July 21st, 2018
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The Martian
by Andy Weir
"Techno-nerds Rejoice! Stranded and Ingenious!"
Posted January 14, 2014

Stranded! One of the most frightening words in any language since the days of sea-fairing; but how would it feel to be stranded alone on Mars? This is the position Mark Watney finds himself in when as a crew member of The Ares 3 mission to Mars the commander Read more...

The Troop
by Nick Cutter
"The Troop"
Posted January 1, 2014

A gripping horror novel, The Troop by Nick Cutter tells the story of a small group of Scouts who, with their Scoutmaster Tim, camp on an island for their annual trip to hone their scout craft, cook over open fires and all the usual scouting activities. Their idyll of camping Read more...

by Harry Turtledove
Posted November 26, 2013

This is the second in a series of three books about a supervolcano eruption at Yellowstone park, a genuine possible supervolcano eruption point, and its devastating effects on not just America but the entire world. This book in the series comes after the eruption has ended and the world is Read more...

The Tenth Circle
by Jon Land
"The Tenth Circle"
Posted November 21, 2013

A colony disappears in America in the 16th century, a ship is found abandoned in the Bay of Gibraltar in the 19th century, a series of apparent terrorist attacks take place in 21st century America, could there be a connection; and if so what? These are among the questions that Read more...

Fire From Heaven
by Mary Renault
"Fire From Heaven"
Posted November 4, 2013

The story of Alexander the Great's early years, from his childhood in Macedonia through such periods as his tutoring by Aristotle and his first battles FIRE FROM HEAVEN is a fascinating and thoroughly researched historical novel. Starting with Alexander's early childhood, being raised until the age of seven Read more...

Kingdom - The Promised Land
by Dan Abnett
"Wanting to Try a Graphic Novel--This is a Great One to Start With"
Posted October 16, 2013

A future Earth where deadly insectoid creatures have overrun almost all the world, leaving only Antarctica as a last refuge; populated by the descendants of gene-modified guards like 'Hackman' Gene and his pack, originally bred to defend the last of humanity, it is a harsh battleground where there are Read more...

The Melting World
by Christopher White
"The Melting World"
Posted October 13, 2013

THE MELTING WORLD by Christopher White tells the story of the recent years of Glacier National Park in Montana. Since Aug 2008 the author has been following the studies of Dan Fagre of the U.S. Geological Survey which have been showing a dramatic decrease in the size of the Read more...

The Perpetual Motion Club
by Sue Lange
"The Perpetual Motion Club"
Posted September 25, 2013

When Elsa, a high school sophomore, decides to build a perpetual motion machine and set up a Perpetual Motion Society in her school she has no idea how hard it will be to persuade the school and her mother that this is a sensible idea. Next, to add to her Read more...

Our Final Invention
by James Barrat
"AI, is it reality now or soon?"
Posted September 16, 2013

An educating, well written and genuinely frightening book OUR FINAL INVENTION by James Barrat is the result of the research by the author into artificial intelligence and the very real dangers he perceives from our determined efforts to create it. His primary point is the very simple and you would Read more...

Boat Girl
by Melanie Neale
"A True Story of Life on the Water"
Posted September 15, 2013

A wonderfully engaging true story of a childhood and adolescence spent on a boat on the east coast of America, BOAT GIRL by Melanie Neale paints a picture of an upbringing that I found myself envying. At the early age of one she joins her parents on their boat, the Read more...

Cities at Sea
by Martin Simmons
"Cities at Sea"
Posted September 2, 2013

1000 years in the future the Earth is mostly covered in water. Giant city-sized 'rafts' hold most of the world's population, giving a comfortable if bland life to the inhabitants. Sal, a trainee navigator on the Sydney raft, discovers through her researche on the world wide internet connecting Read more...

The Returned
by Jason Mott
"The Returned"
Posted August 10, 2013

Set mostly in a small Southern town In America THE RETURNED by Jason Mott is a story involving both science fiction concepts and real human feelings. The main story is centered on one elderly couple in the town whose long dead little boy, Jacob, comes back mysteriously from the dead Read more...

Saxon's Bane
by Geoffrey Gudgion
"Saxon's Bane"
Posted August 4, 2013

In Saxon's Bane by Geoffrey Gudgion a car crash on a lonely country road, caused by the sudden appearance of a stag, leads to very unexpected results. Many weeks later the driver is visited in hospital by one of the two people who found him and his dead colleague Read more...

The Broken Land
by Ian McDonald
"How Close To Our Future is this Science Fiction Read?"
Posted August 3, 2013

THE BROKEN LAND by Ian McDonald is a story of a strange future world set around a community whose technology is organic based, it revolves around the trouble caused by the imposition of a new social order by the Emperor Across the River. With his forces, in their foul pollution Read more...

Zombies Vs Robots: Diplomacy
by Mike Dubisch
"ZVR Diplomacy"
Posted July 6, 2013

ZVR DIPLOMACY is collection of short stories around the theme of an Earth which has been infected with a terrible virus; it re-animates the dead and fills them with an insatiable appetite for the flesh of the living. The situation is so serious that humanity builds fighting robots to Read more...

Dream of Time
by Nancy J. Price
"A Great Time Travel Debut"
Posted June 16, 2013

Robin wakes to find herself in a strange place, is it a hospital, or a prison even? After falling asleep she wakes back in her own bed and after a few more such dreams she slowly realises her strange dreams are actually time travel, asleep in one time she is Read more...

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