileen Dreyer
"Suspenseful twists and turns through New Orleans."
Posted August 12, 2005

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your past catches up with you. That's what has happened to forensic nurse Chastity O'Connor. Living in St. Louis in a happy although lonely existence with her cat, Chastity has created a life that's both fulfilling and the polar opposite Read more...

Lethal Dose
by Jeff Buick
"Fast-paced, realistic take on corporate power and greed."
Posted August 12, 2005

Gordon and Billy Buchanan were the closest of brothers. They worked together in the family logging company and there were no secrets. That is until Billy dies after a freak logging accident. It's determined that Billy's blood would not coagulate and he died due to the excessive bleeding Read more...

Match Me If You Can
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
"Another humorous, witty and wonderful Chicago Stars story."
Posted July 14, 2005

Sports agent Heath Champion has done it all. He's signed world-class clients to amazing contracts and has been ruthless and methodical in the negotiations. Better known in the sporting world as the Python, he's burned a few bridges while climbing up the ladder and making a name Read more...

by William P. Wood
"Powerful legal thriller."
Posted July 4, 2005

Some crimes are so horrific that society can only view them as having been committed by the criminally insane. District Attorney Tony Fraser must prosecute and convict such a killer. The killer entered into a home and viciously shot and mutilated three victims in such a heinous and inhuman manner Read more...

by Christopher Whitcomb
"Fast-paced, intriguing thriller."
Posted July 4, 2005

Life in the United States since 9/11 has changed dramatically. The country is regularly on high alert and finally agencies are working together to share information to fight terrorism. Still, when terrorists strike again, not New York City or Washington D.C. but the heartland, the United States is Read more...

The Tiara Club
by Beverly Brandt
"Quirky characters, fun plot and lots of small-town charm."
Posted June 17, 2005

Ocean Sands, Mississippi, is an idyllic gulf town with a strong sense of community and family. Georgia Elliott grew up in Ocean Sands and has a small group of friends she loves dearly and shares almost everything with. Everything except her most prized secret -- she's the inventor of the Read more...

Premeditated Murder
by Ed Gaffney
"Fast-paced, dramatic debut novel loaded with tension."
Posted May 16, 2005

What would you do if you lost the two most important people in your life, your spouse and your child, to a terrorist act? Would you use all your life savings, hire investigators, stalk and premeditate a mass murder to exact revenge? Calvin Thompkins does just that. He suffered the Read more...

All This Heavenly Glory
by Elizabeth Crane
"Whimsical collection of short stories in conversation form."
Posted May 16, 2005

Imagine if you would have a conversation with someone about his or her life in which the conversation jumps from college experience, preschool experience and then back to being a teenager.Elizabeth Crane takes the reader on such a journey in her most recent novel. Charlotte Anne Byers Read more...

The Closers
by Michael Connelly
"Exciting plot twists make this novel hard to put down."
Posted April 15, 2005

Some events are frozen in time and affect everyone's lives they touch. Initially viewed as a suicide, the kidnapping and murder of 16-year-old Rebecca Verloren is such a case. In 1988, Rebecca was taken from her bedroom, incapacitated by a stun gun and murdered on a hillside Read more...

Exact Revenge
by Tim Green
"Gripping exploration of prison life of a man wrongly accused and the revenge he seeks after release."
Posted April 13, 2005

What would you do if you were wrongly accused and convicted of a murder and sent to a maximum security prison where dozens of jail gangs preside? How would you survive and how would you persevere in order to make those who framed you pay? How would you exact revenge Read more...

True Believer
by Nicholas Sparks
"An evocative, sentimental story with a touch of mystery in a small town setting."
Posted March 23, 2005

Legend has it that ghosts of escaped slaves haunt Cedar Creek Cemetery, and Doris McClellan, Boone Creek's local psychic, is disturbed by the mayor's acceptance of the cemetery becoming a local tourist attraction. Doris is interested in acquiring some objective verification regarding the appearance of mysterious lights at Read more...

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